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"He keeps looking at you." I told Edward one day at lunch. The vampire in question raised his eyes to look at the blond haired boy drooling over him.

"Newton?" Edward asked, clueless.

"Yes Mike." I said, glaring at the pretty boy, "He keeps staring at you, and he keeps staring at your ass."

Edward chuckled and raised an eyebrow, "Really? So you think he's..."

"Gay. Yeah." I told him, "If he stares at you one more time, I'm going to kill him."

"Going to kill who?" Emmett asked as he, Rosalie, Alice and Jasper sat down at the lunch table.

I looked at him grimly, "Mike."

Alice giggled, "Newton? The one with the crush on Edward?"

Edward and I both held mirror glares towards his sister.

"Right. So, we need to talk." Emmett told me, "We have to leave...soon. Edward already told us that he's taking you. So, our main plan is...how do we escape?"

Rosalie snorted, "I could deal with the guards for a little while..." She trailed off at Emmett's jealous look. "Never mind."

I glanced at Alice, she appeared to be lost in thought, "I know how we are going to get out." She said, "It's Bella's plan."

I found five pairs of gold eyes staring at me. "What the...?"

Emmett grinned, "A plan? Really? Tell us."

"It was just a thought. But I guess it could work..." I told them, I was going to continue when Mike Newton walked over to our table.

"Hiya!" he waved, looking for at Edward than anyone else, "Um, so...I was wondering if I could ask you all something."

Alice spaced out for about three seconds, then grinned. She just had a vision, "Sure Mike! Whats up?"

The boy looked nervous, he was staring at his feet and refused to meet anyone in the eyes. When he finally asked the question, I barely herd it. "I was wondering if...you guys are all...together. You know, Emmett dating Rosalie...Alice dating Jasper...Bella dating...Edward." He looked pained to state the last one.

Emmett barked out a laugh, "Yeah Newton we are." What was left of Mike's hope, deflated like a balloon.

"Oh." He mumbled, "So..um...Jasper..."

Jasper cut him off, "Stop! I'm with Alice! Who is a girl!" He nearly shouted. I felt bad for the guy, getting all of Mike's lust towards Edward and Emmett, even himself. I sighed must be tough being an empath.

Mike looked even worse, "Right...so...Edward..."

"Woah, HOLD UP!" I shouted, "Mike! Edward is FAR from gay, alright? He's not into you, and even if he was...I'd probably kill him before you had the change to get near him. Quit trying to get into his pants, alright? Fuck off, Newton." I told him, spitting on him for emphasis.

Newton turned around and walked away like a scared dog with his tail between his legs. I laughed.

"Good job, Bella." Rosalie told me, "If he had done that to Emmett, I would have ripped his dick off and shoved it down his throat." she added with a wink.

Emmett gulped, "Remind me never to piss you off..ever..."

Alice turned to me, "Bella. We have to leave tonight. So, you might as well explain your plan to everyone here."

I nodded, "Right. So, here's my plan..."


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