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Chapter One

Joey sat in the same booth night after night just watching everyone he knew hook up with someone and here he sat alone. Joey had danced with several other people but he refused to leave with anyone, he wasn't in the mood for any one night stands hell he'd had to many of those before and all you got was a quick screw and then you were alone again so he'd just sit here and when he got bored he'd go home.

When he got home he set his alarm and brushed his teeth and went to bed and slept soundly till the alarm woke him at five the next morning and he'd get ready and go to work. Joey was a security guard at Kaiba Corp. and he loved his job because he was usually alone and had no one really to answer to except for Roland and of course Kaiba himself.

The next morning Joey woke up to the phone ringing and as he picked up the receiver he heard "Where the hell are you Wheeler, you're late for work!" That was the voice of the one person who could make him lose his temper, Kaiba. "What the hell are you talking about, it's only four in the morning and my shift doesn't start till five." Joey wanted to shout but kept his cool.

Then the line went dead and that worried him so Joey called Roland and when he didn't answer he jumped out of bed and hurriedly got dressed and ran outside and jumped on his bike and roared down the road towards Kaiba Corp. When he got there Joey saw that the gates were open and there were no guards around, so he ran into the guard shack and using his key he opened his box and took out his gun and strapped it on and went to investigate.

Joey got to the front door and found it still locked and he used his key card and opened it and carefully he went inside and went to the control room and went inside and switched on the camera's and as he looked at the view screens he saw three hooded individuals creeping around on the top floor and that where Seto's Private Office was and he checked his gun to make sure that it was loaded and he ran to the security elevators and opening them he rode up to the top floor and as the door opened he made sure that the coast was clear and he crept towards Seto's Office.

As he made his way to the private entrance to Seto's Office he heard the sound of scuffling and voices and he broke down the door and there were the three figures and they were trying to get Seto tied up and he wasn't going to let that happen so he was fighting with them. Joey ran over and using his martial arts skills he beat the hell out of the hooded men and then as he helped Seto off the floor they heard from behind them "Bad mistake not making sure that your opponents were down for the count, now I must ask you to surrender."

That's when Joey looked at Seto and for one moment they seemed to be on the same page and that's when they both started fighting and soon the three men were down and tied up and the Police were called and when they arrived the men were taken into custody and Seto ordered the police "to check on Roland who was down the hall in his office."

Then Roland appeared and he was holding a towel over a spot on his head and then the Paramedics came and they checked out Roland and Seto and when they were done Seto told the Police Chief "I want those men held for questioning, Roland the head of our Security will be there in the morning to question them." The Police Chief told Seto "We can question them ourselves you don't have to send anyone down tomorrow."

Joey looked at the Police Chief and he said "Now why wouldn't you want Roland to come down and question these three, do you have something to hide?"

The Police Chief was outraged and he said "Listen here I don't know who the hell you are but I won't stand here and have someone question my loyalty to the citizens of Domino by someone like you."

Seto then stood up and he said "This is our head guard and he came in when he got the call from me and he knew that something was wrong and when I put in an emergency call to your Office no one came to see what was wrong I wonder why?"

Then the Police Chief said "Alright have Roland come down in the morning and he can question these three." Then he stormed off but before he got to far Joey stopped him by saying "Why don't Roland and I come back with you and he can question them tonight and then he can save making a special trip in the morning?"

Seto smiled to himself because he saw how upset the Police Chief was and Roland could too and he said "You know that's a really good idea, why don't you go downstairs and wait for us and we'll be right there after I make sure that everything is up and running here."

The Police Chief and the other Officers took the three men into custody and as they left the Office Seto said "Wheeler what is the idea of telling that idiot that for?"

Joey then said "There's something really weird about the Chief like he knows who those men work for or something and I'm afraid if we wait till morning they might all just magically disappear and we'll never get a chance to find out who hired them."

So after Roland made damn sure that everything was alright and that Jeffery was here to take Seto home, he and Joey drove to the Police Department and when they got there things had gone to hell fast and just as Joey had predicted, somehow the three men did escape and it looked like there was an ambush and some of the Officers along with the Chief had been shot but all they got was flesh wounds. Roland then took out his cell phone and called the Manor and when Jeffery answered Roland said "Double security, the three men have escaped." Roland and Joey ran outside and jumped into the car and Roland sped back to the Manor.

When they got there everything was alright and then Joey said "Well I'd better get back to Kaiba Corp. and see if we can figure out how those men got inside." He started to walk away when Roland stopped him by saying "That's my job, I want you to stay here inside the Manor and guard not only Seto but his brother Mokuba too." Joey did a double take and then he said "But I don't have any clothes there to change into and I really need to get back to my apartment."

Roland then said "Please do this for me I'm terrified that since they broke into Kaiba Corp. without any trouble then they can break into the Manor too and nothing can happen to either of them, so please just help out for today."

Joey knew that he couldn't refuse because he really did love his job and what could happen if he did this one thing for Roland? It wasn't like Kaiba gave an tinkers damn about him so what the hell. Joey then told Roland "Alright I'll do it but just for today and then tomorrow I go back to working at Kaiba Corp." Roland nodded and then he walked off leaving Joey standing there not knowing where he was or what he was going to do first.

He wouldn't have to wait for long, Seto was coming to find out what the hell was going on and there stood Wheeler and Roland was no where to be seen. "Wheeler what are you doing standing here for, where's Roland?" Seto roared.

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