This story is for one of my friend, piratesfann from livevideo.

Gaara sighed as he looked at the down casting flames. Then looked at the sleeping Sakura. Since he was the Kazekage he had to complete missions from other villages besides the sand. He was paired up with Naruto, Temari, Kankuro, and Sakura…….he could stare at her for days without getting bored. They were on an S-rank mission to get Uhiha Sasuke back. Even though the didn't like each other and Sakura loved Sasuke, he was still willing to complete the mission. Tsunade almost forced him to go and she did. He hated that he had to help them get Sasuke but it had to be done. He was leader of the group and he was actually hoping that Temari or Naruto would be…..okay well not so much Naruto but at least Temari.

He groaned as he laid back on the cold grass. He put his hands behind his head and looked at the stars. He started to feel sleep overcome him but forced himself to stay awake. He wondered if she would ever love him like he did her. He use to force himself to say that he didn't love her and it was Not Love But Misguided Hate. But….it turned out over the years that he started to love her…...he closed his eyes and sighed.

When he opened his eyes he saw her standing over him, her arms crossed. "Are you okay? You've been acting weird ever since we started this mission."

"Hn." he said looking away. She sighed and sat next to Gaara. "Look. I know you don't like Sasuke and you don't have to like him just….help us get him back…please?" she begged him. He looked at her and groaned. "I'm only doing this because I'm forced to." he crossed his arms and sat up. She smiled and placed a hand on hi shoulder. "I know you know that I like Sasuke….but to tell you the truth…." She smiled even more. "I was starting to hate his guts when he hurt Naruto. So I'm not going to go easy on him when we fight." He was shocked. "I never thought I would hear you say that."

"I never thought you would talk to me this much." she said taking her hand away. He looked at her and smiled….only a little. She frowned. "Something must me wrong with you….your smiling."

He chuckled. She rested her head on his shoulder. "You know. Your not the person you use to be. Your more care free." He looked down at her and blushed. "Your different too."


"Everything about you has changed, except for the way you look….actually, you so look a little different. You look more…cuter."


She smiled up at him. "You've become more like a human and a little handsomer." He sighed in relief. She giggled. "Look, I know we were never that good of friends and you tried to kill use numerous of times."--he scratched the back of his head--"But your not that person anymore."

He looked down. "This is weird." he said. "What is?" she said confused. "This. I-I've never really talked to you before."

Gaara shot up in his sleep and looked around, everyone was packing up camp. He looked at them, then at the sky…..noon.

He got up and sighed. "Ok. We need to get going to sound." said Gaara as he put his gourd back on. "Hai." They all said as they started walking. When did I start fascinating about Sakura-chan. I mean sure I like her…but I don't….love her? Do I? The Kazekage was in……in……love? Gaara stumbled and fell onto the floor but caught himself just in time to land on the floor not so hard. "Gaara!" said Temari as she ran to his side as everyone else. He groaned and rolled over. "Kazekage-sama….are you alright?" said Sakura. He nodded to her and Temari helped him up. "I'm okay, just….stumbled." he said as he looked ahead of him. Temari let go of him as he started to walk again. They all looked at each other with curious faces then ran after Gaara.


It was about nine, nine thirty at night as everyone, except Gaara and Kankuro, were setting up camp. Gaara was practicing with Kankuro some new moves that ha made and Kankuro was getting his ass whooped.

Naruto was sleeping right after they set up camp and Temari and Sakura were the only ones at camp. "So, I heard you and Shikamaru are officially going out now." said Sakura smirking at her. She looked away and blushed, but still nodded. "Way to go. Naruto just started dating Hinata about a week ago. Right when he asked her out she turned blood shot red then fainted. I felt sorry for her. At least they're finally together." said Sakura.

Temari giggled. "I never knew Naruto would end up with Hinata. I thought he would live a lonely life and only love ramen." said Temari putting a hand under her chin and leaning on her leg. Sakura laughed. "So did I."


"Ok! Ok! I give up!" Kankuro yelled at Gaara falling on all fours. Gaara smirked. "I was waiting for you to say that." he muttered. Kankuro got up and walked over to the tree leaning on it them falling to the ground from tiredness. Gaara walked over to him and sat next to him after taking his gourd off. "Look, what would you do if you liked someone and didn't know how to tell them?" Gaara said after a few minutes. Kankuro looked at him surprised. "And your asking this….why?" said Kankuro smirking.

"What?! I person not allowed to know what to say if they like someone?!" Gaara almost yelled. "Calm down….Look if you really like a girl….this is what you say…."


Gaara and Kankuro soon returned, about 2 hours later, and only Sakura was up, laying down and looking at the stars. "This is your chance." Kankuro whispered as he walked over to his tent and went in. Gaara set his gourd down and walked over to her and laid down next to her.

"Hey, how was training?" said Sakura. "Ok. Just like always I kicked Kankuro's ass. How was your….setting up camp….?"

Gaara you baka!

"Ummmm….Ok? Naruto fell asleep right when he set his tent up." Sakura said looking Naruto's way. Gaara chuckled, "Could you expect any more from him?" Sakura laughed with him. She rolled to her side facing him. He looked at her and smiling, the moon shining on her skin made her look so pure.

"Sakura-chan….Do you like anyone?" he said. She was taken back at then but still nodded. "Who?"

She smirked. "That's something for me to know, and for you to find out." She said while getting up and stretching. "Night, Kazekage-sama."

"Call me Gaara-Kun, Sakura-chan." she smiled at him and nodded. "See you in the morning." he said. She crawled into her tent and sighed. "I love you Gaara." she whispered as she soon fell asleep.