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Bousyoku: Indescribable covetousness for earthly provisions to feed one's temple

5th Heaven: Gluttony



Hush my princess, don't say a word

Brother's going to buy you a mockingbird

And if that mockingbird won't sing

Then brother's going to buy a diamond ring



She always loved jam; especially those plum-cherry ones that her mother, Juuri, used to make on a lovely spring afternoon. She loved the times when she would watch her mom with anticipation as she goes out to their private garden and pluck three to four plum cherries from the great fruit tree that stood in the heart of the patch.

Of course, she had to stay back in the house for it was dangerous for her to go out. Kaname promised her that one day he would take her out and pluck as many plum cherries as she liked when it was safe. It was just like when he had promised her he would get her a rose that blooms once every ten years.

He didn't let her down and gave her the most beautiful crimson rose she had ever lived to see some time ago. Without doubt, she was sure that Kaname would eventually take her back to the Kuran manor and fulfill his promise just like he did with every other promise he had made.

It had always been her childhood fantasy to peacefully spend an evening making tasty jars of red jam with her beloved brother. After that, they would spread the fruity goo over hot pieces of bronze toasts and savor it together when the moon rises. It was a sappy happy dream but she liked it. It would be just like old times but instead, it would be Kaname and her making the jam instead of their mother.

However, for now, the image of Juuri adding scoops of sugar as she mixes the deep red paste never failed to water her mouth. She could almost smell the sweet aroma of sugary goodness just by imagining it. Heaven...

"What are you thinking about?"

"Hm?" She opened her eyes lazily and tilted her head towards her silver-haired partner in inquiry.

"You were thinking about something. I could tell…you always relax on this tree branch like nothing in the world could go wrong and you always have that small grin on your face whenever you daydream…" The hunter stated, resting on the roof of the academy that was near the branch she rested on.

"How observant." She commented dryly and felt her stomach grumble. "...Zero, I'm hungry."

He knew all to well she changed the subject on purposely but then didn't bother prying her further about it. It probably had something to do with Kaname anyway. On top of it all, her simple statement suddenly sparked a bitter interest in him.


"...I wonder if it's possible to drink a hunter's blood."

The disturbing musings of the newborn vampire didn't really surprise him all that much though. Yuuki, as much as he hated, had changed. She was no longer an innocent flower despite what her appearance says. She had turned cruel and blunt, no longer needing protection from anyone. She was now a sword herself.

"Want to try my blood?"

"Can I?" The girl smiled darkly and licked her white shiny fangs.

He didn't find the need to answer her question for it sounded more like a rhetorical one than one seeking for permission. Why was he willing to let her do whatever she wanted with him? He didn't know, but he knew the Lord of the Night Class was right. He could never betray her.

No matter who she was.

No matter what she is.

He closed his eyes emotionlessly as his partner – his enemy - hopped down from the branch and onto the roof he was resting on. He could feel his shirt collar being ripped open and a hot wet tongue brush against the sensitive skin on his neck. It was an act he had often seen Yuuki perform whenever she was about to drink from someone – generally from Kaname. Actually, ever since Yuuki became a vampire, he had only witnessed her drinking off of the Night Class's president.

A sense of suspicion suddenly aroused in him. He had always seen her refuse when other vampires offered their blood to her. So why was she willingly drinking his low-status one now?

Shaking the thought from his head, he didn't flinch or recoil as Yuuki injected her fangs in his soft tender flesh as she started her feast. It didn't really matter to him if she planned on betraying him. If he dies as a result, then he dies.

For this was the only thing he could offer her right now.

And it was as close and as intimate as he could get with Yuuki...

He knew for a fact that he could never beat that black-armored prince of hers. For that, he couldn't help but feel a pang of jealousy and sorrow.



Hush my master, don't you fret

For I'm prepared to give my life

But if this tiny soul can't satisfy

Then on command and I shall die



"Yuuki, have you heard?" Sayori Wakaba lightly nudged the sleeping girl beside her.

"Heard what?" The girl yawned tiredly, unintentionally showing her pointy incisors causing Sayori to shiver slightly. Even though Yuuki was still her dear friend, she could never fully believe that she was a creature of the night.

"Kaname-sama is back from his trip."

Upon hearing the familiar name, Sayori saw the vampire's ear perk up suddenly and the all laziness flushing away.

"Really? So soon? Where is he now?"

"Last time I saw him, he was talking to Headmaster Cross-"

"Thanks Yori, I'll catch up to you later. See you!" Yuuki stopped her sentence short and darted out of their dorm room in a flash. Sayori sighed as she watched the door hastily slammed shut and looked over at the ruffled mattress where Yuuki had slept. It's been ages since she had spent any quality time with Yuuki ever since her uncle invaded the academy. But what could she say?

The vampire was hopelessly in love.

With her brother…

She furrow her eyebrows as she finished the thought.

"Kaname-sempai?" Yuuki called out of habit as she quietly slipped inside her brother's sleeping quarters. She wasn't really surprised when she found him lying on his personal couch looking all tired and exhausted. He had always sought comfort from that couch after a long hard day.

"Visiting to welcome me back?" He asked simply with his eyes closed.

"Not really." She answered, bouncing happily over to give him a hug. Well, more like going over to lie with him on the couch. "I meant the visiting part that is."


"You don't mind me staying here for the night do you?"

"How can I object?" Kaname said with small grin, still keeping his eyes closed and allowed her to snuggle against his bare chest. "Although, there was one thing that I feel like I ought to object."

Yuuki blinked in response and lifted her head up in confusion.

