Summary: The Sand Siblings and clothing. That's about as introspective as their family gets. drabble

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Masashi Kishimoto. I am making no profit off of my interpretation.

A/N: Exactly 100 words! Hooray!


Temari wears innocent colors. Underneath the underneath, she wears fishnet.

"People underestimate a sweet little girl," she says.

"It's murder to get the bloodstains out," she says.

Gaara wears soft robes. Underneath the underneath, he wears armor.

"Being unprotected is foolish," he says.

"The bloodstains are a warning," he says.

Kankuro wears baggy black clothes and a hood. Underneath the underneath, he makes his body unrecognizable with paint

His siblings never ask him why. They think that, if they had been born to look like their father, they would also try to hide.

Blood does not show up on black.