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Pairing: Jack/Ianto

Set sometime during series 2. No Spoilers.

A/N: I just wrote this cause I think this song is PERFECT for Jack and Ianto, just listen to the lyrics- it is their relationship!

Chasing Cars

Jack gazed out of Ianto's window at the early morning sky. Passionate reds battled furiously with deep luxurious purples as the first glimpses of a fiery sun appeared on the horizon. Jack sighed, marvelling at the beauty of the sky. He moved slightly and Ianto stirred from his sleep. Instantly regretting having ever moved at all Jack held his breath as Ianto settled back to sleep. He was lying on Jack's arm with his head resting on Jack's shoulder. Jack couldn't move his arm and he was starting to lose the feeling in his fingertips- but that didn't matter. He was just enjoying having Ianto's warm body cuddled up against his own. It was a feeling of intense calm and happiness.

It was at points in time like this that Jack realised he was falling in love with Ianto. Ianto was perfect, just perfect. At first their relationship had been just lust and attraction, but after Jack came back… it was now so much more.

The radio on Ianto's alarm clock suddenly jumped into life. Jack groaned; it was too early. Why did this moment have to be disturbed? The almost annoyingly happy voice of the DJ grated on Jack's ears, but the clock was on Ianto's side of the bed. To turn it off he would have to disturb Ianto, but Jack didn't want to wake the Welshman up. He bit his lip slightly and tried to formulate a plan. If he lifted his arm slightly… then reached over… he could almost reach the clock…

The beautifully haunting opening bars of Chasing Cars began to emanate from the radio, causing Jack to groan again. He hated this song- it reminded him of one back home. Technically the one he knew was inspired by the Snow Patrol song, but that wasn't the point. It still made him s bit homesick and brought up memories he wanted to forget. He desperately reached over, his fingertips brushing the button…

"Leave it Jack,"

Ianto's slightly slurred mumble caused Jack to pause.

"I like this song."

Jack sighed. Anything for Ianto. He lay back down on his pillow while removing his arm from beneath the now wide-awake Ianto.

"I didn't mean to wake you up"

"And you did a good job of that didn't you," Ianto smirked staring at the ceiling. He didn't mind really. He turned to face Jack. Both men now lay on their sides, their faces millimetres apart. Ianto smiled and listened to the radio.

Those three words,

Are said too much,

They're not enough,

Ianto grasped Jack's hand, intertwining their fingers. He kissed Jack softly on the lips.

If I lay here, Ianto lip-synced along with the song.

If I just lay here,

Would you lie with me,

And just forget the world?

Jack smiled and nodded. Ianto grinned before leaning into a passionate kiss.

Jack grinned around Ianto's mouth. Perhaps this song wasn't quite so bad after all.

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