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The Tok'ra

Dragonlots aka Dana Bell

Chapter 7

'Oh, really? Where?' Lily demanded.

I flashed images into her mind showing her the slaves who had died in ancient Egypt to overthrow the Gou'ald and then bury the Stargate. How many of the Tok'ra had willingly given their lives to stop the System Lord. Even those humans who had died with the SGC.

"Ugh." She slouched against a wall. Her heart beat hard as if my memories were more than she could bear.

'I'm sorry, Lily. The truth is sometimes an ugly thing.'

'You mean necessary.'

'Yes. You are beginning to understand.'

'Not really.' Lily straightened and I sensed when she changed her mind about going to see Liz. 'It wouldn't do me any good would it?'


'So, Sholan.' My host darted down a side corridor than looked over her shoulder to make certain no one was watching us. 'What are we going to do?'

'Don't pull a…" I quickly searched her mind for the name, 'a Captain Kirk. You can do nothing to change anything.'

'But I'm betting back on Atlantis there's a com unit that will put us in contact with Earth.'

'Would you endanger all of Earth just to satisfy your own sense of right and wrong?'

'These people can't keep on living this way. One day the Wraith may figure out where they're hiding and,' she paused, 'kill them all.'

'It is possible.' I tried another tack. 'What about the Prime Directive? Captain Janeway lived by it.' I had seen her example and admired the strong will woman.

'She isn't here. We are.'

'And with no way to return.'

'Oh, I'll bet there's another Stargate around here somewhere.'

'You're going to go looking for one.'

'And when I find it I promise we're going to get out of here and find some help for these people.'

'Those on Earth don't even remember the Atlantis mission.'

'There have to be records somewhere. Like in the old Archives we're never allowed to access.'

'Wasn't much of Earth's history lost in the wars?' I seemed to recall there had been some wars in between the Stargate era and the rise of Starfleet.

Lily snorted. 'Not everything was lost.' The last word she put a special emphasis on and I suddenly wondered how many more secrets she was managing to keep from me. She was the first of my hosts who had done that.

'Don't do anything that will endanger the people here.'

'Not to worry. I know what I'm doing.'

'Are you sure?'

'Shut up, Sholan. I have some plans to make and I don't want you interfering.'

'Lily,' I warned.

She groaned and headed back toward her quarters. 'I know what I'm doing. I'm a trained Starfleet officer so would you trust me?'

'And I ask the same, trust me. Your idea is not a good one.'

'We have to do something to get this lost Earth colony found and reunited with the Federation.'

'And the Wraith?'

'I think any starship could handle them.'

From the memories I had, I was no so certain. I knew how many Earth ships had nearly been destroyed trying.

'Those old clumsy things? No wonder they couldn't.'

'And what makes you think a starship can handle a Wraith one?'

'Because I know Federation history and who've they defeated in the past.'

'Barely, if your memories are correct.' I tried to reason with my host. 'Lily, you can't be sure that the two ships are a match for each other. The Wraith are old and undefeated.' I used my last line of defense. 'They even beat the Ancients.'

I sensed for the first time doubt on Lily's part. 'Maybe I should do some more research.'

'That would very wise,' I agreed.