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Rated: M for adult situations, violence, language, and more.

Summary: Growing up through hard times and giving his all for anything concerning the village had made him into what he is now. But now, he didn't know what he was. Naruto, an ANBU squad member, renowned Med-Nin, and genjutsu specialist has come to terms with his inner demons only to be confronted with what seems like another endless wave of them. Sarutobi sees this and offers Naruto a mission that would allow him time and experience needed to find his own answer to all of it. Of course, that doesn't mean everything will work out as The Professor has planned. Konoha is losing the title of strongest Hidden Village and the Council wants their weapon within reach to carry out their personal missions. But how can they wield a weapon that is unwilling to cooperate?

Chapter 1: Veiled Ignorance


Eastern Forest of Konoha: Campsite Along The Road - 8 PM

Staring at his captain with a mischievous grin he sat beside his two other teammates on top of the soft earth. After adjusting himself into a more lax position against the tree he gave a thumbs up to signal his readiness. The violet-haired young woman nodded and rolled a piece of parchment in front of them.

"The leader has already been killed by one of his subordinates due to conflicting interests. We will be pursuing the remaining targets in arrowhead sparrow formation once they leave the Inn. We'll pluck their Med-Nin out first using Basilisk's archery skills and follow up by disabling their ninjutsu expert with a genjutsu. For the-"

"Ara, ara...Aya-chan, what kind of illusion should I put him in? I mean, do we need him to be mentally healthy or can I shake him up a bit without worrying?" he interrupted with an excited tone.

His two teammates chuckled at their blond-haired companion's use of honorifics and his carefree attitude on an A-class mission.

She narrowed her eyes at them which resulted in their silence. Despite the rather ample blush she adorned she was able to compose herself enough to scorn the boy relaxing across from her. "We've been on at least twenty or so missions together and yet you always choose to disobey one of the most important rules of the ANBU squad. I will say it again in hope that one day it might reach that brain of yours and trigger some sort of muscle memory to fix the problem. Use our god damned code names, Naruto!"

He looked at the fuming girl thoughtfully and then replied, "But aren't we supposed to be more than a team? We should be like a family and share more often! It's because of these freaking protocols that everything is so boring during our missions..."

The boy sitting next to him wearing a half length, long sleeved black shirt turned to his teammate, Dan, and whispered, "I wouldn't want to be related to a dickless wonder like him." This produced a laugh from the normally silent man.

"I heard that you cock obsessed bastard!"

"I'm not obsessed, I'm just pointing out the obvious."

"When it comes to the saying, 'You are what you eat,' I'd say you're a dick." Naruto quickly retorted with slit eyes similar to a fox.

"Well, I think it's better than being a pussy since you'd be the receiving end of one." replied Sai with a victorious grin.

"..." He couldn't think of a comeback that would be witty enough to make the cocky bastard cry.

With a quick slap to both of their heads and a barely suppressed sigh Ayane sat back down in front of them to continue their plans. "Idiots...Let's concentrate now. Our three remaining targets will be leaving the Inn approximately around six tomorrow morning. Basilisk, you're appointed with the task of sniping the Med-Nin once Fox puts up his environmental genjutsu to confuse the rest of them." She heard the blond-nin mumble something about uninspired techniques. "Their 'new' leader is a taijutsu expert it seems, from what we saw earlier. I'll act as a distraction while Weasel draws something to snuff out the guy. The one we need alive is the ninjutsu specialist." Ayane paused to look at their faces and received a nod of confirmation from them.

She looked down at the small map of the forest she had brought and pointed out their tuck away area to them. She looked up to address Naruto who was oddly already staring at her. "As for the genjutsu you'll be using on the guy...Just make sure it knocks him unconscious without causing any major mental scars. That'll be Ibiki-san's job after all."

Naruto wanted to ask what kind of information the ninjutsu specialist had that made him so special but quickly turned down the idea. Whenever it came to these types of missions the in-depth stuff was only given on a need-to-know basis by the Council or the Hokage.

Putting away the parchment Ayane told her teammates to start setting up camp and to pick the lookout.

"No worries Raccoon-chan, I'll just send out five shadow clones to watch the perimeter."

"Alright, but before we take our rest I want to talk to you one-on-one about your recent training."

The young Med-Nin forced a sigh and replied, "Sure, just let me finish helping Basilisk and the cock lover." This earned him a glare from Sai who silently mouthed "pussy" to him.


