Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Before Alexis knew it, it was time to get ready. Everything that day seemed to be in fast-forward. It was like nothing happened at all that day. But it wasn't like she was paying attention. Even now as she was applying her make-up she wasn't paying too much attention; just enough where she knew that she looked ok.

"Alexis how does this look," Mindy asked, coming out of the bathroom. Mindy was wearing a pink halter dress that came down to her ankles. For once her hair wasn't tied up in the back; instead it was straightened and had a wavy effect to it.

"Mindy I barely recognize you now. What am I going to do when you have that mask on? And you look great," Alexis told her.

"I'm not wearing a mask Alexis. I don't want to dance with anyone but my Chazz," she sighed dreamily. Then Jasmine came out of the step in closet. She was wearing a green strapped dress with black high heals.

"Mindy you look wonderful," Jasmine gushed.

"You too Jasmine," then they looked at Alexis who was staring at both of them with a smile that was somewhat sad. It really was the end now. Maybe it wasn't the end of the year yet, but it was coming. This seemed to be one of the many crucial moments in their lives.

"Alexis, you still have to put on your dress," Mindy reminded her. Alexis nodded and grabbed it. Once she emerged from the bathroom her friends gasped.

"Oh Alexis, it's a good thing you chose that dress," Mindy whispered.

"Do you really like it," Alexis asked.

"Yeah, it's a good thing no one will notice you because you will be over flooded with guys who want to dance with you," Jasmine added.

"Jasmine, she will have guys wanting to dance with her anyways," Mindy grinned.

Alexis looked in the mirror. She saw herself in a dark blue strapless dress that zipped in the back. It was like a dress a princess would wear to a ball because it got bigger at the waist. She was wearing a necklace that was a circle of fake diamonds. Her hair was no longer jumbled together in the back but put up in a bun that was a circle and two narrow strips of hair fell to each of the sides of her face. She looked like a princess.

"Are you ready for this," Jasmine asked putting her hand on Alexis's shoulder.

"Yeah, let's go." She said eagerly.

"Ok just don't forget your mask," Mindy said holding up Alexis's and Jasmine's masks. Alexis put hers on. It was a simple mask. It was shaped like a pair of cat's eyes but there were big enough holes where anyone could see her eyes. In a way it was more like a pair of glasses than a mask.

The trio of girls made their way down the steps of the obelisk dorm, seeing others making their way to the dance themselves. Among them was Chazz and Atticus. Neither one was wearing a mask.

"Mindy you look gorgeous," Chazz greeted his girlfriend. Chazz was wearing a black suit with a gray shirt underneath.

"And you are so handsome Chazz," Mindy replied. Chazz held out his hand and they made their way together, leaving Atticus, Alexis, and Jasmine behind.

"Jasmine you look incredible. I like that dress on you," Atticus stepped up to Alexis's friend.

"You do too Atticus, I hope you'll be able to spare a dance with me tonight," Jasmine blushed.

"Of course Jasmine," he returned with his face turning red.

Alexis was tempted to say something like "get a room," but refrained. For once she wasn't going to be uptight. Atticus noticed his sister and said, "If Jaden hasn't fallen for you yet then he will tonight you look wonderful sissy."

"You do as well Atty," Alexis responded and they started to walk again.

When Alexis had gotten inside to the duel arena she found that a handful of people were already in there, talking. Seeing that no mushroom haired people were there, she decided to go get some of the food laid out. By the time she was done the room no longer had just a few people. Now, the room was full of students. Music was pounding now, and people were dancing. What she had to do was find Jaden.

Meanwhile on the outside Hasselberry and Blair were arguing with some of the guards.

"This little lady forgot her invitation, what can she do so that she can get in," Hasselberry asked.

"Well what's her name, we do have a guest list," one of the guards said.

"Mindy," Hasselberry lied.

"She is already in here Sir," the guard said looking at the list.

"Yeah she is," Hasselberry said laughing a little bit. While the guard had been looking, Blair had ran inside.

Well Blair, it's all up to you now. I did my job, Hasselberry thought as he walked away from the arena.

Inside Blair was searching for Jaden but to no avail, she couldn't find him. But she did see someone in a big blue dress. Automatically she realized that person was Alexis. No one else would wear a dress like that. Just in case Alexis could recognize her she ducked in between to crowds of people and then she saw him. He was wearing the normal black suit but underneath he was wearing a red shirt. His mask was the same style as Alexis's except his was the same color red as his shirt underneath.

Gathering up her courage, she walked up to the masked figure and asked sweetly, "Would you like to dance?"

"Sure, I don't see why not," the masked Jaden said with a shrug.

Dancing with him wasn't like how she imagined it to be. Constantly he would step on her feet or trip over his own. By the time the song had ended, she was happy that she could take the break. But the reason she was taking a break was something that she wasn't happy about. Alexis had seen them and she approached Jaden with this grace and asked, "Would you mind dancing with me next?"

"I don't see why not," his voice as chipper as ever.

The song had changed suddenly into a slow song. Couples formed and before she knew it, Jaden and Alexis were swept away.

"Jaden," Alexis whispered his name as they walked into a less crowded part of the floor.

