Title: Camp Crossroads

//A.N: I decided to start off this story with an authors WARNING. Please read this before continuing, you might not understand my story.

The Bella Swan we all know and love from Twilight, is nothing like this. In my story, Bella is a bitch, she is a rocker, she is an interesting person. Please ALSO note, she curses a hell of a lot! D

Also, the Edward Cullen we all know and love, broody, quite, would never hurt anyone? Eh...not so much here.

I'm a dark person, this story idea was floating around in my head for a LONG time before I put it on paper.

Also know, Jacob lovers, this story is NOT friendly to him, so sorry, but I just don't like Jake...at all...ever...o0

Anyways, Enjoy! You've been warned!//

Searing pain, gripping and tearing at my skull.

I take a deep breath, 'Just checking to see if your alive?' a dark thought flashes inside in my mind. I sigh and concentrate on trying to get rid of my headache...

"What's going to happen to her?" I hear my mother ask, even though it's muffled by the walls it still sounds as cold and uncaring as it always has.

"Miss. Swan, your daughter was found robbing a five and ten store for a pack of cigarettes." says a male voice. My eyes then snap open I can clearly see the jail cell I am being held captive in.

I clearly remember breaking into the store, I also remember picking the lock, grabbing the cigs and packing the hell outta there. Then, I remember getting hit by a cop. Its not unusual, living in New York city lets the police play good cop bad cop, and so far, everyone's a bad cop.

"I don't give a fuck!" My mothers cold voice sets in once more, "Just tell me when I can take my brat home!"

The man sighs, I'm guessing he's a cop, probably a rookie, "Miss. Swan your daughter has broken the law more than once, I can't let her go. It's jail or a camp for problem causing teenagers."

I freeze. Jail? Camp? FUCK!

My mothers crackle of a laugh sets in, "I don't care what you do with the bitch." I sigh, yep, she's the loving type.

"She's your daughter." the man says, the shock visible in his tone. Clearly he's new here.

My mothers crackle begins once more, "She's the product of a one night stand! I could care less about her!"

"FUCK YOU!" I scream, the words echoing off the jailcell walls. I fucking hate her.

I then hear the clinking sound of keys, a police officer, I'm guessing the one talking to my mother, slowly opens the jail cell with caution, the expression clear on his face, he was scared.

He walked over to me and took out a pair of handcuffs and shoved them in my face. I'd seen this before, cops do shit like this to scare you, to push you. I guess he didn't know that I like to push back.

"You gonna uses those on me, copper? Or are you looking for a little fun?" I ask him, giving him an evil grin. He paled, becoming more nervous.

Quickly he grabbed the cuffs and chained my hands behind me. I got up and he walked me out of the jail cell. The first thing I saw, was my mother.

"Look what you've gone and done now you fucking slut!" My mother yelled, several police officers turned there heads to see my pale thin mother, smoking a cigarette. She was trying to kill me with her glare while she continued to puff away.

"Whats going to happen to her?" My mother asks again, the police officer looks up and walks me over to a desk and a chair, after putting me in the chair he turned to her,"In a case such as hers, we would send her to a camp for problem causing teenagers." 'Again, CAMP?' I laughed dryly at his responce.

He continues, "We need to fill out some paper work on your daughter." He glances at me and then at her.

She nods, still to absorbed in her own cigarette. The officer, or Mark as his name tag clearly state, (Rookie Mark Johnson, told ya, rookie.) nods and begins filling out information on a paper. He looks up suddenly, "What's her name?"

My mother looks at him confused, the confusion was real on her face. She didn't even know my name. I laughed and turned to him, "Bella. I'm Bella Swan." I glanced at my mother, "Forgetting my name again, Renee? It makes sense, you've been calling me a slut and a whore for so long now, I'd figured that you'd forgotten everything about me." I said, the mockery of her visible in my tone.

The Rookie cop, Mark, sighs and grabs me and pulls me up. "I hope you enjoy Camp Crossroads, Bella. It might just changed your ways."

I snorted, and then stopped. I wanted to say something to her. "Renee." I call, Mark stops walking and I turn around to face her. "Go fuck yourself." I said in a tone that carried so much hatred and pain, I knew it had affected her because she'd gone pale and dropped her cigarette.

Camp Crossroads here I come.

//A.N: I have several other chapters for this story written, If I get some reviews I will definitly continue it, but it might just be to dark for some of you guys.

If you wish to continue, and you don't think I'm insane, Edward will show up in the next chapter as a bad boy waring tight jeans, and guess what, a Camp Crossroads, Bella finds out that girls get paired up with boys for the roommate arrangements.

And GUESS what bad boy is sharing Bella's room? D//