Forest Clearing Near Campsite - 10 PM

"I was wondering when you would get here Naru-sama."

Walking out of the forest Naruto sat down next to the violet-haired kunoichi. "Don't tease me with that name Aya-chan, you embarrass me." He then placed both of his hands on her hips and moved her so that he was leaning against the tree with her back towards him. "There we go. So, what was it you wanted to talk about? I know for sure it's not training."

She shifted her body slightly to the side so she could look at him. "I was wondering if you c-could..." Ayane then looked away, obviously uncomfortable with whatever she was going to ask of him.

Naruto gently pulled her face near his so he could see it. Staring into her crimson eyes he raised an eyebrow and said, "You rarely stutter, I know you put an act up in front of others but remember that you don't have to with me. I'll do anything you want, you're not demanding." He was referencing the stories she told him about her failed attempts with a man she was close to before named Hayate, a fellow Konoha-nin who was able to surface much of her insecurities.

Ayane looked back towards the grass and snapped, "Massage me." She hated it when he brought up those "little" parts of her past life. She didn't want to remember how much of a fool she was for pursuing someone who had so easily betrayed her for more power.

"Ara, ara...Didn't mean to hit a nerve, sorry." Seeing that she wasn't about to reply he started applying chakra to his hands so he could execute his original jutsu that still had no name.

He had learned the basics from his teacher, Chipp. The man had said that it worked wonders on the body and was especially useful for a Med-Nin dealing with patients that had pinched nerves or sore muscles. But with Naruto's version he made it so it added more than healing effects; it allowed him to soothe the person he was using it on, similar to how certain medicine put their users to sleep or into a state of deep relaxation. The more chakra he used on his hands the better the effect.

After about fifteen minutes of massaging Ayane's neck, shoulders, and back, he remembered something the two of them had started a couple of weeks ago at her request. But this time she wouldn't expect it. Naruto knew it was safe since he had secured the area and made sure no one could bother them.

Ayane felt like she was in heaven. His motions on her muscles were causing her to almost sound like a cat purring. After she had gotten hurt in one of their missions long ago, she had been given what she called the "Enslaving Massage" by Naruto. As both of them were very close, she had timidly asked him if he could do it whenever she desired. He had responded by giving her that foxy grin that always made her melt.

As she was reminiscing she felt Naruto stop his ministrative actions. Ayane then felt her tube top being pulled down with expert speed which exposed her chest to the cold night air. She was surprised, to say the least.

Naruto knew she didn't mind so he brought both of his hands from her back and cupped her breasts to begin his massaging. Ayane, as he estimated with his anatomy skills, was a solid size thirty six double D-cup. He heard her gasp and then lean more into him as he started to rotate and gently kneed her fairly large breasts.

He was caught off guard when she had asked him to try and massage her chest. Worst of all, she had done so while he was in the hospital finishing his maintenance duties in the supply room. That was when she was recovering from one of their more dangerous missions. Ayane was told to stay in bed but disobeyed and told the doctor that she'd stretch out her weak muscles and walk for a little; which basically meant following the blond throughout his shift.

Shaking his head slightly, Naruto told himself that he would recollect later. He had to focus on his current mission; satisfying the girl in front of him to the point of her release.

She was losing herself to his touch and couldn't open her mouth long enough to call him an idiot for being so abrupt. His hands were firmly squeezing both of her breasts causing her to breathe raggedly.

Smirking impishly he whispered in her ear, "Even after all our 'sessions' you're still very sensitive when I do this. I'm kind of surprised, Aya-chan. Maybe we should start some form of resistance training for you."

"I w-wouldn't mi-ah!-nd..."

Moving his head over Ayane's shoulder he could see her steamy breath come out in short spurts and the redness in her face. Looking down he noticed the material on top of her nipples becoming less adhesive due to her sweat.

He had found out during their first session that the young kunoichi had to wear nursing pads to stop her constant lactation. She was embarrassed and said it was alright if he was grossed out and didn't want to carry out what she had requested. Naruto had no idea why she thought that and told her it was actually quite a turn on.

The young genjutsu user tore off the pads and quickly followed his actions by grasping her now erect nipples and pinching them with enough force to make the girl pant with ecstasy. The honey-like substance started to run down his fingers as he pulled and pinched. When he thought he had teased them enough he went back to massaging her full breasts to secrete more of the beautiful liquid.

