By Marla-is-beautiful.

Once again this the result of History and well, my mum is a cookie delivery lady. So I blame the cookies I had eaten at breakā€¦ Enjoy! Oh, by the way this a rose wealsye ficlet.

I have rules for everything, from homework to cookies, most especially cookies.

The rules with cookies is that the have to be chocolate chip, you have to eat them slowly, have them hot and, don't let anyone ever interrupt you.

They are as simple as that. I always have cookies when I am doing my homework late at night I have exactly three cookies and a big glass of milk. The house elves bring them up for me. I always sit in the same desk by the window the cookies and milk on the left side of me and my quills and ink on the right, the homework directly in front. Easy as that.

But these rules are only for when I am at Hogwarts.

At home, my cookies are still hot, but they come out of a packet and the milk is drunken straight from the carton. Completely different from what it is at Hogwarts, the milk sits in the top corner of my paper and I sit cross-legged on my arm chair with a TV-dinner table in front of me that has any homework or writing I may be doing on it. Simple as that, complete opposites am I right or am I wrong?

That is a trick question I know I'm right.

Thankfully no one from school has ever seen me at home to know the difference.

Until today.

Let me set the scene. It is a quiet summers day, it hot and I am sitting at home in a boob tube shirt and a pair of short shorts. No one from Hogwarts would ever dream of seeing me like that. Dad would kill me if he saw me now. Mum would kill me if she ever caught me drinking out of the carton.

So I'm sitting in my room, home alone, Hugo was out with this little girlfriends of his. My parents were at work and my cousins were either over seas or away.

Which is major, I am never alone.

So, I am sitting their, head phones on listening to very, very loud music. When a hand, a pale white hand flies in front of my face and pauses.

What do I do?

Well, I blame the cookies for this next action. I licked it, which at the time I thought was logical.

I licked it.


I am a idiot.

Then I looked up still all innocent, missing some serious brain cells from those cookies and it is Scorpius Malfoy.

My intellectual equal, and, my crush. I licked my crushes hand.

But he just stood there smiling, or smirking a smile, wait now I no longer speaking proper English. I must be giddy.

So I am like, very calm. Aka I'm beetroot red and stuttering.

"What are you doing here?" I mean why would some one appear randomly in someone's house and lick their hand?

"I'm here to see you, rose," Well, I thought that was odd, he was blushing. I mean, really, blushing.

Oh, my. I realised then he liked me. That was going to get him in a lot of trouble! With his dad, and like, everyone. That god I wasn't involved. But unfortunately something popped up and reminded me of something. It was my ever-so-annoying heart pounding to remind me I liked Scorpius too.

But, as I said I have rules for everything from cookies to boys. Well, I have just one rule for boys.

They have to be Scorpius Malfoy.