Author's Note: Sorry for the delay- not a whole lot of inspiration for this pairing. It's hard to come up with ideas for characters who weren't in Path of Radiance and don't even so much as look at each other in game without supports. *sigh*


Volug/Aran- C Support

Aran: Volug, you seem to abolish these enemies so effortlessly. How do you dispatch these foes so easily?

Volug: (Heh, so you believe you are weak?)

Aran: Pardon? I'm afraid I don't speak the ancient tongue.

Volug: ...Very well. I will try to talk normal. A man with little self esteem lacks the courage and the will to fight.

Aran: That's a bit-

Volug: Harsh? Heh, you are quite naive to the troubles found in this world, aren't you?

Aran: What?! No, I merely-

Volug: Forget it. We must focus on our foes.

Aran: Oh, yes. I suppose you're right.

Volug: (what a foolish boy...)


Volug/Aran- B Support

Aran: Volug, there you are!

Volug: Hm, what is it?

Aran: Well, I was hoping you could help me dispatch these foes.

Volug: Assistance? What for?

Aran: I cannot take on an entire army on my own!

Volug: There are others around you. Micaiah fights on her own, and Sothe as well. What makes you so special that you need help, hm?

Aran: Not everyone can be as strong as Micaiah and Sothe, Volug

Volug: Why do you believe you cannot stand against your foes?

Aran: I could die! These enemies could take my life from me!

Volug: Fear is only in our minds.

Aran: Excuse me?

Volug: Fear is something our minds create. They are simply an illusion. It is up to us to dispel the illusions.

Aran: Volug, that was quite a bold statement.

Volug: I figure I could help you with facing your fears, if you would like.

Aran: Yes, that would be helpful.

Volug: But remember, I will not always be there to fight your battles for you.

Aran: Right.

Volug/Aran- A Support

Aran: Ha! Cha! Kyah!

Volug: Seems like you have been practicing.

Aran: Oh, Volug, you scared me! Um, yes I've been practicing my fighting in my spare time. It helps during the heat of battle to keep my energy up.

Volug: And keeping your energy up does what?

Aran: It allows us to stay on our guard at all times and protect the ones we love!

Volug: Like Laura?

Aran: Yes, sir! Like Laur- hey wait! You tricked me!

Volug: Well, you do admire her, do you not?

Aran: That doesn't matter! ...Hey, wait! You're trying to distract me! No! I must remain focused!

Volug: Very good. You passed.

Aran: Hm?

Volug: You. Passed. You were correct- that was a test. A test to see just how long I could maintain your focus. And to do so, I needed something to fluster you. Laura was a prime candidate for the job.

Aran: That was an exam?

Volug: Yes. True, you did take quite some time before you realized but at least you realized at one point or another. Therefore, you passed. You no longer need me to teach you.

Aran: Yes, I do.

Volug: And why do you think that?

Aran: There are so many things I will need help with! Historical knowledge, how to befriend the laguz to propose to Laura.

Volug: Hehe, well if you need help with all that, I guess we should start now, huh? After all, who knows just how short or long this war will truly be?

Aran: Thank you, teacher.

Black Wolf of the Sands- Volug

Volug stayed in Daein for a year to council his friend through the hardships of marriage. He returned to Hatari to find his own lover awaiting him with open arms.

Loyal Halberdier- Aran

Aran finally married his childhood sweetheart and lived a peaceful life thanks to the counseling of his friend and teacher. He remains loyal to his friends and his family to this day.


Author's Note: This ended up a bit fluffier than I expected. Sorry if the whole teacher thing is overused or something but it's hard to come up with ideas for characters that never speak in-game. And Aran/Laura is adorable, so I had to include it.

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