Final Note


As of today (8/22/09), I will be dropping many time consuming hobbies in order to address personal matters that take priority. One of these hobbies is writing fanfiction. Shortly after my last story update, I received a call from home, Gwangju (South Korea), about my adoptive father's passing away. I spent a week mourning with my family there, a group of people who I avoided for six years by taking off to America unannounced. My brother has inherited our family business, and proposed that I join him in running it, believing that my educational background involving macroeconomics and financing will be beneficial to keeping our father's legacy and establishment thriving. I thought about it on my way back to the States, and have concluded that I will try and help him and everyone else. For me, I don't feel deserving of such an opportunity, but I owe my father and caring relatives at least this much for what I've done (or better, lack of). To do this, I will have to sacrifice the lax lifestyle I have led for the past couple of years, dedicate myself to becoming reacquainting with my Korean culture/roots, and find a way to adjust to these alterations. I apologize to the very few readers that stayed patient with my mediocre writing style and ideas, and hope that you understand my decision. However, I will provide "cliff notes" of my incomplete stories, just so you know how I intended to direct their respective tales and endings. Many details will be missing due to the amount of time I have left before I leave. Feel free to take and incorporate any ideas you found interesting or noteworthy from my stories without fear of being accused of "stealing". I simply request the appropriate credit for them in an author's note.

Chapter 4: Strained Disposition

-Flashback: Naruto fails to incapacitate the notorious Hidden Star Village missing-nin, Sephiroth, and blocks a flurry of slashes aimed at Squad 3 (A team consisting of Ayame and two other unconscious teammates). The blonde loses his arm in the process and is saved from being beheaded by a dark clothed figure with spiky hair and a familiar wrist-blade user. Sephiroth releases his genetic experiments (malformed Jenova clones) which Chipp fights so his partner can lead the assault on their main enemy. Cloud assumes victory after cutting his opponent's torso in half. It is revealed that Chipp is a failed Sephiroth clone produced by an underground military operation in Hidden Star Village. Ayame visits her childhood friend shortly after he is hospitalized and confesses that she resigned from continuing her shinobi career in order to save him from risking his life for her repeatedly.

-Naruto gathers highly significant documents proving Mizuki's allegiance to the missing snake sanin and continues the school day with his alternate persona intact so to not alert the traitor. A routine sparring session in his academy class goes wrong when Ino grows frustrated at his antics and uses her Mind Transfer technique, causing him to go unconscious and lose his henge, and trapping her within his corrupt mindscape to explore.

-Ayane confronts ramen waitress Ayame about her relationship with Naruto while also claiming possession over him without concern of his current circumstances or feelings in the matter.

-Yuugao and her unit secure Naruto's body, along with Ino's, and dispatch several squads to chase after Mizuki, who fled immediately after seeing the boy's face and the implementations behind his unexpected presence within the student body for the past couple of months.

-Kabuto discusses the secret meeting of the Uchiha and two council members. Kabuto had taken the appearance of Koharu (Animated Corpse Imitation Jutsu) after assassinating her the previous night under the orders of Sarutobi, who had evidence behind their illegal plans. The bespectacled man also reveals, in their conversation, that the jutsu Naruto has been using to conceal the "lines" in his eyes is part of a long process needed to implant them in another without harming their power. Sarutobi intends to use them for an immortalization ritual that would grant him the power to protect his village forever, in his view. Kabuto is conflicted on who he should be loyal to.

Chapter 5: Last Resort

-Flashback: Naruto loses himself to the foxes influence in order to save Inoichi's and Yuugao's squads from the invading rebel rock-nin that caught onto their espionage mission. He decimates the blood lusting soldiers and nearly turns on his own allies, but is returned to normal by Yuugao, who looked like Lucia as she ran towards him.

-Ino returns from her mind-trip and is overwhelmed by the flood of memories, feelings, and experiences of Naruto. She then dedicates herself to making him happy, feeling that her bloodline abilities can help set him free from his mental burdens.

-Ayame, Ayane, and Yuugao visit Naruto at the same time in the hospital, and endure the awkwardness in order to comfort the unconscious blonde. Though, this leads to Ayame and Ayane arguing over him and Yuugao pushing them out of the room in annoyance.

-Naruto awakens to a dark room at midnight and is surprised to see his longtime friend, Kabuto, standing near him, along with his two teachers, Cloud and Chipp. They converse, but the atmosphere changes when Kabuto reveals the Hokage's plan and true intentions. As soon as he finishes the four decide to carry out a concise plan to escape the clutches of the Hidden Leaf Village and its corrupt leaders, to become stronger and return with a better chance of taking them down.

Chapter 6: Dark Impulse

-The Uchiha and Hyuuga (who are providing women incubators from their lower branches for the gene experiments) clan heads meet and heatedly debate who should have the honor of receiving the first pair of replicate eyes. The meeting is then suddenly brought to a subzero atmosphere by the Hokage's highly unexpected arrival.

-Ino confronts Naruto about what she knows and is surprised by his hot tears and warm embrace at her words of acceptance and offering of help. They spend the next two weeks together (mind therapy, getting to know each other and such), forming a bond he didn't think possible, while also fighting off the feverent efforts of Ayame and Ayane who want him to stop meeting her. Yuugao watches passively from the shadows with a confident smirk.

-Naruto is growing concerned at the lack of contact from his three allies who were devising the escape plan. It is three weeks after they talked to him in the hospital, to which they agreed they would meet at the Hokage Monument a month after that particular conversation to discuss the basic 'when, what, and where'. He does his best to hide his fear of abandoning the people he cares for. Cloud convinces him it's better to leave them alone for now, referencing to the line "ignorance is bliss". Chipp resolves with getting him drunk.

Chapter 7: Cryptic Nature

From here on I didn't really have anything planned due to my real life problems. Though, I did want to end the story with a tragedy. In a simple line of thought it would be something likeā€¦a valiant escape, time-skip, returning with different appearances, and killing off the threatening higher powers. It would be a long chapter, and ends with Naruto sacrificing himself for the future of the entire village.

That's it for me. Yet again, I'm sorry for dropping all of my projects and only leaving these hastily typed ideas in note format. My new life will be starting when I get on the plane, which is set to leave in six hours. To any readers who followed my works, thanks for reading and enjoying them. Wish me luck in my endeavors!