Ed's automail was a reminder.

The reminder of a blood ridden mistake. The reminder of an unforgivable sin. The reminder that even when one thinks they've lost everything there's always one more thing you can have taken from you.

The reminder of a brother.

Of a brother he almost killed. The reminder that he had to replace what had been misplaced. The reminder he hadn't forgiven himself yet.

But, his automail was also the reminder of a girl.

The reminder of bright blue eyes and sunlight blonde hair. The reminder of a comforting voice that soothed his troubled mind. The reminder of throbbing headaches and evil wrenches. The reminder of cool fingers running through his bangs when she thought him to be asleep.

The reminder of a place.

The reminder of a little yellow house. The reminder of lazy afternoons, lying in the grass watching clouds drift by with Den's head in his lap. The reminder of a place where he could be satisfyingly wrong, for a change. The reminder of a place that the homunculi and Scar couldn't touch.

Ed's automail was a reminder of pain and suffering, of blood and death.

Ed's automail was also reminder of home and the person who made it just that.