"Hey you know who I am. Can I take off this mask now, it's really bugging me," Jaden asked.

"I would have to too you know that right," Alexis replied.

"Oh, I see," Jaden said. The he asked, "Hey then who are you?"

"We're not supposed to be giving out our identities Jaden," Alexis laughed in spite of herself. "In fact, we're supposed to be dancing."

"That would be great if I remembered how to dance," he muttered.

"You know how to dance," Alexis inquired.

"Yeah but I forgot how," he answered.

"I see. Well I know how to dance, how bout I lead and once you remember you can take over," Alexis suggested.

"Sounds good." Alexis showed him where their hands were supposed to go and she guided him but in the first few seconds, he took over. They glided across the room like a prince and a princess at their first ball. Both of them nervous but they reacted like they had done it all their lives. When they reached a gap in the song Jaden stopped suddenly. He had been staring into her eyes.

"Alexis is that you," he whispered.

"Oh you're good. Surprise Jaden," Alexis answered.

In the background the song was playing and the words a life goes by, romantic dreams will stop. All that I wanted to hold you so close. Automatically Jaden started to pull her back into their dance. They could barely hear the music but then they heard: And now you're beside me and look how far we've come so far we are so close.

"Well that's fitting, we are close," Jaden smirked.

"Yeah, we are," Alexis agreed. Their dance continued. By now a few groups of people were stopping to watch them, trying to figure who the mystery pair was.

How could I face the faceless days If I should lose you now? We're so close to reaching that famous happy end and almost believing this was not pretend let's go on dreaming for we know we are So close So close And still so far.

"That guy has a very interesting point. I don't think I could even face days without the one that I love," Jaden grinned.

"And are you going to tell me who the lucky girl is," Alexis asked. In a second her life could rearrange. It was either that he would say some random girl's name, or if that was the case she would surely break, or he could say her name.

"Alexis I am surprised at you. We all know you're the smarter of us," he taunted.

"Jaden just tell me who," she whispered, wanting the beating in her heart to stop.

"It's you Alexis. It always has and I could never imagine myself with another. I don't want to ever lose you. I'm that attached," Jaden replied looking dead into her eyes with a look she had never seen before.

Alexis could only look back with the same look. Surely he knew by now that the feeling was mutual. Surely he knew that she loved him more than anything on this planet. Surely he knew.

"It's ok if you don't feel the same way," Jaden muttered. "You can stop staring."

"No I can't. I can't even believe you would ever think that I didn't feel the same way. I love you Jaden," Alexis felt their bodies get closer either by itself or someone pulling the other closer.

"Well I don't think I have to even say this but I love you too Lex," he replied.

"You're right, you didn't have to but I'm glad you did," she grinned.

Then like the ending of a fairy tale, Jaden pulled Alexis in and kissed her. At first it was a soft and short for he quickly pulled back but then he moved back in for a second. This time Alexis felt herself kiss back. There was a sudden spark between them that anyone could feel if in a ten mile radius. It was amazing no one was looking at them. Jaden broke away suddenly because someone was coming towards them: Atticus.

"Dude your kissing my sister," He practically yelled.

"I know that much," Jaden replied curtly.

"Well you shouldn't she's waiting for someone else," Atticus growled.

Jaden pulled off his mask and Atticus's jaw dropped. "Oh I see then, I'll go, sorry Lex," Atticus backed off and Jasmine rolled her eyes.

"Yeah let's leave them alone Atty," Jasmine giggled at Atticus's outburst.

"Atty!" Jaden and Alexis exclaimed at the same time.

"Yeah me and Jasmine are now officially dating," Atticus pronounced.

"Congrats you two," Alexis smiled. She couldn't help but feel happy for her brother.

"Well I should be congratulating you two. Finally you two are together," Atticus announced. Alexis and Jaden saw heads turning and someone threw down their mask: Blair.

"Are you serious," Blair walked over trying to be calm but not succeeding.

"No that's why heads are turning," Alexis answered sarcastically.

"What's the big deal Blair why are you so mad," Jaden wondered.

For a second everyone stared at Jaden with an incredulous look. No one believed he was that dumb, but now they did.

"Easy I like you Jaden. I have for a while, how could you have not noticed," Blair demanded.

"Oh, I thought that was a temporary thing. I didn't believe that you still liked me. And I didn't know that you liked me that much. I figured it was a crush," Jaden answered.

"Well you thought wrong. I've liked you forever Jaden. I don't get why you didn't get that," Blair told him. She looked like the tears could fall any second.

"I'm sorry Blair, I just don't feel that way," Jaden stated in a nice tone. He truly hadn't meant to have hurt her.

"It's fine. I'm sorry Alexis for getting in your way, I was being stupid," Blair sighed.

"It's ok Blair, it really is. And just because this didn't work out doesn't mean it won't with another. I mean what about that Marcel guy your friends with," Alexis replied.

"I have liked him also," Blair admitted.

"Then there you go," Alexis smiled. How come that would be the case? Blair left the newly made couple alone and they were left staring into each other's eyes.

"Alexis," Jaden whispered.

"Yeah Jaden," she answered

"I love you Lex," he smiled and that was all she ever needed to hear.