"Confused?" He smirked and pulled the clueless girl up just so her neck leveled with his mouth. "I saw you on the roof today with that hunter."

"Eck..." She chuckled nervously as Kaname wrapped his arms around her and nuzzled his head against the nook of her neck causing the spot to tingle with excitement.

"Well um…I was um…"


"...I was curious." She sighed sensing obvious jealousy from him. He may not know it but it secretly made her heart jump in joy. "I wanted to know what his blood would taste like…I was…hungry."

"And you just had to choose the man I disliked most."

"He's not a bad person and technically it's not my fault. You were away for too long."

"For only one week."

"See? You're fault...I had no one to feed one and...I-I missed you." She pouted and looked away in embarrassment for admitting such a thing.

Upon hearing such a line, it was impossible for Kaname to hold a grudge against her for drinking from that man. "Fine. So I take it you're full for tonight."

Now that he mentioned her appetite, Yuuki felt her mouth water. Even though it had only been a week since she had tasted his blood, it felt like painful eons to her. Zero's blood had tasted sour to her taste buds. It was probably because hunters were vampire's enemies and so their blood was never meant for vampires to drink. But anyhow, the thought of Kaname's thick delicious blood made her stomach churn.

There was just something about his blood. His blood was like no other. It was sweet and bitter at the same time. Every time she drank his blood, she felt as though she was drinking from a fountain of fresh cool water after being dehydrated for so long in a desert. The liquid flowing within his pretty blue and purple veins was so rich in flavour yet at the same time clear as a crystal that it also had a bitter taste to it making one impossible to grow tired of it.

Maybe the reason why his blood was so good was because he was a pureblood like but she wasn't entirely convinced that that was the reason why his blood tasted extra heavenly. His blood made her crazy. The fact that only he possessed this kind of blood only made her love him even more. Oh…and maybe throw some lust in there too.

Kaname could sense the eagerness circling through her body and grinned at her greediness. He found her impatient attitude very cute. That was the thing with Yuuki. No matter what she does, she will always appear innocent and attractive. Even at the times when she sins. He was sure a certain hunter felt the same.

Oh yes. He knew Zero had always been on a lookout for Yuuki whenever he had the chance. It never failed to amuse him as to why Zero would still stick around to watch when Yuuki was feasting on him. He needn't to be told to know that the man was always jealous of him. It was written all over in his eyes and Kaname knew that his vain self delighted at the indirect torture he caused to the hunter.

But what can he say?

He was a vampire - a creature that non-vampires judged as immediate sinners. Why not just live up to their beliefs?

"Don't drink more than you can handle now or else you'll cause a bruise again." He said teasingly as Yuuki lowered her head eagerly to his healed neck. Sometimes, he marveled at how extreme Yuuki can be when it came to feasting.

"Don't worry nii-chan. I can always handle your blood."


He combed through her long thick black hair as he waited for Yuuki to ravage him. Although he was hungry himself, he was able to hold his hunger in. It wasn't bad to be drunk by someone else. Vampires took pleasure and honor in letting their loved ones drink their blood. Just like how Ruka was captivated when he drunk from her, he found it extremely pleasing to be drunk by Yuuki.

However, the bite never came and he sensed a sudden pause of hesitation. Facing her directly, slightly confused, he tilted his head in a doggy fashion questioning why the sudden halt. Yuuki's heart skipped a beat as she soon as she saw how adorable Kaname was. And although it wasn't the first time their face were only a few centimeters apart, she felt heat spreading rapidly through out her body like always. Kaname always made her feel...hot.


After thinking for some time, she just smiled in response and boldly leaned forward so that their lips gently met. "Well…" she whispered seductively against his mouth.

"Hm?" He grinned, sensing a sudden playfulness inside her. He pulled her up close so that instead of her lying beside him (his couch was huge), she was now on top of him. Unconsciously, one of his hands slipped under her shirt and crawled higher and higher, searing her craving skin along the way.

"I just had a thought…" She said innocently, kissing him deeper and moved slightly so that she could unbutton her uniform. Luckily for her, Kaname took off his shirt before she had visited him. He was probably planning to take a shower after he rested for awhile. But who knows…maybe he was expecting her. -Grin-

Luck was surely on her side.

She shifted and lifted herself a little so that her elbows and knees supported her weight. In doing so, her black uniform top slid conveniently down the couch and her lips ended up hovering a few cm above his. "I just thought…it's always me having all the pleasure." She breathed against his flawless face with her nails digging into the soft cushions beside his head.

"So why don't I give you a little comfort nii-chan?...You must be tired."

Kaname looked at the ripe woman on top of him clad only in a red lacy bra and a black skirt. "When did you become so naughty?" He teased running a nail from her flat stomach to her chin. She felt her elbows and knees go weak but held on so that she wouldn't crash on top of him. Kaname proved to be more sly than she thought.

Growling deeply in her mind, she smirked. She was determined to win this battle of seduction. He always won. It was just not fair! Slowly lowering herself so that she can whisper in his ears, she snickered darkly before giving him her trump card.

"Did I tell you?...I'm not wearing any underwear."



Hush my prince, don't you see

Before you, I fall on my knees

And if I can't fulfill you with who I am

Then let me give you my blood-berry jam




"Remember the promise you made to me when I was little nii-chan?"

"Which one?"

"The one where you said you would take me back to the manor to pick those plum-cherries and make jam with me just like mother did."


"Well nii-chan...you don't need to anymore."

"Should I ask why?"


"Why Yuuki?"

"Because the only plum-cherries I need is you."

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