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"Azula, please tell me you're lying!"

Azula stared up at her mother's anxious eyes. She just told her that Ozai was punished by Azulon for wanting him to revoke Iroh's birthright. His punishment was the unthinkable.

"I'm not, Mommy." Azula said honestly. "Dad's gonna kill Zuko."

Ursa's voice trembled. "But...he wouldn't do that."

Azula shrugged. "Well, if he wants the throne so badly..."

Ursa paused for a second. Ozai did want the throne badly. He even seemed excited that Lu Ten was gone, because it would mean that Iroh's bloodline ended.

"Stay here." Ursa ran from the room to find Ozai. She ran into his manservant.

"Where's Ozai?" Ursa asked out of breath.

"He said something about saying 'good-night' to Zuko forever." He answered.

Ursa gasped and sprinted to Zuko's room.


Ozai slowly opened Zuko's door with a knife in his hand. Taking a deep breath, he quietly walked over to his son's bed. Zuko yawned and woke up slowly. He was bewildered.

"Dad?" Zuko blinked up at his father. Ozai raised his knife and glared at Zuko with hatred. "Dad, what are you doing?"

Ozai plunged the knife down. Zuko screamed and rolled out of the way just in time.

Ursa heard Zuko scream and stopped dead in her tracks. 'No...'. Ursa slowly walked into Zuko's room. She gasped ass she saw Zuko cowering against a wall, and Ozai advancing towards her son.

"No! Ozai, please don't!" Ursa ran to her husband.

"Stand aside, Ursa." Ozai said morosely. He rose the knife again and plunged it forward. Ursa grabbed it and tried pulling it out of Ozai's grasp.

"Run, Zuko! Run!" Ursa yelled at her son. Zuko obliged without question. Ursa managed to wrench the knife out of Ozai's hand. She hit him hard with the knife handle knocking Ozai out. Ursa took a few deep breaths, then ran from the room in pursuit of Zuko.

It took Ursa a few minutes to find Zuko leaning against a pillar in the courtyard of the palace, catching his breath. The princess knew it was wrong, but what else could she do? She didn't want to lose Zuko just because Ozai wants the throne. Ursa swallowed hard.

"Zuko, my love. Everything I've done, I've done to protect you." Ursa hugged Zuko and took his hand. "Come on."

They ran to the beach, stole a canoe and rode to the nearest island.

"Mom...what are we doing?" Zuko asked.

Ursa sighed. "It...it's complicated. I'm sorry we had to leave like that, but..."

"Why did Dad want to kill me?" Zuko's eyes welled up with tears.

Ursa bit her lip. She felt that Zuko was too young to know the real reason. Instead of answering Zuko, Ursa sighed and pulled her son close.

"You should get some rest."

Zuko sighed and nodded.


Ozai groaned slightly and opened his eyes. He was on Zuko's bed. He sat up.

"Where are they?" He asked.

"Who, sir?" His manservant answered.

"Ursa and Zuko!" Ozai said, irritated.

"I...I don't know, sir." The servant said. "They ran from the palace three hours ago."

Ozai seethed. "She kidnapped Zuko. She kidnapped Zuko and knocked me out!" He leapt from the bed and headed out the door. The servant followed.


"She will not get away with this!" Ozai continued. "Without Zuko dead, I will not have my father's respect, nor will I have the throne! Time to take drastic action."

With that, Ozai stormed into Azulon's room. The Fire Lord woke up, startled.

"Prince Ozai? What are you doing here?"

Ozai then struck Azulon with two bolts of lightning.


My first attempt at AU. What do you guys think?