As he continued he decided that maybe he could ask the one question that had been on his mind ever since the two of them had grown more intimate. "You know, Aya-chan, we've been together for quite a while..." He paused to make sure that she was listening.

Ayane was having trouble replying due to the amount of pleasure she was receiving at the moment. She could feel her under garments becoming heavily saturated. Somehow she was able to breathe out a simple "Yes."

"So do you think that maybe we can officially become a couple?"

He felt her form stiffen and then saw that she was trying to sit up. "What's wrong, Aya-chan? Did I go too far with the massage? I'm sorry, I thought you wanted me to do it! How about this, I'll let you get proper again and come back when you're ready. I'll continue massaging your back then, all right?" Naruto had spout these words out fearing that she was mad and was going to leave him alone there. That was what she had done the previous times he had asked the same question.

As he said this Ayane was repositioning her top and turning to face him. When her crimson eyes met his vibrant blue ones she looked down at the ground.

"I can't Naruto..."

"Why not?! We've known each other for five years at least. I know I'm really young but my life as a shinobi, my experiences, surely make up for that. We're attracted to one another obviously and don't mind being together! Right?" shouted an angry and confused Naruto.

"It's not that. You know as well as I do what would happen to my chances of becoming the heiress of the Uchiha clan." she replied without hesitation.

"But I know the Uchiha allow relationships and marriages outside of the clan. They passed that law ages ago, it shouldn't be a problem for us!"

"It's not because you're an outsider. It's because of who you are."

"I thought you were willing to drop any of that stuff to be with me... You know I would should anything happen..." His voice had dwindled down to a softer tone.

"If I were to pursue any kind of intimate relationship with you I wouldn't just be throwing away my chances to become the heiress, but also my entire clan. They would kick me out and banish me for being with a demon!" yelled Ayane before she could notice the mistake in her sentence.

Naruto sat in a shocked state at what she just said. He quickly shook it off and stood up shakily.

"Wait! I didn't mean that last part. But you understand my situation, don't you, Naru-sama?" she hastily asked.

The young blond forced a cheery laugh through his mouth and placed his foxy grin on. "Yeah, I just got too..." he was searching for the right words while dealing with his inner turmoil. "...greedy. I won't be so selfish next time, Aya-chan. I'm sorry."

Ayane looked at his face with a gracious smile, thinking he understood how precious that title was to her. "That's alright, so do you want to continue where we left off?" she asked blushing a little.

Looking towards the sky with his face catching some of the moonlight he replied, "Actually, it's getting pretty late. I should probably check the area where all my shadow clones are, just to be safe. You can go ahead and get some sleep. I'll be at camp later." With that Naruto formed a one handed seal and disappeared in a burst of water that left no signs of being there once fallen.

Feeling slightly rejected the violet-haired kunoichi stood up and walked towards the campsite.


Campsite Clearing – 5 AM

Naruto was sitting on one of the tree branches above his sleeping teammates. He hadn't been able to fall asleep that night. Memories of his childhood kept resurfacing. Memories that he had wished would be forgotten or pushed out of his mind by gaining the love of who he had thought to be his soul mate. The darkness started to consume him. The voice within his head returned, the same voice that had raised him as a child. The same voice that taunted him almost every night.

"You're just a tool, and a worthless one at that!"

"Please don't leave me..."

"I thought I told you to use your fingers like this! Don't look away, watch, learn, and do it!"

"I'm sorry."

"At least you can satisfy women right. Now if only you didn't cry all the time..."

"I won't cry. I'll never cry. Please, don't make me cry."

"Good. As long as you comply with my wishes you'll become a powerful shinobi. If you're lucky I'll even teach you more 'techniques' that'll help you become a Hokage."

"I'll become stronger. Just stay with me, please."

"I told you no one was supposed to be informed about our secret training...I'll just have to discipline you by making you starve. Piece of shit demon..."

"I'll do anything you want, just tell me..."

"How can anyone love someone so useless?! No one will want you. Because of who you are, everyone will hate you."

"No...no...I am useful...I am."

"You're a waste of life and time. Do what I told you to convince me otherwise, you damn demon. As long as you help me I'll give you a reason to live. You know why, little Naruto? I'm capable of loving. Isn't that what you want? You see, I knew that you'd choose the right answer."

"I can be loved. I want to be loved..."

"This is all women will ever want you for. None of them will expect anything higher of you. You're just a tool. You're not human, Naruto."

"I'll become a powerful tool. Someone will want to keep me."

