I do not own Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge…but love it. KYAAA! Yamanade has gotten so good since Hayakawa sama started delving more and more into Kyohei and Sunakos deep down feelings (or maybe I'm just reading into the manga my own true desires for this couple). Loved the most recent download chapter 70-The dream they both shared…this is a continuation of that story. Yeah Cireus – this is for y'alls! WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD.

Kyohei waited and smiled. Though he'd never admit it, this was his favorite part of going to the public bath. He thought about the past week…they'd had a lot of fun together. Since the night he had told her to get used to him, she had worked hard and had not fainted or nosebled once… unlike the men in the public bath who still responded that way despite their frequent visits. She had also begun spending less and less time hiding in the little cardboard house he had constructed and more and more time "playing" with him.

Crouching by the vending machines with a towel over his head a snort escaped as he thought about last night. They had just finished eating another delicious dinner and she had gotten up to get her green tea ice cream. He stood and waltzed over to the fridge and leaned on the adjacent wall with his arms crossed. That quizzical look on her face spurred his mischief on. Not bothering with him she reached to open the freezer when he unfolded his hands and placed one arm across the door binding it shut. She immediately glared and hissed at him. A reaction he answered with "I'll only let you have it if you share." As he tilted her chin up with his other hand and leaned in close she scuttled away before charging back with a bloodcurling scream and knives she had freshly retrieved from the nearby kitchen drawers. His heart sped and he laughed as he grabbed a nearby pan and responded to her charge. They spent the next fifteen minutes attacking and parrying. He had managed to wrestle the knives free and he had long lost the pan. During their scuffle she somehow ended up on top of him and had pinned his arms to the ground. "Hah I win!" Sunako said triumphantly before … CHUU!

After she had turned to stone he confidently waltzed over to the freezer and pulled out the ice cream. Taking one bite he crouched over to where she lay the spoon hanging out of his mouth and placed the ice cream and a second spoon on top of the statue of Sunako. She immediately revived and quickly inhaled the contents of the cup before again rearing to attack him….this time spoon against spoon.

Oh how he loved to irritate her. Laughing to himself again, he thought about her stupidity. No matter how strong that girl was, he would always be stronger. Heck, even if he was physically incapacitated he'd never lose to her in a fight. Her weakness…was still his radiance. A faint pang tugged at his heart as he thought about this, but was shoved away by her appearance out of the bath.

Handing her a bottle of fruit milk they refreshedly chugged together before heading home.

Since they had started working again they were actually enjoying a pretty good lifestyle. He had initially planned to do construction work while she took care of the house, but she refused to be idle and accompanied him that first day on the job. She was more than capable and the foreman had no qualms about hiring either of them after seeing them work. The money was always good in construction, but the best thing about the job was that no one ever bothered them.

As they neared the home they shared she suddenly stopped in their tracks. "What?" He asked as he looked at her. To the usual onlooker her face was expressionless, but he had learned to recognize the subtleties behind her eyes…this was hesitation. Turning Kyohei looked to see what could have caused this and saw that parked in front of their home was a sleek, black company car…THEY were here.

Grabbing her hand he stomped the way back home and barged into their room. Yuki sat at their cardboard box table eating some of Sunako's leftovers, while Takenaga leafed through a book by the window. RANMARU WAS LYING ON SUNAKOS FUTON CUDDLING HER PILLOW. Kyohei stomped over to the redhead and kicked him across the room. Still fuming he glared at the trio. "You traitors, why are you bothering us." He asked.

Takenaga and Yuki stared at him in surprise before they looked at each other. The brunette pointed towards Kyohei and in unison with the younger boy stammered "Ho..ho…holding hands!"

"Huh?" Thought Kyohei. He looked towards where they had pointed and saw that indeed he was holding hands with a now deflated Sunako. "Aah." He immediately let go and she puffed back up. In chibi form she quietly turned towards the kitchen and started dinner prep.

"You didn't answer my question, what are you guys doing here?" The unruly blond again demanded as he turned back towards them.

Takenaga recovered from his shock first and responded with "The mansion is ready for us to move back into, we came to fetch you two."

"We're not going back. Didn't we tell you we were content with this way of life." He answered.

"Kyohei, I didn't want to do this, but you're forcing me. " Takenaga replied as he turned towards the cute blond. "Yuki…" From behind his back Yuki pulled out the all too familiar anatomical doll.

In the blink of an eye Sunako was at his side cradling her dear Hiroshi-kun. Kyohei's blood boiled, Takenaga had played dirty…as much as he tried…he knew he could never win against Hiroshi-kun.

