Author's note... Well this is it. The finale to my second fanfic. It's the longest chapter of the fic.

I thought I'd just write one fiction and be done with it, but this writing thing is like a drug... especially where it involves Kim Possible. I've read so many other fics and so impressed with them, that I feel I am not worthy to put this here. But to all those who have reviewd, I thank you whole heartedly and you all are the reason I continued this. Hopefully I'll be writing another in time... maybe just focussing on Ron and Kim's relationship. Thanks again.

And now... the Finale.
Back in civilisation, a small gathering appeared. Heavily armed guards in a transport vehicle stood by. A couple of Global justice agents were near. It was late afternoon. In the distance, came something… one agent pointed it out, and all eyes turned to face that direction…The small object, progressively grew larger…sounding louder as it did. Eventually meeting up with the other vehicles parked…it hovered for a moment and then landed. All doors opened. Out stepped the two teenage crime fighters who everyone there had come so well to know…it was Team Possible. They motioned the guards to help remove an unconscious Drakken and Shego out of Kim's car. As a couple guards were removing the villans and about to place them in the prisoner transport, Kim had a strangely devious thought come to mind…

"Officer, just a minute… I just a great idea..."

The guard watched the others, then the agents, who all shrugged their shoulders…

"Hey, they messed with us so many times... I just gotta have some fun with em..."

"Hey, you stopped em… whatever you want to do is fine… once it doesn't involve bodily harm…" One guard spoke,

Oh, I don't think you have to worry about us harming them…" she smirked.

Everyone was confused…Ron included. Kim then motioned the guard she was speaking to, to come closer…she whispered in his ear. Suddenly, his face broadened into a smile, which quickly turned to laughter. He motioned another guard to take Drakken and lay him down on his back. They also picked up Shego and placed her on top of Drakken…their left arms were pulled to the side, with a special pair of hand chains, which could give a limited movement, but specially anables to prevent Shego from using her fists. They joined one end to Drakken. Their right arms positioned just behind Shego's neck… as though he were drawing her to a kiss. Everyone just stood there for a moment, assessing te situation...and then all burst out into a fit of laughter…They just stood there and waited…

Surely enough, Drakken started regaining consciousness… Shego as well…

"Ow…this isn't…mmmmmmmmmmmbph!"

As if it were totally synchronised, Shego and Drakken's eyes opened in full surprise. She tried to move, but realised her hands and his, were behind her neck…

"Dr. DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!" Shego's face turned slightly red... but quickly flared red in anger, as raised her body to flare her fists. Unfortunately for her, she suddenly realised that she were chained to Drakken. She lost her balance and fell right back into his face… and seemingly another kiss…

"AAAAAArgh! What is this?"

For a blue guy, Drakken sure was looking red. You'd be too after seemingly waking up from a dream and seeing your female counterpart on top of you, kissing you. The truth was that Drakken and Shego did have a little something for each other, but being evil and all you don't have time really… All the villains' thoughts were broken when they found themselves the center of raucous laughter… some guards were on the ground, rolling about. They embarrassed villans looked all around, then to see Kim and Ron holding each other up… laughing so hard that they became totally weak.

Immediately, Shego's face turned to rage. Drakken was still trying to get back his blue tone…


"Yeah, sure… We'll be waiting for you too. But right now, you seem to have some lovers talk to have..." Kim stated, trying her best to say everything with a straight face...

Drakken started to freak out. A guard hoisted him while another lifted Shego…

"I don't believe it! Not again! I can't go back to jail!" Drakken yelped

"After what you tried to do, you're better off there!" the guard replied sternly, but still smiling...

"But you're going to put me back with that idiot who talks all night long!"

"Buddy, judging by your girlfriend's face here, I think you got more important things to worry about." Pointing to an enraged Shego…


"That's enough! You got lots of time to kiss and make up on the way to jail..." The guard pointed out...

They were escorted to the waiting transport…Shego turned to Drakken, kneeing him in his chest…

"When I get outta these cuffs I'm gonna knock your lights out!"

"Oh, um, well, I believe you already accomplished that…" Turning red again…

(KICK) Drakken's face quickly turned blue

"You think this is funny! All with your stupid pass code 3374?" Shego was letting him have it

"Ohh dear, you found that out too huh?"

"But, but, I actually thought you cared…"




The transport vehicle's rear doors were shut. Then all the vehicles started clearing out… except for an agent and one or two guards…

This was a bittersweet victory for Team Possible…or pretty much Kim's point. They got back at their enemies for the trouble they caused, and won the battle to save the world, but in the end, she may have lost the war…'her' Ron. The Ron she loved before this entire situation came up. Her smiles turned to a slow, depression…

"Kim, you don't look so good…maybe you laughed too much…" Ron stated to her

"I'm fine….so not the drama..."