"So you reached the rank of Chuunin? So what? Doesn't mean you're becoming any more valuable, you're still not one of us, Naruto. They're all just using you. Every piece of praise they give you is forced, fake by all means. Next time you receive some, think hard and look at them. You'll see that all of this praise is just an illusion that you can't break."

"I need time...It will become reality...I just need to become more powerful."

"That Ayane girl tricked you. She used you for her own satisfaction. You know that, Naruto. She's one of them. Their existence only proves that you are just another husk, modified for their own wants and needs.

"I can't trust any of them. I only trust you. Please, stay with me..."

"You need to break free of this life. You need to destroy Kono-

"Dammit!" Naruto slammed his head into the tree with enough force to make him bleed quite a bit over his eyebrow. It always began like that. He would start talking to the voice of the orphanage lady as if it would help clear it from his head. But no, talking only encouraged the darker side of him to emerge and take control. These trances would start as memories of the woman, but when he was close to losing himself she would start saying things that he had never heard before. That was the point where he knew the voice was actually belonging to his imprisoned demon, the Kyuubi.

The demon container looked down from his branch to see that he had woken up his teammates.

"Oi, dickless, why the fuck were you yelling? You could have given away our location if an enemy were nearby." shouted Sai as he was getting out of his sleeping bag. He wasn't much of a morning person Naruto noticed.

"I just wanted to see your face, sunshine. I didn't think you'd wake up with a two by four up your ass." he replied not wanting them to know he had gone into one of his trances again. He turned away from them and activated his healing chakra to get rid of the mild gash he gained from his actions. It didn't take long to heal.

Naruto then jumped down to help pack up because it was almost time for their targets to go on the move.

As he was putting away the sleeping bags and various other materials within the sealing scrolls he felt a hand settle on his shoulder and then the presence of a body kneel next to him.

"Did it happen again? Are you okay, Naru-sama?" Ayane whispered into his ear concerned.

The Kyuubi was right about one thing. Ayane had been using him for her own satisfaction. Ignoring his constant pleas for love while he worked harder to aid her in any way possible. But he couldn't be angry at her, he didn't have the will or strength to do it. She would forever be his first love and person he had ever had any romantic relationship with.

"What do you mean? I'm perfectly fine! Just need to calm down, can't wait to make those rogue-nin piss in their pants." He put on his impenetrable mask again.

"I always get the feeling you're lying to me." Ayane said while staring at his hands which were systematically drawing the seals for the remaining items.

Naruto scoffed, "You just want there to be something wrong with me, Raccoon-chan. I swear, nothing is bothering me. There, done!" He activated the basic sealing jutsu and rolled the parchment once the items were safely packed in.

She stood up and looked at the remainder of her team. Both Sai and Dan looked prepared for the oncoming confrontation. It was Naruto that looked sickly pale, even if his skin was tanned. She would let his condition slide this time. "Alright, remember, arrowhead sparrow formation and disable the ninjutsu expert. Let's go!"

Together they ran through the forest for cover towards the roadside inn not too far away.


Crossroads Near Forest Queen's Inn - 6:25 AM

Dan stood on top of a tree nearby to spot and snipe his target. "I wonder if I should aim for his head, heart, or solar plexus...Might as well shoot all three for fun."

Near his target, in the forest, Naruto was conjuring a simple B-ranked genjutsu above the area. This would make them run in circles thinking that they were actually getting somewhere, that is if they did try to escape. "Too damn easy..."

Ayane and Sai jumped into the group of rogue-nin that were discussing which path to take.

"Due to your actions, which include; murder, stealing S-rank information, and vandalism, the Hokage has seen fit for the dispersal and/or retrieval of your bodies. We only need one of you..." stated Sai.

"Guah!" The rogue Med-Nin had been shot with three accurate arrows.

"What the hell?! Genji get the bitch, I'll aim for the fag!" The taijutsu user's words fell on deaf ears. His companion stood there crying with dilated eyes.

"Your blood will be a great addition to my ink well."

Before the man could look at the boy he had insulted his body was tackled by what looked like a demonic dog. "Son of a bitch!" He destroyed the ink beast with a rising kick only to have his throat slashed by another.

Naruto walked out from the forestry and up to the man he had put into a genjutsu. "Sorry, didn't mean for it to be that bad." He then punched the man out cold with a straight fist to the gut.

