This is yet another older story I found. Let me know what you think of it.

The Tok'ra

Dragonlots aka Dana Bell

Humans. Of course, I shouldn't speak with such disdain, since my host is a human. How I came to be in this body was an act of mercy. The Federation knows nothing of us. Knowledge of us and the threat of the Go'uld has long since been forgotten. Has been for well over three hundred years. Yet, here I am, dwelling in the body of a Starfleet officer.

I'm on a ship called Voyager. Lost in a section of space they call Delta quadrant. Unexplored by them, but not us. We had a base here once, on a small planet just a few light years away. That was at the near end of the struggle when all seemed lost. If the Asgard hadn't…well, I try not to dwell on such things.

My host has night duty on the bridge. I will say I am impressed by the technology that allows these humans to sail through the stars. They have come quite far since we first met them.

"Hey, Lil," Harry's voice summons my host.

"Yes," she responds.

"You seem lost in thought tonight. Is everything okay?"

"Fine." I hear her thought about wishing she could tell Harry about the wondrous creature I am and the secrets we share. She knows she can't. I explained the history of our two races. She agreed to keep silent.

"Good morning everyone!" Captain Janeway greeted as she entered the bridge.

Gracious! Is it truly that late? The relieving crew comes in and we leave in the turbo lift. Lil goes to the galley and eats a hearty breakfast, plays a couple of games with friends and then goes to sleep.

I, however, don't require a lot of rest. While she sleeps I allow my memory to drift remembering days long ago. I miss many of my old friends. Most died in the struggle before the System Lords were defeated. We came to a point of near extinction ourselves. Still, there are few of us left. We are scattered and now without purpose. Maybe…no, I will not entertain the thought. I enjoy living too much.

"Will you be quiet, " Lil requests. "I'm trying to sleep."

'Sorry,' I apologize and force myself into silence. My host needs her rest.

We found the planet a few days later. Lil was invited to join the away team, lead by Captain Janeway herself. It felt good to walk in grass, even if it were a strange yellow-orange tinge. The clean air was refreshing after the vented recycled stuff we are forced to breathe.

"What do you think, Sholan?" my host asks me.

'I like it. But is seems familiar.'

"Maybe you've been here before. You did say your people traveled."

"Everything all right, ensign?" Captain Janeway called. She's eyed us strangely. I've warned Lil about verbally talking to me.

Lil laughed. "I'm fine. I was just talking to myself."

The captain's expression stated she didn't buy that explanation. I have no wish to be discovered. Yet.

"Captain!" Seven hails.

Janeway changed her attention to the half borg/half human woman.

"There is an odd," she hesitated. I guess even the borg don't have knowledge of everything. "structure. Up there." She pointed to the top of a small hill.

"Let's check it out." Janeway briskly headed in the right direction.

It took about fifteen minutes to climb the hill. At the top…no, it can not be.

Seven used the tricorder to scan the stone circle. Janeway slowly walked all the way around it, pausing now and then to study a symbol.

"Some sort of transport?" Janeway inquired. She paused before what I know to her, looks like some sort of control device. Of course, it is.

"Possibly. I have never seen anything like it," Seven replied, not glancing up from her tricorder. "Nor is there anything in my Borg memory regarding this."

"So the Borg don't know everything?" Lil teased.

"I wonder how this works," Janeway mused.

"It forms a wormhole," Lil began, before she remembered and fell silent.

"What, Ensign?"

I felt Lil bite her lip. "Nothing, captain."

"No," Janeway looked at us and I felt my host's fear mount. "You've been behaving oddly ever since you took that native cure for Mylar fever." She crossed her arms and looked down her thin nose at us. "What was in that concoction you were fed?"

'Let me answer,' I told Lil. 'Janeway will never understand otherwise.'

My host gave her consent and I made her eyes glow. Janeway jumped back her hand reaching for her phaser. "My name is Sholan," I informed her. "I am a Tok'ra."

Seven scanned us, her eyebrow raising slightly. "There is some sort of creature along Ensign Lil's spinal column."

"What?!" Janeway looked at the tricorder as if to verify what she was told.

"Your ensign was dying. There is no cure for the fever she had. My people have restorative powers. I healed her body and she agreed to allow me to reside in her. I will not harm her. Or you."

"Why have you been silent for so long?" Janeway demanded her anger flashing in her brown eyes.

"It has been a long time since your people and mine have interacted. We were allies once." I quickly deiced to tell her the whole truth. "During the late twentieth and early twenty-first century."

Janeway chuckled. "We didn't have much of a space program then. If we had contacted extraterristials, we would have known."

"No." I shook my host's head. "The Stargate project, which is what that stone object is, was classified. No one outside the military, a few scientists, and the top leaders knew."

"How does it work?" she asked.

I walked to the controls placing fingers upon the seven symbols which will dial Earth. Vaguely I wondered after all this time, if the Stargate still remained inside Cheyenne Mountain. The wormhole formed shooting its blue mass outward before settling like a blue watery mass in the iris.

"What are these cordinates?" Seven asked.

"Earth." I responded as I ran into the wormhole.

The sensation was the same. Bone chilling cold, the feeling of being stretched beyond endurance, before I emerged on the other side into total dark.

No lights, no equipment running, just the final sucking sound of the wormhole closing.

I had been here only once during the Stargate Project. I had been running messages during the final battle. Asgard ships sat in orbit protecting Earth from Go'uld pyramid vessels set on destroying them. Everything had been rushing bodies in military green, primitive weapons at the ready, and the bald general who had greeted me, taken the message and sent back a reply.

The ramp was still there. My feet followed the natural slant and I tripped on the structure and fell to the hard concrete floor. "Owww!" Forcing myself up I put my hands out in front of me and fell to the concrete floor. I finally found a cold wall and used it as a guide. My fingers slipped through an opening and I sensed it was a door. Odd. I would have thought they would have sealed it.

What I really needed was light. If I am ever to get out of here, I must find lighting and a power source for the gate. I paused in trek along the hallway. Where would I go? I didn't know the co-ordinates of the world I had just left. I couldn't return to Starfleet Head Quarters in San Francisco. There would be too many questions. Everyone would want Lil to tell them where the crew of Voyager was and how she'd gotten back. She wouldn't be able to tell them without exposing me.

After several hours I finally found a power source. How I actually managed to find Colonel Carter's lab, I have no idea. Lil seemed to think it was her God her guided us. I'm not sure what to think of her faith.

The Naquada generator still worked and I found some old style flashlights. They worked, but I had a difficult time figuring out how they turned on. It took me a bit longer to jury rig the primitive computer system.

"We could have used Tom's help," Lil complained as we labored on the project. "He likes all this old fashioned stuff."

'So, where do we go, Lil?"' I asked her.

"Anywhere. I like exploring. Just pick a planet and we'll go."

'Okay,' I answered and dialed a world my people had once inhabited. The wormhole failed to engage. I knew that meant the planet was no longer there.

"Now what?" Lil asked.

There was another possibility. 'We need to boost the power output.'

"Why?" I knew my statement puzzled her.

'Because our destination has eight symbols.'

"Just where are you taking me?"


"Do you think there will be anyone left there?"

'I don't know.'

"Better than nothing."

Days later we had the power we needed and we dialed the eight symbols. The gate connected and the blue watery surface settled in the ring.

"Here goes nothing," Lil. She took the steps up the creaking ramp. "Ready?" she asked me.

'I am.'

Together we walked through the gate and hopefully, our new life.

Of course, I wasn't expecting the Wraith on the other side.