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Hole In My Heart

There's a hole in my heart where my brother should be, but can never be again because he's gone. I would love to see him again even it is to tell me how they got the kids they were using to do simulations. How they got Jarod and the other kids like him. I wished that I would have listened to him and left with Mrs. Parker, Miss Parker and Jarod in tow. If I did maybe Mrs. Parker would still be alive.

There's a hole in my heart when I think of Jarod and the pain that he had been in when he was in the Centre. It pains me to think that Jarod thinks that I don't love him like a son. I love him more than my own son because I've seen him grow up from a four year old to the kind and caring man he is now. I wish I could say how happy and proud of him I am, but I can't.

There's a hole in my heart where Michelle and Nicolas should be. I loved Michelle when she was here at the Centre, but then she left without a trace. I never knew where she was because the Centre told her to leave me because I had Jarod to take care of.