I don't own Sailor Moon or Gundam Wing

Hello! This is just a small story this is it and I'm not sure if I'll add

more to it. It all depends on if I can figure out what else to put and also

maybe on how many reviews I get. So here you go my Sailor Moon/Gundam Wing

fanfic. Oh and this is a Trowa/Ami fic.

I don't own Sailor Moon or Gundam Wing.

Forbidden Love!

Trowa ran towards Ami and Ami towards Trowa. Both laughing and smiling as

they ran towards each other. When they got to each other Trowa picked up Ami

and swung her around. After spinning around he put Ami back on ground. Even

though they were still up above the clouds cause they were together again. He

gave her a great big hug and then looked her in the eyes. Green eyes meeting

Blue eyes again after so long. They were in love since the first time they met. It

just seemed right to them. Some people thought he just thought of her as his

sister, boy were they wrong! They were lovers right from the beginning. All

Ami's friends knew that, and so did Ami even though she didn't admit it at

first. If you couldn't tell, you'd be as blind as a bat!! Even Trowa's

friends knew that they loved each other. Most people thought the lovers

mustn't be. For a rich doctor and a gundam pilot was a foolish idea. But the

couple didn't listen to them, they didn't care what others said about how

they shouldn't be together, for they still loved each other with all their

hearts and nothing could get in the way of their endless love for each other.

Well that's all… For now? Maybe I'll add more but I've gota come up with

an idea what to do next and I have to get some reviews (nice reviews but the

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