Beta – Cylon One

Story notes - A what if, Lord Raines is a "nod" to Andrew's God's among us.

Summary – When The US disclosed the Stargate to their allies, they were in for a bit of a shock when Lord Raines held his hand up and admitted that they already knew a lot more than they were letting on. A lot more…

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Disclosure is a funny thing

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Lord Raines, a man of fifty years who had for most of his adult life served queen and country with honour and dignity, he'd done things, seen things that most normal people couldn't even comprehend, so it came to no surprise that the Yanks were not only having contact with aliens but were using a device called a Stargate that could transport them to other alien worlds. The man in the expensive black suit shifted slightly and ran a hand through his dark hair.

Major Paul Davis was quite an observant fellow and unfortunately picked up on the slight shift, he stopped talking about the benefits of the Stargate Program and looked his way, he raised both his eyebrows in question. The others also looked his way as well, wondering no doubt what was going on between the two men.


"Robert?" Colonel Chekov rumbled with an amused smirk, "Is something wrong Comrade?"

He had no way out and had dropped himself in it, although he knew this already, but the talk about aliens had stirred some unpleasant memories of his time in UNIT.

He sighed, now was as best a time as any to spill the beans as it were. The Prime Minister had given him authorisation to disclose this information if A: he thought they could handle the info and B: he had no other choice.

After having spoken to "SG-1" he'd been quite pleased with their attitude towards the whole thing and how well they'd handled themselves, in both protecting the planet from aliens and the Stargate from Senators with a grudge.

He looked about them and nodded slowly, "Yes, I was thinking in the spirit of cooperation and disclosure there are a few things we should disclose to you."

"We?" The Major asked before anyone else could speak.

"The British Empire," his lips twitched in humour, "Britain I mean, and the uh, Common Wealth."


"Well we've uh been aware of the Stargate for sometime now," this got a lot of surprised looked (looks), especially from Davis, although Chekov merely nodded as though he already knew this.. "We've been running a program called Torchwood for some time now."

"How long?"

"About two hundred years…"

Chekov choked and looked stunned, "Two Hundred?"

"That's correct, Torchwood is an anagram of Doctor Who, a time travelling alien known as a Timelord who happens to be here every time trouble raises its ugly head, and I mean literally on that one."

"Why have we not known about this?"

"The operatives are quite adept at covering their tracks," Raines answered, "As it is they keep a not so discreet eye on the magical community…and deal with any alien incursions."



"You mean magic exists and it's not merely an advanced technology?"

Raines answered that yes it was real and no it wasn't advanced technology, he grinned when he saw the confused look on the man.

"Perhaps I should start at the beginning," yes that would be a good idea, Richard decided for the moment that it was probably best to omit the slight detail that there were also mutants living among them, he doubted that would go down well, especially as his son was one. "It started with a man called the Doctor…"

Paul could feel the beginnings of a headache brewing, still there was good news to this, it would be interesting seeing Carter's mind explode when she found out magic actually existed!