"Come on, that's not the KP I know…"

"Do you know me? I don't even feel like I know who I am anymore…"

"Hey that's my line!"

"It's just that I wish everything was back the way it was…"

"Come on KP, we can't change what's past, but we deal with it one day at a time."

"Wow… you sounded smart" Kim teased



"Look… I know that we've been having some issues lately and I feel that you've been trying to send me a messages about us...All I could remember, was that we broke up... and as best I can remember, we went our separate ways..."

Kim looked at him, but her mind was far away... He probably rememberd that not too long ago that they broke up...She wasn't going to argue his thoughts, as it wouldn't be fair to convince him otherwise...


"Wow, you haven't called me that for a bit"

Kim stated, slightly brightened by it. It was the name Ron had for her and only her...She relly never allowed anyone else to call her that.

"Well you know, some things are playing around in my head... I dunno, maybe it's Deja Vu or whatever you call it...but there's something I want to tell you...I dunno why I want to do it... it feels all so... strange…"

Kim's eyes widened… could he be… remembering something about them? Oh, it would be so wonderful to hear those words utter from his mouth…

"Kim, I know we broke up and that we went our own ways, but no matter what..." Ron's held a hand to his forehead, looking down...

"It's ok Ron, I'll understand..."

"KP, no matter what happens; I'll always lo….AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!"

Kim stood back, shocked… Ron gripped his head, screaming in pain. His eyes bulged out… almost wanting to pop out his head. She held him, looking into his eyes…What was happening? Why was Ron in this pain?

("oh no….no…no…no…nooooo")

She came to the sudden; terrifying realization… the time was up. His mind… almost all of it…erasing before her..

He screamed hard. He gripped Kim by her waist as he collapsed. She fell as well…. Holding him in her arms. She wanted to contact Wade, but her arm was slightly pinned from the fall...She began to cry… she didn't know what to do. Suddenly, he was hyperventilating…this shouldn't be! Could Ron be…


(Breathing quickly dropping)


(Eyes rolling up…)


(Slow breathing...)

Kim screamed at the top of her lungs for help... the agents and guards that were there rushed to them...

(Slower breathing)

"We gonna lose him!"


Time moved on...

Peakton University was a beautiful establishment… almost like a grand mansion, with many large expanses of well maintained lawns and walkways. It was early afternoon. An auburn haired young lady strolled through the campus, still trying to make sense of her new life. It's been three weeks now, since… it happened. The thoughts kept making her shed a little tear. She often found that she had trouble concentrating in class, even to the point that the professors sat her down personally, and offered her some assistance when whe had free time. She was even offered counselling, but she refused.

But she had to be realistic about things… after all, she was Kim Possible… But even Kim Possible was just as everyone else…human. Prone to emotions… and these emotions had gotten the better of her. She thought for a while if it would make sense to try and date someone else. Maybe it would cheer her up greatly. But it wouldn't be fair to her, or to whoever she was dating. She would want that guy to be Ron, the goofy, crazy, come out of timing with his remarks Ron. She felt more than ever that she lost the best thing to happen in her life… it just wouldn't be the same.

She met a couple of friends and hung out a little with them on campus, but she found that she mostly wanted to be alone. But she did meet this one guy who reminded her of Ron…something about him was just as wacky and crazy as he used to be. She found solace in him and her remembrances of Ron helped her cling to it. She was sitting at a campus bench, when just then, she heard a voice over her shoulder…

"Kimberly, what's up? Redy to go home?"

"I guess so" her mind was far

"Hey, you're crying again… man I dunno what sad movie you've been watching, but you're starting to worry me..."

The man put his hand on her shoulder...

"Is there anything I can do.. I dunno.. maybe put on a chicken suit and swing from the rafters?"

Kim forced a slight smile...

"I'm ok... really…let's talk about something more upbeat…like economics 101"

"Come on you've got to be kidding me! I so don't want to go back and the whole class laughed at me today… including the professor!"

"Well, (snickering) next time they ask you to name a cartel, I'd choose to say something other than drugs…"

"But it is a cartel, is it not?"

"Sure (rolls eyes) but I think they're looking for something like a fuel cartel for example…"

"Oh, what do they know…That professor just doesn't get it..."

"Well, he is the professor…you're just the student"

"Fine, fine…you are no help."

"Anyway, I should be getting back home…"

"Don't you mean, we?"

She let out a little smile and watched him...

