Chapter 1

For Alexis Rhodes her morning started off normally. Her roommates Mindy and Jasmine were talking about where they were going to go after school so they could find cute boys. And as normal Alexis tried to tune it out. It wasn't like she didn't listen to what her friends said, she just wasn't into the whole "boy scouting" deal. So Alexis just found it easier to think about her day. But when Jasmine disturbed her thoughts, Alexis needed a few seconds to come back to Earth.

"So Alexis, what are you going to do after school today," her friend Jasmine asked?

"Um probably do my homework and help Jaden with his," she answered dismissively. She really didn't want her friends to make a big deal about her helping Jaden. Unfortunately, they usually did.

"Alexis just tell him that you like him." Mindy said in a semi-irritated voice. Mindy had been telling her to do that for as long as Alexis had liked him.

"Well I don't see you ever telling your crushes that you liked him," Alexis pointed out.

"Well I never have a solid crush. And how long have you liked Jaden?" Mindy struck back.

"Since I met him," Alexis grumbled. She never liked to have Mindy being right about this sort of stuff.

"See Mindy's right about this. But don't forget the fact that you're the queen of Obelisk Blue. You should have a boyfriend by now" Jasmine added. Alexis had totally forgotten she was there but there she was, on Mindy's side.

"Girls, it doesn't even matter that I'm the Queen of Obelisk Blue, I never really cared for my title anyways" Alexis sighed. Why were they always pulling her title into this?

"Whatever Lexis that's your deal but this whole crushing on Jaden is like a school wide deal, everyone knows about it. So just like tell him and get it over with." Mindy continued.

Immediately Alexis's face went bright red. The idea of the whole school knowing her business was somewhat mortifying. "Ok I get your point. Look I'll tell him today is that good enough for you?"

Satisfaction spread over Mindy and Jasmine's faces. Yes, they were happy. At the risk of getting overloaded with helpful hints and over girly advice Alexis decided to go to class. Maybe on the way she would run into Jaden.

Right when she exited the Obelisk territory she ran into Blair. Alexis didn't mind Blair; she just wasn't fond of her like everyone else. But still, she was nice to her. Blair did have her moments where she was ok.

"Good morning Blair," Alexis greeted.

"Oh good morning Alexis how are you" Blair said formally.

"I'm fine," Alexis noticed then that she wasn't walking to the main building like she was. Instead, she was walking to the familiar path to the Slifer Red dorms. Aka, Jaden's dorm. Alexis's defenses seemed to spike up and she wanted more than anything to follow her, see what she was going to do. Because like her, she liked Jaden too. But this was Alexis so she just played it calm. "So where are you going?"

Blair's mouth curled into a smile, "The Slifer dorms. I wanted to go walk with him to classes this morning."

"Oh, well so did I," Alexis spoke quickly. She did not want Blair with Jaden alone. Not in a million years. So Alexis veered into the direction that Blair was only she was walking a little bit faster. Blair seemed to catch on and she picked up her pace. Alexis smirked and thought Ha Blair you will not get there no way. Not if I can help it. This continued for about all the way there but before they could reach their destination, they both saw a figure in a red jacket. Jaden.

"Good morning Jaden" Alexis waved happily while walking towards him. Blair was quick to say her good mornings and followed so they were both walking with them. Of course, Jaden didn't notice. He was just happy to have two of his friends with him.

"Hi Blair, Hi Lexis," Jaden greeted to the girls on both sides of him. The three continued to walk to the main building, the tension between the girls rising with every step they were taking.

"Hey, what's with you two. You both look like you are in a staring contest and the prize is a hot dog on a stick," Jaden noticed doing a double take.

"Um nothing Jaden, I'm just tired" the girls chorused in unison. Observing their speech they glared then looked away. Jaden, not knowing really anything about what their problem was. So the three walked to the building and right when Blair was going into her class, Alexis swore Blair was giving her the most menacing look she could.