Comparisons: Two Sides

Ken is more than quick and careful and good at things. There is that, but Ken is clever, and moves with a grace that Daisuke can only assume is innate -- judging by the way he trounced Odaiba during that one soccer game, and judging by the way he keeps pace with Daisuke now, dashing ahead of him without any visible effort.

That cleverness is in Ken's face; in his tone of voice and the way he moves his hands. In the way he touches his hair sometimes, when he thinks no-one else is looking.

Often kind, occasionally sharp; like the edge of a knife, he cuts both ways.

Daisuke looks at Ken, and wonders if Ken is moving ahead too quickly for Daisuke to ever catch up with him.

To stay calm, to continue living in the present, to keep on: that is what Daisuke needs from Ken now.


Daisuke is fierce and determined and unpredictable; sometimes childish, sometimes an avenging sun. He trips over his own words like they're pebbles, and spends too much time trying to fix everyone else's mistakes. He can be rude and thoughtless. He's never on time. He snores in his sleep. He has an ugly jacket.

He forgives.

Ken wouldn't change him one bit.

Ken looks at Daisuke's light -- the spark that draws everyone to him. He realizes, that light is what he needs to guide him (to live) when he is lost and cannot seem to find his own.

When he is in search of a warmer place and finally has found his own.