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Part 14

Missing Scene

Sick, Shot and Snarling

AmyD & Suisan

"Charge her? What for? The doofus was dumb enough to rob a jewelry store as a cop walks in?" he snorted. "Waste of my time."

"You will do what I tell you to and, from what I've read, it's worth looking into. Why should the spouse of a law enforcement officer be permitted to 'get away' with murder?"

"You charge Doctor Walker with Veltre's murder; I'll quit and defend her. Pro Bono!"

The DA of Los Angeles County, Leo Cutler, stared at him, as if trying to determine just how serious he was about his threat – more of a promise really – about quitting. He stayed where he was, standing in front of the man's desk, trying not to laugh in Leo's face, but it was so hard to act impassive, especially in this situation.

"Fine, Stark." Cutler got to his feet. "The District Attorney's office won't charge Doctor Donovan-Walker with anything. In fact, you can tell her that and give the press release to that effect." Leo straightened his tie and moved out from behind his desk. "Now, if you don't mind, I have an appointment with Hiz Honor."

Sebastian rolled his eyes. "Don't be late for the ring kissing, Leo."

"I won't be, now that I'm tossing the shark to the vultures."

Deputy DA Sebastian Stark allowed himself a smile. Cutler was a little too quick by half but he was, unfortunately and only until the next election, his boss. "Always a pleasure talking with you Leo."

- - - - - - - -

"Thanks for agreeing to come with me, Isaac. I'm not sure I could've gotten past the 'police blockade' that was bound and determined to keep me from even laying eyes on Doctor Walker."

Isaac Wright shrugged. "Can ya blame 'em, Stark?" He helped clear a path for Sebastian though the Lobby of UCLA's Medical Center wasn't as crowded with a wall of blue as the area outside the main entrance had been.

The man with the well-earned nickname of The Shark shook his head. "No. I'd keep me from me if I'd shot my husband's shooter too."

"I didn't know you were that kind of person, Stark." Isaac cracked.

"Oh, Isaac ... the things I could tell you--- but I won't. You're still too young."

"But getting older the more time I spend with you."

"Isaac ... you wound me." Sebastian smiled as he led the way down the hall toward the elevators. Isaac just grinned in response as they managed to snag a car that was empty and – strangely enough – stayed empty as they rode up to the floor ICU was located on.

Once they reached the waiting area of the Intensive Care Unit, Sebastian nodded greetings to as many of the officers he saw waiting there that he knew personally, but was pretty much rebuffed by one and all. "Did I do something wrong, Isaac?" He quietly asked of the former PD officer who merely shook his head and then, clearly spotting someone he still knew on the force, stepped away for a few seconds.

He rejoined Sebastian just as he was entering the room of the wounded Los Angeles Police Lieutenant. "Lieutenant Walker? Don't know if you recall me, but I'm with the DA's office … are you up for a little visitation?"

"It's not like I can toss your ass out, Stark, so – yeah, you might as well come on in." Gary Walker made no attempt to sit up, not that he could from what Stark knew of the officer's injuries.

Sebastian couldn't help but note how still the veteran Lieutenant was, and he'd cornered the man more than 'enough' times in court to know Gary Walker was usually very animated. "I'm not sure how I should take your recalling who I am, Lieutenant. How are you doing?"

"Doing better than I had been." Walker's eyes slid past Sebastian's face and a smile flitted across the Lieutenant's face. "Hell, Wright, I always knew you'd land on your feet, but to end up in the same foul waters as The Shark?"

Isaac shrugged. "Hey, money's money, ya know? He's not that bad, Lieutenant. Really."

"I hear you there." Gary looked at Sebastian. "So, Stark, you here to take my wife into custody or are you here for another reason?"

Sebastian placed his ever-present briefcase on a nearby chair, popped it open and reached in for a sheet of paper. "I'm not here to take your wife to jail, Gary. As far as I'm concerned, she committed no crime and, personally, I want to thank her for saving me the time and effort of trying Veltre for being a major dumb ass." He placed the paper with the County's official disposition of the case on the bedside table.

