Pairing: Allen x Lenalee

Disclaimer: All rights to D-Gray-man belong to Katsura Hoshino

I. Into the Fire

Lenalee had entered many dangers as an exorcist and each and every time she did, her whole world seemed as if it was a blur and all the things she had ever known could be gone with the blink of an eye. Although she was scared as hell and it pained her more than she can bare, she fought for them and will continue to until her innocence has worn and her body can no longer fly. She enters danger for Lavi, who had been so kind to her and for Kanda, who was always steadfast and without question when fear engulfed her. Lenalee pushes her innocence to the brink for Miranda who needed her, for Lavi's "panda" who watched over them and for Krory who was a brother to them all. Lenalee bled and will continue to bleed for Chaoji who was new to this and prayed to the God that she sometimes hated for Komui who loved her.

She, with all the grace of Eve and the fierceness of the divine and the determination of saints fought so desperately for Allen who captured everyone's hearts, including hers. Lenalee entered the zephyrs of fire so she could be strong for them and for him too...

And every time she had willingly stepped foot into the fire for the people in her world, she was terrified (here she imagines disenchanted smiles, a home destroyed and the stench of death). Lenalee often felt as if she was in a different wavelength from everyone, now more than ever but despite all that, she would move mountains for them. She would still enter scorching flames for the people most important to her because she would not allow her heart to break at the thought of being torn away from her. It was selfish, but it was the only way she knew how to keep them with safe...

Lenalee just could not imagine a place where Lavi, with his fiery determination did not exist, where Kanda's strong and silent support protected her, where Miranda's sweet paranoia did not fill their days with brightness, where Bookman's watchful gaze never leaves them, where Krory does not remember his beloved Eliade and where Chaoji's strength did not amaze them. And God forbid, she could not and would not even try to imagine a world where her brother's love did not cease the chill in her heart. Lenalee shuts her eyes and places a hand over her chest and feels all the wonders of the world seduce her as she boldly utters Allen's name in her mind, all the while thinking that a world without him would be the most terrifying of all.

The shadow of God's clown and a soft hand to her shoulder had interrupted her from her thoughts.

"What are you thinking?" He asks, with the smile she loved and sometimes hated (because his smiles carried the burden of a heavy world).

"Walking through fire." She says with a perfect quietness that only he could hear.

Allen knows this all too well, he really does (and sometimes he wishes he hadn't).

"Does it hurt?"

She nods and his eyes are gentle as he moves closer to where she sat and whispers something in her ear, making her heart stop.

"I'll walk with you, because Lenalee, someone has to keep you from burning."

And she thinks, with him by her side, she wouldn't mind going into the fire.

Author's notes:

How'd you guys like it? It's my first time posting and I have no idea what I'm doing haha, oh well but the idea came to me while listening to Thirteen Sense's, "Into the fire." I've recently realized inspiration can come from music, it never occurred to me to try it before. Also, the title, "23 little luxuries" is referenced to Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core but it doesn't necessarily mean I will only do 23 drabbles. I love Lenalee and Allen too much for just 23 love splurges on them!

I honestly have no life so I'll probably post the second drabble sometime soon!

Later days :)!