A/N: In this drabble, Jack is teaching Elizabeth the art of navigation, but their lust gets in the way.

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Sometime all full with feasting on your sight
and by and by clean starved for a look.
Sonnet 75

The heat in the cabin was stifling. Elizabeth found herself removing her coat and loosening her shirt to Jack's appreciative gaze. His eyes burned her skin, making her flush. "By all means, Jack, stop ogling me and continue with the lesson. I've not got all day."

He glared at her and went back to the map that was spread out on the desk before them. "You've not been listening to a word I've been saying."

"Yes I have. You were explaining to me what the terms latitude and longitude are, but have forgotten that I have taken rudimentary lessons in my former life and was once courted by a navy man."

"I doubt you paid any attention to him either."

"It just so happens that I did, thank you very much."

"Well then, pay attention to me."

"How can I pay attention when you are droning on in a monotone voice about things I've already learned how to do? I'm not completely dense, Captain Sparrow and I can't help that you're dull."

"Dull, am I?"


"Well, then…perhaps I'll just have to…" He leaned in close; trailing his fingers across the hand she had resting on the mahogany desk. "Make things a bit more…interesting, aye?"

Her mouth went dry when her eyes met his. "Perhaps."

Their lips almost touched as he leaned even closer. Her heart raced. She could feel his breath on her face, feel his body pressed against hers; feel the thrill spiraling down her spine at his nearness. She leaned in for a taste…and then…he picked up the rum bottle, stepping back a bit and smirking triumphantly. "Now that I've got your attention, we can proceed."

"I never!" She mumbled under her breath, looking down at her hands to regain composure, her face flushed crimson.

There was no question that either of them wanted the other. They had been going on in this vein for weeks now. The slightest brush of his fingers or the slightest smoldering look from his obsidian eyes made her dizzy.

Watching her stare at her shaking hands, he had to admit she was a most enticing distraction. His own thoughts centered around her, the play of the sun on her golden locks, that determined smirk she got when she was doing something new, a remembered kiss. It was all he could do to keep from sending the bloody map to the floor and ravishing her amongst the many navigational devices until neither of them could move. His eyes darkened with lust at the thought.

Elizabeth noticed his change in behavior and looked up. "Jack?"

"Lizzie…" He breathed, leaning in again.

"I…I…" She swallowed.


"I think we should continue my lesson."

He took a step towards her again, but this time, she backed away, a little bit unnerved by the predatory look in his eyes. However, she didn't get far. Her bottom crashed into another table and he was in front of her before she could move. "I want you." He murmured, pressing himself against her, his hands on the desk beside her hips, his blunt statement surprising her.


"Aye." This time his words were breathed against her lips, making her crave his taste.

"P-perhaps we'll continue this lesson another day?"

"Aye…we've more…pressing…matters to attend to." He murmured, beginning to press hot open-mouthed kisses along her jaw, heading dangerously close to her lips…and she wasn't doing anything about it…couldn't do anything about it…his arms were coming up around her as his lips…oh God…his lips slowly found hers…he tasted so good…like rum…

"Jack." She gasped when they came up for air.

"Elizabeth." He murmured, pressing his forehead against hers.

"You're shaking."

"Aye. Lust, darling. I want you so much I can taste it."

She shuddered and let her arms snake around his neck, kissing him again…until he slid his hands under her shirt. His cold rings against her bare skin sent her shooting back to reality. "I can't do this."

He sighed exasperatedly. "Will's gone, luv. You don't have to stay faithful to him anymore."

"No." She shook her head. "It's not that…I want to be yours…I meant…I won't do this…on the table…not with you…has to be special…has to be your bed…the first time…"

"Ah…" The confusion on his face dissipated, being replaced with a grin and he took her hand, beginning to lead her to the adjoining cabin. "As you wish, darling."

A/N: The line as you wish was inspired by The Princess Bride. :)

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