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Chapter 3

Sirius arrived just in time to find Remus rounding the corner towards the kitchens. Remus looked worried, obviously uncomfortable with the fact that he was alone and without James' invisibility cloak. Sirius took a few steps closer before revealing himself, much to the shock of his friend.

"Don't do that! I thought you were Filch." Remus scolded amidst Sirius' laughter. "Where were you anyway?"

"I had some business to take care of."

"What business?"

Sirius didn't care to give an answer. He eyed Remus' clothing with disapproval. Cute as his Gryffindor pajamas were, it was always cold in the Hogwarts Hallways at night and even Sirius, who was the least sensitive to the cold, was wearing his robes. He watched Remus shiver involuntarily and without a second thought, removed his own robes, revealing the red and gold patterned knee-high shorts and white shirt he used for night clothes.

Remus looked as if he wanted to protest the offer but backed down when Sirius gave him a stern glare. It was two sizes to big for him but it kept him warm.

"How many times have I told you to wear your robes when you sneak out at night? You know how cold it is Moony."

Remus smiled sheepishly. "I got so used to you reminding me. You weren't there so I forgot."

Sirius didn't look amused. He scanned the hallways for Filch before he covered himself and Remus with James' invisibility cloak. He held on to Remus hand tightly and led the way to the dessert section of the Hogwart's Kitchens. He didn't need a charm to tell him what Remus was craving for.

"You should have waited for me to remind you then." He told Remus when they rounded a corner. Sirius made sure to check every corner before proceeding. Even with the invisibility cloak he made sure to be a lot more cautious than he usually was when he was by himself or with his other fellow Marauders. It wouldn't be good for Remus to get caught. His Remus had a very clean record.

"That's just silly." Remus giggled. "If I waited for you to remind me to wear my robes then I wouldn't need reminding."

"Doesn't matter. Next time, don't leave without me. If I'm sleeping wake me up and if I'm not there wait for me." Sirius paused once more, scanning the hallways for any sign of Filch. He caught a sight of Mrs. Norris and quickly changed directions. Truth be told, small as Mrs. Norris was, Filch was still harder to escape from. The cat's yellow eyes were easy to catch at night.

"I can take care of myself you know."

Sirius snorted. "Not when you're sneaking out you can't. You haven't scanned for Filch at all. Did you know that we just had a near run-in with Mrs. Norris?"

Remus tried to keep his surprise at a down-low and pretend he knew but he could never fool Sirius. If they weren't moving he would've stomped his foot in irritation at the satisfied smirk that he knew was on Padfoot's face. He flushed. "I didn't notice."

"You never do." Sirius replied squeezing to Remus' hand tightly. He knew that his Remus was blushing. He had a parchment of things that made his Remus blush and teasing Remus about his lack of caution when they were sneaking out to the dessert kitchen was number 347 on his list. He wanted so much to illuminate his wand just so he could see the blush but he willed himself not to because he knew that Mrs. Norris was nearby.

"Never? I do scan sometimes maybe you just don't notice me looking."

"No you don't." Sirius countered. Not notice? Not notice Remus? He noticed everything about his Remus. It was impossible not to. His love was just too cute. He suddenly felt his heart flutter at the thought of all things Remus and before he could stop himself, his mouth moved and he was smiling the dopiest smile ever. He was lucky it was dark or Remus would have thought he was on drugs or something. He cleared his throat to cover the signs of his Remus high before continuing. "You never scan the hallways which is why you need me to take care of you. This isn't debatable Remus. Don't leave the Gryffindor house without me."


Sirius scowled in exasperation. "What? Don't want to?"


"You what?"

"I do but won't it be too troublesome for you?" Remus sulked. He was already too dependent on the older boy. He couldn't think of a situation in the nearly 7 years of his stay at Hogwarts wherein he did anything without Sirius helping him even just a little bit.

"I decide when it's gonna be troublesome and I say it isn't."


"Still don't want to?" Stubborn werewolf. "Look. If you won't listen, I'll beat Severus Snape up so much that he'll be spending the rest of his life at St. Mungo's."

"Severus? What has he got to do with this?"

"Nothing. His name was just the first that came to mind. Who'd you expect me to beat? You? Don't be daft."

"Why not me?"

Why indeed? "Because you're way smaller than me. Hurting you wouldn't be fair play."


The next day, Sirius woke up extra early so he could go with Remus to their early morning advance potions class. Truth be told, he was not qualified for the class but Slughorn was a pureblood arse kisser so that made it okay. There used to be a time when Sirius thought that Remus could handle himself in potions class, but after what had happened with the greasy-haired git, he thought otherwise. He was never a morning person but if it meant protecting Remus then it was fine with him.

