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New Year's Eve just didn't feel right for Lilly. There was no mother hovering by shoulder to make her make resolutions. There was no mother reprimanding her for drinking a glass of wine as a frat party continued to party-hearty.

She sighed, swirling the red liquid in her glass and chuckled dryly as she flashed upon her goals from the year before. She'd only really completed a few of them. She did eat healthier, she did graduate, and she got a slightly better grade in math. Finding Oliver a girlfriend proved near impossible and she'd never actually told the truth.

Another year, another set of goals that would never get done.

"Lilly?" Melissa tugged on the crook of Lilly's arm, her eyes slightly glazed. Lilly shook her ex-girlfriend off.

"What is it?"

"You look so down, pumpkin." Melissa slurred her words slightly.

"You look so drunk," Lilly responded and moved away to find herself some open space. Melissa and her had had a messy break-up; Lilly had tried to return Melissa's forgotten cell phone, only to walk in on her supposed girlfriend with a frat boy, both quite naked and both quite oblivious to her presence.

It was a nice Christmas present, Lilly thought with a tinge of sarcasm.

She found her way through the house, dodging horny men as she went. Eventually she'd hidden herself by the pool. It was empty outside, as the weather was not good enough for partiers to be comfortable in the chilly winter air. She pulled her sweater closer to her body for good measure.


Lilly closed her eyes, hoping this interruption would leave her be. "What is it now, Melissa?"

"Who's Melissa and should I be jealous?"

"Miley?" Lilly's eyes fluttered open. Indeed, Miley stood a few feet away from her.

"I'm glad you're talking to me. You haven't returned any of my calls…" Miley hesitated. "I want to know what you meant."

"When?" Lilly was just acting obtuse. She knew exactly what Miley referred to.

"On the beach. At Thanksgiving." Miley was willing to jump through all Lilly's hoops.

"Oh, that." Lilly turned her attention to the pool's water, watching the moon reflect on the glimmering surface. "Nothing."

"Oh come on."

Lilly paused a few moments, thinking. She may never get Oliver a girlfriend, but she had a chance to cross one more goal off her list before the year ended and her chance fled.

"Do you remember my list of goals last year?"

"Yeah, I think so. Stupid stuff, right?"

"I think it's time I told the truth."

Miley's eyes widened and her heart picked up the pace, "About what?"

"The first half you already know. The other half… I'm half in love with you." Lilly admitted slowly.

"Crazy blonde say what?"

"And on the beach I meant that I always thought I'd be the one to turn you."

Miley blushed, "Seriously?"

"I'd always hoped that I'd be the one who'd steal your first girl-kiss, steal your breath away, steal your heart. Guess that'd never happen."


"Well what?" Lilly demanded. She'd put it all out there and was feeling very vulnerable.

"You were my first… how did you put it? … 'Girl kiss'… When you were sleeping, I took one." Miley rubbed her forearms.

Lilly practically fell over. "Are you kidding me?"

"No." Miley smiled shyly, "And… well, there's always a chance that you might just steal my heart."

Lilly licked her lips gingerly; she could hear the roar from inside getting quiet. The countdown was coming. As the crowds inside initiated the counting, Lilly closed the distance between the two of them.

Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven.

"It's good luck to kiss as the ball drops," Lilly hinted.

Six. Five. Four. Three. Two.

"I'd hate to break tradition." Miley flirted.