Okay chapter 4

One note Naruto is NOT going to be super he just has a sort of demonic teleportation

Begin the chapter

The next morning at 8 o'clock

"What took you so long Uchi-baka" asked the sensei looking at Sasuke who was last to arrive

"DON'T INSULT ME" yelled the Uchiha in response before answering "and I was working on an advanced Jutsu" Sakura looked at Sasuke with stars in her eyes

"Shut up Uchi-baka; now your exercise is to get one of these two bells if you fail you…die"

"What do you mean sensei" asked stupid fan girl

"If you fail I will kill you" responded Jubei "now begin" as he disappeared in a smoke plume while Sakura fainted


"HEY, SENSEI LETS PARTY" yelled Naruto while drawing Rebellion

"Naruto I see Dante wore off on you so what will you do" said Jubei with his hands in his pockets

Naruto then charged with sword in hand and Jubei side stepped the attack, slamming his knee into Naruto's gut "sorry Naruto but I have more important matters for the time being" said the sensei before walking off to find the others 'Naruto I will fight you after I beat the dobe senseless' he thought

10 minutes later

'Ah there's sensei I just have to get the bells and give one to Sasuke' thought Sakura as she noticed sensei as leaves swirled around her and then

"S-Sakura help me" Sasuke whispered missing his left arm, no less than one hundred kunai in him and his left leg looked like it was blown off Sakura screamed and then fainted

5 minutes later with Sasuke

"Sasuke I beat your comrades already" said Jubei

"Comrades humph more like hindrances" Sasuke responded with a smirk getting into his stance

"so that is what you think, now you will see firsthand the ignorance of your foolish clan Uchiha" replied Jubei as he slid his left foot toward Sasuke and placed his right hand on his hilt "now feel the might of the Himura Kenjutsu: Hiten Mitsurugi no Ryu" drawing his pitch black Ninjato out of it's scheathe

"Hn I'm different than those losers anyway" said Sasuke as he readied a kunai

"Yes you are, you're a spoiled asshole who would abandon your comrades, that is treason making you no better than Itachi or Orochimaru. YOU DO NOT DESERVE TO LIVE SASUKE"

"YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING" he said charging

"Sasuke you mean to see everything taken away, your life, your family, your trust, well I know it is better to LIVE than to exist, give up on Itachi, he is no longer your brother, the path of the avenger only destroys you in the end" Jubei retorted before blocking Sasuke's kunai splitting it in half

Sasuke then jumped back performing seals 'Katon: Gokyaku no Jutsu' "hn got him, wait no, where is he"

"Sasuke you are too weak" Jubei then appeared behind Sasuke kicking him in the back sending him flying over the water and performed seals "Suiton: Suigadan no Jutsu" and then four spiraling fang like tornadoes of water struck Sasuke at his joints (elbows and knees) "Sasuke give up you are not even any use to the leaf, you lack our primary strength and you know what you really are weak Sasuke"


"Sasuke give up you are the most pathetic excuse for a shinobi I have ever seen"


"Sasuke you fail this exercise" said Jubei


"Alright now I have decided to let one of you live, you get to decide, Naruto" said the sensei before crossing his arms

"Me" he whispered

"Naruto are you sure that is who should die" asked the sensei drawing his blade

"yes if one of us has to die kill me then" he shouted

"Naruto how could you" asked Sakura

"I won't sacrifice my comrades for myself"

"no Naruto I should die, I'm useless" she responded

"Well any ideas Sasuke" the sensei said looking at Naruto

"hn we can't be throwing away the lives of potential shinobi, none of us should"

"okay two out of three isn't that bad all three of you pass"

"huh" asked Naruto

"this exercise was to see if you would work as a squad, or bicker over which one should be killed" responded Jubei "now before you say a word know that the primary strength of the leaf is the strength of its individual squads, and how well they cooperate"

"um sensei why did you" Sakura started

"I needed to see you in a life or death situation that is the only time when your true colors would shine"


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