"... pair yourselves up alphabetically-"

Sirius cocked his head at the words. He had tuned out Slughorn's lecture as always but he had caught the old geezers last words. Turning to Remus, he looked at the werewolf in disbelief. "Funny. I thought I just heard him say to pair with each other alphabetically."

Remus nodded. "Actually he did. It's one of the requirements for the our potions project. The closer the letters of your last name, the more potent the potion will become."

"Oh." There was a thoughtful look on Sirius' face before he grinned. "Well, I guess we're partners then, eh?"

"The potion's are going to be a mess if we pair up."


"Black and Lupin. B and L. We're too far apart in the last name department." Remus elaborated. "If anything, you should pair up with Crabbe and I should ask Lucius. Or Severus, maybe. Our last names aren't as close as I'd like it to be but his talent at potions would surely make up for it. I just hope he agrees."

A scowl appeared on Sirius Black's face when he thought of Snivellus. Lucius would probably stay away after what happened last night but who knows what Severus would do to Remus if they were partners? He scanned for Snape and narrowed his eyes at the Slytherin who snorted.

Who knew that Severus Snape could annoy Black without even trying? He was glad that Black didn't know about the accidental wizarding oath he took but alas, the cost outweighed the benefits. Besides the fact that he was secretly attracted to Remus, the potions master in Severus Snape knew that the werewolf was the perfect partner for this activity. An excellent potions student, beaten only by Severus Snape himself and a last name that was close enough to his for the project. It was a recipe for success. But alas, things were not right.

"Snape?" Sirius snapped, the venom in his voice unmistakable. "The greasy git doesn't deserve to be your partner."

Remus sighed. If only Severus hadn't been so prejudiced against his predicament. It wasn't his fault that Greyback had bitten him.

"Remus, I would be honored if you we're my partner." A voice announced behind them. Sirius didn't need to turn around to know who it was. Besides recognizing the arrogant pureblood voice, who else would be dumb enough to still go through what they were planning after Sirius Black had threatened them?

"Lucius." A sincere smile appeared on Remus face. He had never been friends with Lucius but as long as the pureblood was offering, he would take it. "I'd love to-

"-Not be your partner." Sirius finished for him.

"Excuse me?" Lucius raised a brow. "I wasn't aware that Remus had two voices."

Sirius shrugged. "Well, now you know."

Remus eyed the two in confusion. There was obviously something that happened between the two. If Remus were any other person, he would have investigated but alas, being himself, he quickly brushed it away at the thought of getting a potions partner that was perfect for the potion they were assigned to do. "Sirius, I know I promised to be your lab partner every time but because of the circumstances, maybe you can pair up with Crabbe? You guys are really close alphabetically."

"No." Sirius huffed.

"But the circumstances-

"The circumstances show that whoever created this potion is an idiot that's out to get me."

Lucius snorted. "Get over it, Black. Not everyone can be blessed by luck. Remus would be a perfect partner for me." The pureblood snarled. "You're like an unwanted lover."

Sirius rolled his eyes. "As long as we're making metaphors, you're the jealous wife then? Get over it. Your husband's gay."

Remus looked concerned. "Sirius, don't be mean. Lucius is only-

"Trying to be a thorn in my life! Why don't you find someone else to bother?" Sirius huffed. "Remus, we're partners and that's final."

"Don't be daft. You're last names are too far apart. If you had any knowledge of the English alphabet, you would know this!" Lucius Malfoy argued.

A calculating look appeared on Sirius face. What did he hear Slughorn say about languages and potions again? "Potions adapt languages."

Malfoy frowned. He had been expecting Sirius to snap back at him. "What?"

"Those we're the three words that I caught in Slughorn's lecture during the first week of school." A triumphant smirk appeared on Sirius face. "Potions adapt languages. Not vice versa. In my language, B is closest to L. In fact, it's right on top of it."

"There is no language that says that you stupid Gryffindor!"

Sirius smirked. "In my language it does."

"You- you- you just made that up!" Malfoy sputtered.

"I just created the language a couple seconds ago. Do you have a problem with that?"

"Yes I do! That can't be legal."

Remus, who had been silent at the exchange finally spoke up. The truth was, he wanted Sirius to be his partner and was glad that he had thought of something like that. "Actually Sirius is right. There are no laws in the wizarding world prohibiting the creation of new languages."

Sirius grinned. "So we're partners then?"

"Sorry Lucius. Sirius is my friend and if it weren't for the circumstances, I would have been partners with you."

True love prevails! There was triumphant smile on Sirius' face before he scowled at Lucis. "You heard him. Now get lost wife. We'll send you the divorce papers later."