Much woke up with an awful dry feeling in his mouth. He coughed, spluttered, and rolled over. The figure in the bed next to him was unusual. It wasn't that it was the wrong shape, or looked overly different, but with one glance, Much could tell it wasn't Robin.

Thoughts flooded back to him of the previous days – Marian had 'been returned' to Guy, but not after Much had his room burnt.. Then the gang joined efforts with the Nightwatchman to beat Guy up. Later on, Guy had stabbed Marian, revealed to be the Nightwatchman. After many, many hours, Djac had finally managed to stop the bleeding and save Marian.

Robin was probably still with Marian. Djac had gone and slept in Will's room to give them some privacy and Alan, not wanting to get left listening to the two of them, who were doing much more than talking despite their drowsiness, had come and bunked with him.

Much rolled back and snuggled into his crispy pillows. Thank God it was the weekend. They only had two more days of testing before term one ended and they could all relax. Most kids went home for the holidays, but the gang usually remained at school to hang out with the teachers and other students. That meant movies, park, swimming and fun for two weeks without any assignments and fights. Much smiled. The only bad thin, was that Eve, his partner for science, would be going back to Drumfeild, for the holidays. Eve was smart and funny. She wasn't the most stunning girl and didn't wear the latest fashions but she was a perfect fit for Much. She looked a little gangly and awkward, especially with her second-hand shop clothes, but when she smiled… She was quirky, that was his word for her. It was also a word that Robina and the gang had used to describe him on numerous occasions. Much made a deal with himself: before the term was over, he would get Eve's msn and e-mail and keep in contact. Grinningly wilding at the possibilities of what could happen after several e-mails, Much fell back to sleep.


Marian winced as Robin's hand glided gently across her lower stomach.

'Sorry' Robin whispered, climbing carefully out of Marians' bed.

'Where are you going?' Marian opened her eyes, watching him tiptoe to the door. Robin turned at the sound of her voice, smiling tiredly.

'I didn't know you were awake" he walked over to her and bent down beside the bed.

'I wasn't, but you woke me' Marian smiled and ruffled Robin hair. She tried to sit up but the pain caused her to cringe

'Marian' Robin warned, 'you should rest'. Marian glared back and he held up his hands in a fake surrender. He then positioned the pillows behind her back and assisted her to sit up.

'Thankyou' Marian said.

'Yeah yeah you're welcome. I couldn't very well let my Maid Marian get killed now could I?' Robin planted a kiss on the top of Marian's head. 'Just don't do it again.'

'So where were you going?' She asked.

'I needed to check some things out – how Guy is, what he's told people… I also wanted to check the Internet for common stabbing infections and treatment, that kind of thing' He shrugged off it commendable goals.

'Your so good to me' Marian played with his hair. 'Can you find out how long it will hurt for?' she watched Robin's face change from relaxed to concern. 'No, no, its not that bad, I just want to know when I'll be on my feet again'.

'Djac said you should be fine to walk around today if you take some of pain tablets Will ran and got last night' he picked the packet up from her bedside table.

'Mmm' Marian examined the writing on the back. 'And how long until I can run around and that?'

'I don't think you should be running around Maiden' Robin laughed at the idea.

'But the Nightwatchman… 'Marian protested.

Robin stood up and went to tie his shoes. How could Marian be thinking of continuing that? She had just been stabbed? Did she have no idea what he had just gone through? Finally, his frustration boiled over.

'You think you'd have learnt by now!' He hissed angrily. Marian looked confused at his sudden burst. 'Every time you go out you get into a fight, or into a false relationship, or stabbed!' he gestured to her stomach.

'You know even the gang, who have had less time to adjust than you, even they support me more than you do!' Marian had tars in her eyes. Couldn't he see how much she loved being the Nightwatchman? It was a release, a chance to give something back, to help the poor. 'I heard them last night, saying how brave I was-

'Its too dangerous, you should stick to your embroidery' he called on a term from their childhood. After Marian's mother had died, her father had tried relentlessly to get his daughter interested into some more 'ladylike' hobbies. Marian hated every one of them, in particular, embroidery.

Robin walked to the door, flinging it open. He was met by the faces of Much and Djac, looking concerned.

'Try to talk some sense into her' he barked then walked out the door, shoving past them.

'so the man who supposedly loves me, 'Marian reached up, calling out to Robin. 'Can't think of one encouraging word! So much for love' she let out a cry of pain from the movement, sending Djac upon her, telling her to rest.

Much stood in the doorway - so much for fun and relaxing without any fights these holidays.