Dear Sis
I can see that u are pretty much as bored as I am!! Ahhh I HATE this class we've taken it god knows how many times. I'm thinking that I would like to go on an extended road trip with Jasper but the Porsche is a little ostentatious , do u think Edward would lend me the Volvo... wait a happening... nope he wont what was I thinking? Man, he really doesn't know how to share.

Oh and heads up you are gonna have a test next period and uhh you're kinda gonna fail which in my opinion Rose is kinda sad. Oh yeah and the guy that sits next to you is going to confess his unconditional love to you and he's going to make quite a scene. SKIP THE CLASS!!! But he has been you're long time secret admirer. I don't think you should tell Emmett cuz he WILL react badly to you having a secret admirer. Well not so secret anymore ?
Well the bell is going to ring in 3..2..1..

Laterz Love,

P.S Write Back!!