Chapter 45: Cancelled

Meg rushed into the living room holding an envelope.

"Guys, I have terrible news," said Meg.

"Another Epic Movie sequel is coming out?" asked Peter.

"Worse than that!" said Meg.

"Michael Jackson came back to life and died again?" asked Peter.

"Worse than that!" said Meg.

"They- what is it?" asked Peter empathetically.

"I just got a letter from the author," said Meg, "He says our fanfic has been cancelled!"

"What?" asked Zack in shock.

"No! This can't be happening!" cried Maddie.

"But... but why?" asked Brian.

"MalcolmFox just isn't interested in Family Guy anymore," said Meg, "He hasn't watched the show in months!"

"Not even reruns of the good episodes?" asked Zack.

"Not even THOSE!" said Meg.

"For the record, I blame you two," said Zack pointing to Brian and Stewie.

"Cancelled? Awww! This sucks!" whined Peter as he began to break things within his vicinity.

"Peter, cut it out!" said Lois, "You're acting more immature than that time we were on vacation at Washinton D.C."


The family was touring the Washinton monument with the help of a tour guide.

"As you can see," said the tour guide, "The Washington monument was erected to-"

"Nyehehehehe," chuckeld Peter.

"As I was saying, it was erected to honor one of our founding members-"

"Nyehehehe," chucked Peter again.

"To honor one of our founding members who penetrated the Delaware-"

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Peter laughed loudly as he started rolling on the floor.

"Not again! That's it! I quit!" complained the tourguide as he threw his hat on the floor and walked away, "I've had enough of this dicketry!"

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" laughed Peter harder as his face turned blue.

Jillian could just look at the monument and remember everything the tour guide had said.

"...I don't get it," said Jillian.

End Flashback

"Besides, complaining won't change anything," said Zack, "I think we should tell the others."

Later at the pizza parlor, Zack was explaining the whole thing to everybody else.

"That's horrible," said Valerie.

"So I guess this is it, then," said Jillian.

"I always feared this day would come," said Tilly.

"I thought that day was when you'd hit puberty," said CJ.

"Well, that too," said Tilly, "All that blood... ugh..."

"C'mon guys," said Zack, "We all knew this was gonna happen eventually. We can't just mope about it."

"Well, what can we do?" asked Meg.

"We should think of all the good times we had together," said Zack, "Meg, remember the day we both met."

"How can I forget," said Meg, "I remember how you went to the dance with me when nobody else would."

"And don't forget when you guys had me," said Maddie.

"Oh, how could I forget," said Stewie, "I was so jealous."

"I remember when Chris and I were stuck in that avalanche," said Jillian.

"Yeah, and we made CJ and Tilly," said Chris.

"I remember when I made my first invention, the Sitterbot," said Tilly.

"And I remember when I didn't do anything of importance whatsoever," said CJ.

"I remember that Corvette robot," said Lois, "It's too bad we never reseolved our differences."

"I remember dating Zack's mom," said Brian.

"And I remember slapping Quagmire," said Valerie, "I broke my hand but it was worth it."

"I remember that. I grabbed your ass," said Quagmire, "I got my job shattered but it was worth it."

"I finally got to find out who my real father was," said Zack.

"I found my long lost son as well," said Lucifer.

"And I remember the time I jumped over a shark on a pair of jetskis," said Peter, "That was awesome."

"Peter, that... never happened," said Zack.

"Well it should've," said Peter.

"Most of all, I remember how we all ended up becoming one big family," said Zack.

"I guess while the future is uncertain, at least we'll have the memories," said Meg.

Yes..." said Zack as he hugged his wife, "The memories."

"So I guess this is goodbye, then," said Meg.

Yes, I guess it is," said Zack.

"To everyone who ever read this fic," said Maddie, "To everyone who ever submitted a chapter suggestion. To everyone who ever left a review... Thank you. Thank you for your support. This fanfic wouldn't have lasted this long without you."

"Yeah, and to everyone who flamed this fic, you can Go to hell!" shouted Stewie.

"Stewie, that's not a very nice thing to say," said Lois.

"Thank you all very much," said Meg, "Thank you... and goodbye."

The family waved to the audience and took a final bow before everything and the world around them faded to black.