Dan puffed into existence next to him to carry their captive. "Why did they give us such an easy mission? Those men seemed little more than bandits in all areas of combat."

Naruto took off his ANBU mask which the others did as well. "I actually had the same question. I'll ask the old man once we get back. It's such a waste of our fucking awesome teamwork, don't you think?"

Sai glanced at Naruto with a questioning look. "What type of genjutsu did you put him in?"

"Huh? Oh, that's what I couldn't understand. It's an A-class jutsu and all, but it doesn't usually make grown ninja cry. It's one I made up myself!" he exclaimed proudly. "I made it seem like he was swimming in a pool of used band-aids. Some of them should have gotten into his mouth. It was just an illusion though!" Naruto laughed heartily.

His team cringed at what that must have felt like but also sweat dropped at the idea of it.


Road to Eastern Konoha Entrance - 2 PM

"I still can't get over how that guy called you a fag, Sai." Naruto followed with a guffaw.

"I don't see why he would have said such a thing either. I obviously made him uncomfortable with my good looks." This caused the blond to fall into another fit of laughter.

"I think it's because of that short shirt crap you have going on." Naruto pointed out.

"Only people with an interest in fashion would understand." Sai retorted with an angry edge to it.

"That statement just proved it, Sai. Plus, real men have no particular fashion sense."

"Real men have dicks you prepubescent monkey." He heard his blond companion growl. Even though it was repetitive, Sai knew how much it got on the Med-Nin's nerves.

"Fuck you." Naruto said vehemently.

"...Gladly." This caused the entire team to stare at Sai as they neared the entrance booth.


Author's Note: First off, thank you for reading my first fan fiction. I am quite aware that my style isn't good or very interesting, but please review just so I know what you guys think so far. Also, mention if you were bored while reading the story. I myself felt that way. As for the pairings it's Naruto x Ayane/Ayame/Ino (Due to popular request and a bit of thinking I took out Hinata). I was debating whether to put Yuugao in it instead but I can hardly think of a relationship that can form from someone of her circumstances. Such as already having a lover, being a devoted one at that it seems, and with age being a possible factor. Though age can be avoided...I was also considering the whole female Haku idea.

I'll include some background information on this story just for future reference and to avoid further questions. Also, don't take offense to the humor; I just think that's how Naruto and Sai communicate the best. Most of these changes/additions will be seen in the coming chapters.




Main Character


Naruto Uzumaki- In this story Naruto follows Itachi's example and excels through the ranks of Shinobi. He graduated the academy at age 6, passed the Chuunin Exam at 9, and by age 11 became a member of the ANBU's Infantry Division. In his ANBU squad he acts as a support combatant and Med-Nin. He specializes in the areas of ninjutsu and genjutsu, but rarely uses taijutsu. His attitude is basically the same but with some tweaks which, I hope, make him seem more mature and mentally troubled.
Age: 13
Specialty: Ninjutsu and Genjutsu
Level: Elite Jounin
Current Status: Villager/Academy Student (Temporary change due to Sarutobi's "Special Mission")


Romantic Interests


Ayane Uchiha- This character is from a video game series called "Dead or Alive." If you want to read up more about her character just google her or search on a wikipedia page. If anyone noticed she has a slight split-personality thing going on. This depends on the person(s) she is with. In this story she is the ANBU Captain of Naruto's squad and acts as the front line attacker. She, like Naruto, had become a member at age 11 and then made captain at 14. At a young age she was ridiculed by her family because she was born from a rogue clan member and a Missing-Nin named Raidou. Ayane is considered a prodigy of lesser extent compared to Itachi. Due to his death she is seen as the possible heiress of the clan. This is her ultimate goal.
Age: 16
Specialty: Taijutsu and Ninjutsu
Level: Elite Jounin
Current Status: ANBU Captain

Ayame Kousai- I've always wanted to read a fan fiction with her as or part of the main pairing(s). For her last name I just looked for another Japanese word that meant Iris. I think that's right. I didn't want her to have the same name as the restaurant. Also, Teuchi is her Grandpa. I believe many things can be done to make her character important to Naruto. In this story she acts as his main motivation for becoming a ninja and following his beliefs after his mental trauma recovery. Ayame and Naruto became friends at a young age which in turn shaped his own character. The anime/manga doesn't give much to develop her character on so I might have to wing it just a little. She will seem like the best friend figure and views Naruto as her knight in shining armor.
Age: 17
Specialty: Taijutsu
Level: Chuunin
Current Status: Villager (Dropped out as a Chuunin shortly after receiving the rank)

