Week 2

Disclaimer: Of course the fighters used in this promotion belong to Capcom, SNK, and their other respective companies. I don't even own the songs in here.

The Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson as the intro for the show, and after the opening multicolored fireworks appear on the titantron to lighten up the event for the start of the show.

Live from the Cow Palace in San Francisco, Califonia. The logo FGWE stands proudly on the titantron, in the ring, and at the announcers table.

Zangief: Welcome to the comrade fans for a new week of action here in FGWE. As announced last week by the general manager, tonight we will have a series of Beat the Clock matches, and the two wrestlers who win their respective matches as fastest as possible they will win championship match for the PPV Never Surrender.

Rugal: That's right. Anyway we are here in San Francisco, California from the Cow Palace, and tonight we are sure that fans will enjoy our matches. Here is also my other partner Sindel.

Sindel: The only question is who will be the participants for the Beat the Clock matches. Well, you will know of this by time passes.

Macmilitant theme plays

Zangief: Wow is he the General Manager of FGWE, fictfan07? What is going on now?

Rugal: I do not know about this. Maybe he is announcing something new.

Sindel: We will have to wait and see what the boss of the show has to say.

In the ring, the general manager appears for his announcement.

Me: Okay I know that you can't wait for the start of the matches. So this is going to be quick because we will have a diva battle royal. The winning diva will be crowned the first FGWE Women's championship. That match is going to happen right here and right now. (Crowd cheers wildly) The GM opens the briefcase he was bringing to reveal the women's title inside. (Color in title is platinum and to the awe of the crowd)

Rugal: It looks pretty nice the title for the divas who will fight for it.

Zangief: General Manager has done a nice decision regarding the women's division.

Sindel: Now let's go for the commericial break while we get ready for battle royal.

(Commercial break)

Commercial: This month in Burger King don't miss in tasting our new Whopper. Texan chili smoked Whopper; a new whopper with chili beans and a smoking Texan bbq sauce crispy onions, green natural lettuce, tomato; accompanied with fries and 20 oz of coke. Just for $4.50; Burger King has it your own way.

(End of commercials)

In the ring, announcer Axel Hawk is ready to announce the first match.

Axel Hawk: The following contest is diva battle royal, and it is for the FGWE Women's championship. The only way to eliminate your opponent is pushing your opponent over the top rope. The last competitor standing on the ring will be declared the women's champion.

(Killer Instinct 1 Orchid's rooftop theme plays) Orchid comes as the first competitor.

Axel Hawk: Introducing first she is B. Orchid.

Orchid now enters the ring waiting for the rest.

(Mai's Real Bout Fatal Fury theme kicks in) The busty kunoichi enters as one of the heavily favored to win this.

Axel: Hailing from Japan, Mai Shiranui. (Mai is using her classic ninja attire).

Mai then enters the ring.

The rest of the divas make their appearances like Sonya Blade, Cammy, Athena Asamiya, Blue Mary, and etc.

Sindel: now that the divas are there it is time for the 1st match.

(Bell rings)

The match gets underway with Mai and Blue Mary double teaming on Sonya Blade with a double suplex. Blue Mary is using her Sambo style with armbar hold to flatten a bit on Sonya Blade, while Mai is now going for Cammy with chops to the chest and then an Irish whip for a back body drop. Meanwhile Sakura and Athena are battling back and forth in an epic schoolgirl fight. Athena has Sakura in a sleeper hold now, but Sakura counter her opponent's move with a jaw breaker stunning her for a while.

Jade is battling Orchid, and right now Jade Irish whips Orchid to one of the corners and does a running knee to her. Orchid falls to the ground feeling faint from what happened. Back with Sonya and Blue Mary, they eventually have an evenly matched fight. Sonya does a head scissors take down to Blue Mary; then she does a running lionsault to further damage on Mary. Sonya Irish whips Blue Mary to the ropes preparing for a hiptoss, but the SNK gal counters with a hip toss of her own sending Sonya to the ground. Sonya is on the ropes now, and Blue Mary finally eliminates her with a clothesline over the top rope.

Sonya Blade is eliminated

Athena has Sakura in a toe hold and is quite painful, but since this is a battle royal the opponent can only be eliminated by throwing her out of the top rope. Sakura eventually reverses the hold and starts to mount for a flurry of punches to the face of Athena. Kasumi Todoh is now against Ibuki from Street Fighter 3 using her various counter moves and an elbow drop while Ibuki was down. Kasumi has Ibuki on a gorilla press slam, and she seems to throw her opponent over the top rope. At the last moment, Ibuki counters into an arm drag that makes instead Kasumi Todoh go over the top rope.