"Well, hell's bells! You did come over to the right side!" Gary cracked a huge smile. "I had heard about it, of course, but seeing – and hearing it in person - is believing. Welcome to the better side of society, Stark. Even if the pay sucks."

Sebastian shrugged. "The dark side's not all it's cracked up to be but don't let that get out... I've still got a reputation to maintain."

Just then, a tall and very lovely redheaded woman came into the room, followed by another women dressed in the uniform of a LAPD Sergeant, and Sebastian pretty much lost the ability to speak for a heart-stopping moment.

"Gary? Is everything okay?" The vision of loveliness asked even as she approached the Lieutenant's side and the Sergeant moved to stand between him and Isaac and the woman.

That's when Sebastian recognized the Sergeant. "Well, I see the Lieutenant still has his attack Chihuahua on a tight leash … hello, Sergeant Torres."

"Stark." The Latina's voice was cold toward him, but she looked up (and up and up) at Isaac and greeted him with a veritable heat wave by comparison. "Isaac Wright… nice to see someone with half a brain is keeping tabs on The Shark."

"Ana … still chewing people off at the ankles?" Isaac quipped back, their easy banter telling Sebastian that they probably knew each other, well, from his time on the force.

"Only when they need to be taken down a few inches." Sergeant Ana Torres responded sweetly before turning to her boss. "You want me to stick around, El-Tee?"

"I think it's safe for you to leave, Ana Rose. But stick around, you never know when, or if, the Shark's telling the truth – I might need you to take him out." Walker replied and waved a finger at her. "Go, keep the troops under control 'til I get back."

The Sergeant popped a jaunty salute and, with a friendly clasp on the arm of the redheaded woman, a clear show of friendly support, Ana Torres left the room. Sebastian regained his composure and looked to Gary Walker for an introduction to the goddess standing next to the Lieutenant's bed.

"Stark, meet my wife." His hopes were crushed, hard. "Doctor Elaine Donovan-Walker. This gentleman is from the District Attorney's office, honey." Sebastian noticed how Elaine Walker tensed up even as she moved around the end of the bed to put herself between him and her husband.

Sebastian smiled at her as reassuringly as he could. "Doctor Walker, its a pleasure to meet you, I just wish it was under better circumstances. I'm Sebastian Stark. This is my associate Isaac Wright."

"Sergeant Torres told me who you were when she pulled me out of here. Said something about trusting you as far as she could toss a Mack Truck." Elaine shook the hand offered to her in greeting, looking as if she halfway expected Wright to use her handshake with him to slap the cuffs on her. "Mister Wright."

"Doc Walker." Isaac said.

"Doctor Walker, as I was just telling your husband, the D.A.'s Office will not be pressing charges. You committed no crime."

She let out a sigh of relief as she picked up Gary's left hand from the bedside and smiled. "You were right, Gary. On occasion, the District Attorney's office does get its head out of its ass."

Isaac coughed and Sebastian snorted. "We try occasionally. Need fresh air sometimes. If you have committed a crime, Doctor--" Sebastian pointed at Gary Walker, "—it would be marrying him when I was available and clearly the better, more handsome, choice." He grinned his 'best' flirtatious smile at Mrs. Walker, who just shook her head and looked at him like he was an erring schoolboy.

Gary snorted. "Stark, you couldn't handle Elaine ... and her father would've killed you before letting you within fifty feet of her."

"One of those, hmm? Story of my life. C'mon, Isaac, we have other people's days to ruin." Sebastian waved and was out the door.

Elaine watched them go, her outlook on the day much brighter than it had been, and it got much brighter when Gary managed to actually to squeeze her hand.


He smiled up at her. "I know. Happy Anniversary, Babe."

She kissed him again right on the lips.

End of Missing Scene

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