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Another A/N: We start off where Naruto has Sasuke up against a wall trying and finally confessing his love for the older Uchiha (Sasuke). In this fanfic Sasuke never got the curse mark or left to go find power, but Itachi still killed off the whole clan, though Sasuke had finally been able to kill him with his beloved's help. Also, after Tsunade retired, Naruto became the next hokage making him the sixth.

Chapter 1:


"Sasuke, love...y-you," stuttered Naruto as he looked into Sasuke's eyes. Even though their foreheads weren't pressed together any longer, Naruto was still standing unnervingly close. The raven-haired man found that he could do nothing but stare, watching as Naruto blinked a few times before stepping away.

"I'll wait for your answer, then, Sasuke," he said, tone suddenly lightening back to its usual carefree self. "You wanna head back to our room so we can get some sleep before this night's over?"

Sasuke stayed rooted to the spot, still waiting for a plausible explanation.

"My answer? My answer is that I...L..Love..You..too. I've loved you since the day we first kissed in school." Sasuke prodded, when the Naruto failed to continue. Naruto sighed wearily, wringing his hands casually in the air as he met Sasuke's dark eyes. Sasuke could only stare as the blonde yawned widely, showing off sharp canines (Sasuke had yet to ask him about those) while tears formed in the corner of his eyes. Suddenly Sasuke grabs Naruto's wrist and drags him to the room which they now share. They woke up the next morning to Sakura yelling from outside the door, "You two need to get your sorry asses up now and make sure your completely dress before i come it there and kick your asses from being late!" she yelled slightly ticked off. Both of them quickly got up and dressed before she could get in and beat them up for being late to the hokage meeting which they both were supposed to be attending right about now. Several hours later the meeting was over and Sasuke and Naruto could be found making out behind the Hokage monument. Sasuke licked Naruto's lower lip asking for entrance Naruto gives in and deepens the kiss gasping when Sasuke's hand goes up and rubs one of Naruto's fox ears. "S-Sas-Sasuke w-wait w-w-we can't d-do this here..." Naruto managed to say right as Sasuke picked him up bridal style and carried him to their home.


About an hour later someone comes to the door interrupting Naruto and Sasuke's alone time. "Oh hey Gaara..Lee too...why are you guys here aren't so suppose to be are you honey moon are something?" asked Naruto as Sasuke wrapped his arm around Naruto's waist. "No we just got back about three days ago and um...pregnant." spoke Lee just barley getting the last part of the sentence out.

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