Sharpay lazily rubbed the sleep out of her eyes, and sat up in her bed, wiping the sweat from her brow with her bed sheets. She was shaking all over, her mouth felt dry, and her eyes felt hot and wet. It was still black outside, and Sharpay knew that no-one else would be up for hours. But she couldn't sleep, yet again. Reaching down by the side of her bed, she pulled out a small pink furry book, and picked up a pen from her night stand.

Dream number 132: Tuesday Night - "The Cafeteria"

I was walking down to the cafeteria, and I heard laughing. I put on the biggest smile I could, but when I walked in, I realised what they were laughing at. Me. People started pointing and laughing. I tried to speak to Ryan, but he just said he was late for rehearsals, and that the president of the drama club was waiting. I ran after him, shouting that I was the president, but when I got to the auditorium, Gabriella was standing there in my favourite outfit, bossing around my club. I ran over and pushed her, and she glared at me and said "Like you could fit into this anymore." Then I woke up.

Sharpay took a deep breath as she closed the book, and put it back on the floor, sliding it a little under the bed so that no-one would find it. She felt sick in the pit of her stomach. Standing up, she switched on her bedside lamp, and padded her way slowly over to her full-length mirror, stubbing her toe on her yearbook as she went. Cursing under her breath, she hurled it angrily into the corner of the room, and watched it land by her wardrobe with an almighty bang. Sharpay fell silent again, making sure she hadn't disturbed her brother, or her parents. When she still heard no-one stirring, she gingerly approached the mirror. She looked herself up and down for a while, then let her shoulders slouch down, and she stared at her reflection. Tears grew in her eyes, and her voice shuddered.

"Sharpay Evans….is not fat." She stood in silence for a little longer, before saying again, in a slightly stronger voice. "Sharpay Evans is not fat." Still silence, and Sharpay looked herself up and down again, holding her hands to her flat stomach. Tears built up in her eyes, and she sat down at the bottom of her bed. Looking over at her yearbook lying in the corner of the room where it had landed, she saw it had fell open on the page dedicated to Troy Bolton. Her eyes scanned the page, until she found what she was looking for. Amongst the pictures of Troy in and around the school, and playing basketball, was a picture of him and Gabriella. Sharpay's vision was blurred as more tears poured down her face, and she tried to get the image of Gabriella and Troy out of her head. Gabriella Montez. The perfect girl, the perfect friend...the perfect weight. Sharpay slid off her bed and onto the floor, and hugged her knees up close to her chest, where she whispered as quietly as she could;

"...Sharpay fat."