Author's Note: So this entire story started with a thread made on GameFAQ's about two years ago. Wow, it's been a while. On this particular thread, everyone would go around making unique support conversations for character pairs. Some were humorous (especially whoever wrote the Shinon and Gatrie ones) and others were more serious (*cough*mine*cough*) but it was a lot of fun to do. I had posted two of mine on Fanfiction two years ago (Micaiah/Pelleas + Pelleas/Soren) but never updated. Now, I've edited them and released them again along with my next chapter- Soren/Ilyana. I hope you guys enjoy, and don't worry, you won't have to wait two years to get the next chapter!

I always enjoy people reviewing my stories. It helps me get a sense of what I did right and what I did wrong. For example, people have said my Micaiah/Pelleas one gives a great example of what it would actually be like, while my Pelleas/Soren chapter was pretty lackluster. So please, help me out- tell me at least one thing I did well and one thing I could improve on. This way, I'm constantly becoming a better author. Thanks so much!


Micaiah/Pelleas- C Support

Micaiah: Your majesty! Please don't strain yourself!

Pelleas: M'lady, I am fine! You should be worrying about yourself!

(If Pelleas is wounded)

Micaiah: You don't look fine! Look at that gash on your arm!

Pelleas: Lady Micaiah, please do not worry about it. I will simply arrange for Laura to come-

Micaiah: That will take too long ! I can take care of this myself, your highness. (Prepares to use Sacrifice)

Pelleas: Micaiah, please! I can't have you hurt here. Not now! Where would we go if you overexerted yourself?

Micaiah: I guess you are right. I'm sorry. I just cannot stand to see you hurt...

(if Pelleas isn't wounded)

Micaiah: I can't worry about myself! What about Daein?

Pelleas: M'lady, do not forget that I am fighting for Daein as well! It's just as much my country as it is yours!

Micaiah: Of course, your majesty. I had forgotten who I have been fighting alongside. Now, we must focus on the approaching foes!

Pelleas: For Daien!

Micaiah: For Daien!

Micaiah/Pelleas- B Support

Micaiah: Your Majesty! It's truly an honor to be able to fight alongside you!

Pelleas:I could say the same about you, m'lady! Your skill with light magic are quite exceptional.

Micaiah: (blushes) Thank you, your highness. But, you cannot give me all of the credit. Your ability with dark tomes is impeccable!

Pelleas: Why thank you, Lady Micaiah. Micaiah...

Micaiah: Hm?

Pelleas: Would you... like to stick together during this fight? I cannot bear to see you return from battle injured. It would please me to be able to watch over you.

Micaiah: (nods) That would great, my Lord.

Pelleas: Well then, shall we test our strength against the oncoming opponents?

Micaiah: We shall.

Micaiah/Pelleas- A Support

Pelleas: M'lady, may we... talk? Just for a few moments?

Micaiah: Of course, your majesty! But we must be quick, our enemies will not wait for us to end our idle banter.

Pelleas: Indeed. Lady Micaiah... there is something I must say.

Micaiah: What is it, my lord?

Pelleas: I want to fight by you. I want to fight your side for the rest of my life. I would give up everything for your love.

Micaiah: Pelleas...

Pelleas: Augh, I knew it was hopeless. Excuse me, Micaiah. I need to-

Micaiah: Your Majesty, wait! I know your heart. I know that it is filled with honesty, hope and loyalty to your kingdom. But, with everything else, would there be room for me?

Pelleas: M'lady, you don't quite know my heart completely. That honesty, that hope and all that loyalty... it comes from you! Your dedication to the people of Daein gave me the strength I needed to feel that way. Without you, all of those emotions would disappear.

Micaiah: Your majesty...

Pelleas: Micaiah... I love you. And I am inquiring if you loved me too.

Micaiah: Yes, I do. My noble princce- no! My noble king of Daein.


Priestess of Dawn- Micaiah

Crowned 15th Queen of Daein, Micaiah, along with her noble husband, ushered in a new era of peace and prosperity.

Spirit Charming Sage- Pelleas

Although he revealed his lack of loyal blood, Pelleas, along with his wife, Micaiah, took over the role of King of Daein and ruled the kingdom for the rest of his life.


Author's Note:

Next Pairing: Pelleas/Soren (I wanna make a comment but I can't cause of stupid spoilers... darn you, spoilers!!)