"Come on Sunako, we're going back to the mansion. Yuki and I will help you pack everything up." As Takenaga began piling things up, she stood dragging Hiroshi with her and placed her hand on his sleeve. "We'll eat first." Leaving Hiroshi with her futon she turned and finished cooking the meal. They took down the home Kyohei had built her to extend their cardboard table and the quintet enjoyed their first meal together in a long while.

She had made his favorite (ebi-frenchi), but Kyohei was still sulking. Sunako wondered, why was he so upset about going back to the mansion? She agreed their life here was fun, but nothing would change going back…"Ah!" She exclaimed when she understood. As she cleared the grouchy blonds cleanly licked plate she said with a smile, "We can still go to the public baths every once in a while."

A look of surprise was followed by a softening in expression. "Yeah." He said somewhat forlornly.

After dinner they quickly packed up their stuff as Takenaga returned the keys to the starstruck landlady. The atmosphere in the limo was heavy as they drove away.

Kyohei wrinkled his forehead in annoyance as he stared out the window watching the blurry lights. When suddenly he realized…"Where are we going? This isn't the way home." He stated, turning towards Takenaga. Without looking him in the eye Takenaga curtly responded. "We still have to pick up our stuff up from the hotel."

Looking at Yuki and Sunako he noticed, the cute one was shaking and sweating. "Yuuuki." Kyohei growled as he leaned forward and grabbed the poor boy by his shirt. The sweet blond immediately bursts into tears "Waah Takenaga!" A quick kick to the chest forced Kyohei back into his seat and he looked up to see Sunako protectively covering Yuki with a perfectly sculpted thin white arm. "Whatever." Kyohei exhaled as he slumped back into his seat to stare out of the window.

"Help us carry our bags." Takenaga ordered. Kyohei continued to glare at him before answering "I refuse." Ranmaru in turn asked Sunako for help and she silently followed him out of the limo. Kyohei watched as the four of the walked towards the hotel: Yuki-Takenaga-Ranmaru-Sunako. Nearing the entrance that naughty redhead stretched his arm out across her small frame.

Kyohei was between them in an instant. In the elevator he noticed Yuki was shaking and sweating more and kept looking tentatively up at Takenaga and Ranmaru who were as usual stoic. They arrived at the top floor and Takenaga brought out the keys and began fiddling with the door of the hotel room. Five minutes passed before "Aargh, give them to me." Kyohei demanded as he took the keys away from Takenaga and attempted to open the door.

"Huh? Are you sure you have the right room?" Kyohei grumbled . "Of course I do. The keys turn right?" Takenaga irritatingly answered. "Yeah, but the door won't open." Kyohei stated as he began to lean his full weight on the door.

CLICK. The door gave without warning and Kyohei flew into the room. "What the? Ouch!" Something heavy had landed on top of him before…SLAM…and darkness. He heard her scream and felt her fly off of him as she jiggled the door handle. "Let me out! Open up!" He too stood and began banging on the door. "You traitors, what are you doing?"

Takenaga answered from the other side. "Don't blame us - it's your fault. You two weren't going to school, so they called the Landlady. Yuki accidentally told her you were staying at an old broken down apartment. She got so caught up in the image of the two of you that she DEMANDED you spend a night in this room. "

"WHAAT!" They said in unison. Takenaga continued with "You can't escape from this one, the door has a special lock and we're on the 30th floor, you can't go out the window. Plus the Landlady said if you don't spend the night here together Kyohei will be responsible for the rent raise and Sunako will have Hiroshi, Josephine, and Akira taken away." Of course Takenaga had recommended these…incentives…to the Landlady, but he wasn't about to tell the duo that.

The brunette finished with "Don't worry, we'll pick you up first thing in the morning." The couple slumped to their knees defeated. Several moments of silence passed before something was slid under the doorway. Through the wood, Ranmaru cooed. 'Kyohei…I got them chocolate flavored. Call me on my cell if you need some tips for…." CRASH. "Sorry, he escaped from us." Called Takenaga. "We'll keep a closer eye on him."

In the darkness, the blond boy stood and felt along the wall for the switch. CLIP.

"AAAAAH!!! MABUSHIII!!!!" Screamed Sunako as she retreated to the darkest corner she could find. There before the two of them draped by soft red velvety curtains, was a giant pearly shell containing bright white satin pillows and sheets and surrounded by sand and shells. The room…this was the room!