Ino Yamanaka- For this character I've tweaked her a bit by adjusting her attitude and knowledge. I've always been bothered by how she seemed unprepared to become a ninja, I thought she would be different. My reasons for thinking so concern her father and possible upbringing. Inoichi, being a caring father and all, must have thought to train her more in the family techniques or some psychology basics (or up to some advanced level) since she would obviously join some kind of interrogation force later on. So I changed that. She will seem more mature for her age but will retain many of the qualities that make her Ino. Due to this change in attitude she might have differing opinions of Sakura, Sasuke, and other such people. This in turn will make her less of a liability in the profession because she is taking the concepts of becoming a shinobi to heart. She becomes the unofficial stalker of Naruto because of her admiration for his skills and ability in the medical field.
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Level: Genin
Current Status: Academy Student




Cloud Strife- The famous Final Fantasy hero himself is brought into this story as Naruto's main teacher. He was born and raised in Hidden Star Village but leaves due to special circumstances. Cloud joins Konoha after receiving a formal request from the Third Hokage. His reasons for accepting are still unknown. He gives Naruto training in the use of materia, which in this universe is harvested from the meteor rock that crashed in Bear Country near his home village.
Age: 23
Specialty: Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, and Kenjutsu
Level: Kage
Current Status: Elite Jounin

Chipp Zanuff- The forearm blade user from the Guilty Gear series acts as another one of Naruto's teachers. A former criminal turned good guy that returns to Konoha after exacting revenge on his adopted father's murderer. Chipp takes a liking to Naruto after seeing how determined the boy is to meet impossible goals which results in him training the boy in unorthodox ninjutsu and taijutsu that he's too lazy to give a name to.
Age: 21
Specialty: Taijutsu and Ninjutsu
Level: Jounin
Current Status: Special Jounin

Kabuto Yakushi- In this universe Kabuto is one of Naruto's best friends and mentors when it comes to medical jutsu or various life problems. After the young blond graduates from the Academy Kabuto takes an interest in him and confronts the boy about becoming possible friends. He also instructs him in subjects ranging from history to anatomy. I'm going to make him a traitor to Orochimaru as well as a Hokage loyalist. I see him as a great character that has the potential to be a best friend and role model to Naruto, in some ways. Plus, he seems like good guy material to me.
Age: 19
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Level: Jounin
Current Status: Chuunin


Key Events & Miscellaneous Information


Uchiha Massacre- If you have read the short background of Ayane then you probably noticed that I pointed out the death of Itachi. I will unfold bits of information when appropriate. I'll just briefly summarize the results. Uchiha Itachi is killed by a joint attack from a specialized force led by Maito Gai, or so it is said in the police report. Casualties amounted to seventeen dead and nine injured, all victims had their eyes extracted by force from Itachi. This key event gave Sasuke a better (Or in some cases worse) life and an opportunity for Ayane to be better positioned within the clan's society despite her birth status. With this also came the dependency on their clan members labeled 'prodigies' and the enabling of the law to allow out of clan relationships and marriages, better known as the Clan Restoration Act: Clause 2.

Root Termination- Shortly after the Fourth Hokage's death and Sarutobi's reinstatement Danzo, the ANBU Root leader, staged a coup de grace using his entire force. This revolution attempt failed because of key information being received from spies within the Root legion. The end result was the dismemberment of Root and the public execution of Danzo and his loyal followers. A small regime that supported Danzo still exists but have switched loyalties to an unknown leader. Information concerning its members are not available as of yet.

Jutsu Expertise- I'm not sure if this is seen quite often in the Naruto series but I wanted to point out this concept that I think exists. The more experienced the user is with particular jutsu the less effort they have to put into casting it. For example, in the series or manga the characters occasionally yell out the name of their jutsu before or during the use of it. If they become experienced enough, to the point of mastery, just thinking of the jutsu can activate it. The level under mastery is using one handed seals without words as well.

Materia- These marbles of wisdom will be further discussed in an Author's Note in the chapter it is used in.

Character Attire/Visuals/Information- For certain characters I will be posting links to images and information about them for the curious. The only ones I expect to be visited for visuals are Ayane, Naruto, Cloud, and Chipp, so far. Mainly because I'm not sure if you, the readers, know of these crossing over characters and as for Naruto, just to have a visual of the outfits he will be wearing according to the events.