"Of course Ron…"

Yes… Ron was still alive. Who else better to remind you of someone, but the person themself? Though this was hardly the Ron that Kim knew after the first memory loss. After Ron collapsed, the agents used what on the spot medical equipment they had. He flatlined for a while and all there thought he was dead. But successfully, he was revived. He was rushed to Middleton hospital, while being placed on a breathing machine... alive, but was for the most part unconscious.

Eventually, he did come to. Yet the things he remembered before were widely scrambled… He remembered Kim and her family as well as his own, but not Middleton or even his Last name. He could remember that he had college, but he never went to high school. He remembered that he and Kim broke up, but wondered how they were ever together... He thought he had a girlfriend, but he couldn't even remember the girl's name...or what she looked like.

Wade was once again, the one that may have made sense of it all…By opening Ron's memories from the safe, the final erase trigger may have very well caused a memory format error, essentially crashing his mind. whatever remaining memories there were, may have even been wiped. There was no longer any way to tell how much of his actual memories were destroyed.

It was hard news to accept, but Kim did her best to. Ron was too good all this time to her, to leave him like this. She suggested, letting Ron continue with her to study at PTU and try to help him live some semblance of a normal life…if at all. All eventually agreed to it. But deep down, they all felt pain. They all lost Ron. No matter what happens from now on, this will never be their Ron. Kim more than ever was the one to admit that…

They arrived at the apartment. After getting inside, they relaxed a bit, saying nothing much… watching some television. The fearless ferret was on...

"Man I dunno why, but this show rocks!"

("At least some things are the same") Kim thought...

Evening came. It was a Friday and a long weekend was approaching. Just after having dinner, a sombre Kim faced Ron…

"Ron? Um, could I…ask you to do something…for me?"

"If it will help you not be so depressed, sure…"

Ron knew she was unhappy…he just didn't know why...or what else to do. He tried many times to cheer her up, but never really succeeded for long.

"Ron…I…I want you to kiss me…"

"Whoa now you know we shouldn-"

He was caught in something he never saw before… eyes like a puppy dog. But Kim wasn't doing it to get her way this time…She really needed this… to feel his lips again… even if it wasn't right in his eyes…

"Ok...just once…" He said, giving in…

They held, and kissed. Kim had not felt his lips in weeks. It felt so right… but it just wasn't the same…she knew that this was reality and he wouldn't know why she asked. Tears streamed from her eyes, as she parted lips from him, she turned away...

"I….I'm sorry Ron."

"Kim, its ok… really…it's n-"

"NO! It's not…Nothing is always as it seems…" She snapped her head back to him...

"I don't understand what you're saying…Please help me understand."

"I hoped for something different… I hoped that in the end, everything would be ok. But it guess I was just being selfish about it... it just isn't as it seems….really, nothing as always as it seems."

She walked off, face in her hands, crying all the way to her room.

Ron stood there; speechless…He didn't know what else to do. His friend was hurt; she kissed him, and then cried heavily. What had he done? And what did she mean by 'nothing is always as it seems?

(Nothing is always as it seems…. nothing is always as it seems…. nothing is always as it seems….)

Kim didn't even know when she fell off to sleep. She curled up on her bed, crying herself away. That kiss felt so… wonderful, yet still…it wasn't Ron. She dreamed of better days… where she and Ron enjoyed everything together… She dreamed him in an open field…slowly walking towards her. He held her from behind and the sat in the field… she was curled up under him. She could hear his voice softly calling her…



("KP, wake up")


"KP, hey…"

Kim opened her eyes slowly… to find… Ron… holding her exactly as in her dream…

"W...What are you doing here Ron? I don't think that you-"

"Shhh…I owe you a cuddle… the jinx, remember?"

Kim's eyes lit up in shock. Was she really dreaming? Did she just hear right?

"Ron… how… could it be? Are you..."

"Nothing is always as it seems…" He said softly.

She looked at him confused… Ron then held Kim and kissed her deeply. She almost fainted…not for being able to breathe, but for knowing that was a kiss only Ron could give her…She watched him, as they parted lips…

"Kim, you told me downstairs, that nothing is always as it seems… You told me that in the park… when I thought I was really nothing to you…How could I forget that? I just then remembered everything….everything came into place."

Tears reached Kim's eyes once again. She grabbed Ron tightly and cried her heart away. But this time, it was for joy. She had her Ron again. She wanted to contact the whole family with the news, but Ron stopped her…

"KP, the Ron man's memories are here to stay. We can call everyone tomorrow…"

"Ok" She relented.

"Besides, I still owe you that cuddle…"

Kim didn't pass that up at all. She buried her face in his chest, with both of them falling asleep on her bed. Before they did though, she called out softly..."


"Yeah KP?"

"I love you. Don't ever forget that..."

"And I never will…booyah…" kissing her forehead

She smiled at that one… maybe college life may have the best memories after all…