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Dragonlots aka Dana Bell

Chapter 5

I heard a 'frizzt' sound and my fur sparkled like stars in space. There was a silent scream as my claws raked across a dark arm and then I landed, feet first, on the other side of it.

Richie's sword followed my path and sliced through the Shadow neatly catching its 'neck'. It's bug eyed head wobbled before falling to the ground. It buzzed and vanished. I pushed dirt at the spot. It smelled.

"Are there more?" the Immortal asked Jasmine.

She closed her eyes and again 'listened'. "Not close. They were waiting to see if we sensed it."

"There was nothing there." Data cocked his golden head. I think if he could have looked puzzled he would have.

"You can't see them unless they want you to." Jasmine faced the group around the table. "And if you do then it's already too late."

"An unseen enemy," Picard commented. "And how long have you known about them?"

I think he was testing my friend, perhaps trying to figure out her loyalty.

"Since the last Great War." Jasmine sat back down. "A thousand years ago."

Riker's look said he didn't believe her. Oddly enough, Carter seemed to.

"I wondered about your real age," Sam said. "You seemed to have so much knowledge for someone so young."

"I'm part Time Lord."

I saw the Star Fleet officers start. "But they're only legend," Picard objected.

"No." Jasmine's face reflected her sadness. I wondered why she felt that way. They'd hated her. "They were real."

There was at least one survivor but she never talked about him. His exploits were quite famous.

Richie glanced uneasily at the door. "Do I need to stand guard?"

Jasmine shook her head. "No. If they return I should be about to warn you and if I can't, you know Gally will."

I blinked my eyes self importantly and then used my teeth to tug at one of my claws.

"Who are these Shadows," Picard asked, "and why would they come here?"

"To cause conflict." Jasmine got up and started pacing. "The only ones who oppose them are the Vorlons." She stopped and looked at the group. "They drag the younger races into it."

Daniel sat forward. "What happened a thousand years ago?"

"The Shadows would have won if Valen hadn't appeared."

It hadn't been only the Minbari leader who had tipped the scales. The Jedi, too, had come to fight.

"It's a very long story."

"I hate long stories," O'Neill groused.

A slight smile touched Jasmine's lips. "Then perhaps it's best I only start at the last Great War. There have been many before that."

Jack groaned.

Dr. Jackson however seemed very interested. I'd guessed it was because he's an archeologist and any chance he got to fill in missing parts of history he took advantage of. "Please, tell us."

She turned to me. "Gally, it is your people who keep the histories. Would you consent to tell the story?"

Would I? I used a paw to clean my face while I considered. After all, like any feline, you never give a human what they want. When they want it.