Kasumi Todoh is eliminated.

Mai and Cammy are still battling back and forth since the last five minutes, and neither of wants to quit. Shiranui attacks with some chops to the chest of Cammy, and then she is clotheslined out of nowhere by Orchid while Jade is down on the mat. Orchid stomps on Mai Shiranui, then lifts her up and attacks with an atomic drop leaving Mai down and close to the ropes. Orchid prepares to give Mai a clothesline, but Mai counters into a body catapult sending Orchid over the top rope eliminating her.

B. Orchid eliminated

Mai is now working on Cammy's left arm with fujiwara arm bar making the Brit to have real pain. Mai Shiranui has now the advantage and lifts again and Irish whips Cammy to try receive her with a hurricarana and falls close enough to the ropes. Mai dropkicks Cammy over the top rope; an elimination has taken place.

Cammy is eliminated

Mary and Mai battle Jade and Kitana respectively as the battle royal gets more exciting. Kitana head scissors Mai to the floor and then applicates her Ceiling Fan special (Gory Special Bomb). Mai is going to be eliminated by both Jade and Kitana, but she ducks and clothelines both the Mortal Kombatants.

Jade and Kitana are eliminated

Sakura kicks Athena in the gut and does a spinning neckbreaker, and Sakura is going for the top rope for a moonsault. Sakura fails the moonsault and has hurt herself. Athena picks up Sakura and hip tosses her over the top rope, and Sakura is outside and sulking about the elimination.

Sakura is eliminated

Mary is fighting now Mai Shiranui, and they seem evenly matched. Suddenly Ibuki starts to rejoin the action and makes a running knee to Athena, and the psychic girl is eliminated. Athena is eliminated. Ibuki, Mai, and Blue Mary are now the final competitors. Blue Mary attacks with a drop toe hold on Ibuki and then Irish whips to clothesline her. Ibuki is now eliminated. Mary meanwhile has to go one on one with good friend Mai. At the final moment Mai is on the ropes and Blue Mary clotheslines her. In that moment Mai also takes Mary with her as well making both of them fall at the same time. Referees can't decide on who won.

Rugal: Who could have won this match?

Zangief: Wait; there is our boss on the tron with the announcement regarding the match.

(On the titantron)

Fictfan07: As you can see, since both have seemingly won I have decided that the royal is ended a no contest. Mai and Blue Mary will compete at Never Surrender to finally crown the 1st Women's champion.

(Back with the announcers)

Sindel: Well decision has been taken by fictfan. Right now let's go to another commercial break.

(Commercial break)

Zangief: We are now starting the first of the beat the clock matches. I'm Comrad Zangief with the other announcers, Rugal and Sindel.

Rugal: After all, I don't care as Capcom is inferior to the great SNK.

Sindel: Whatever you say. Let's go to the action.

Axel Hawk: The following is a beat the clock match, and is scheduled for one fall.

(Super Street Fighter 2 Dee Jay's theme plays)

Axel Hawk: Introducing first from Kingston, Jamaica he is Dee Jay.

Rugal: Dee Jay a Capcom loser needs to redeem in this fight ah.

(Killer Instinct 1 Opening)

Axel Hawk: and his opponent from the Tibetan mountains, he is Jago.

After the introductions, the referee is giving the signal to ring the bell (Bell rings)

The match is now underway with both Jago and Dee Jay coming with strong attacks back and forth. Dee Jay comes with a swift kick to the midsection and then the Jamaican does a neck breaker on Jago. Dee Jay then tries to lift Jago for a suplex, but Jago counters for a victory roll pin. It is only one count as Dee Jay escapes easily. Jago Irish whips Dee Jay and tries to catapult him, but the Jamaican instead attacks with a knee facebuster. The time on the titantron shows 1:30 has passed.

Dee Jay goes for the attack once again with a vertical suplex on Jago. Dee Jay now turns Jago upside down for a submission hold, and Dee Jay is now with a camel clutch on Jago. The Jamaican has now given more pressure on Jago's neck and back, as Killer Instinct fighter tries to get to the ropes. Jago struggles more on Dee Jay's camel clutch, but he finally got to the ropes. Dee Jay doesn't release his hold, and the referee Fujin starts the count. Dee Jay releases at 4 (since at 5 then he would he have been disqualified) and starts to climb up the ropes. Dee Jay goes for a top rope elbow drop, then Jago gets up for a second breath and punches in the gut to make Jay sit in the turn buckle. Jago executes a flawless a turnbuckle hurricarana, and Dee Jay is down on the mat.

Jago now goes for top rope plancha to the street fighter and hits the maneuver. (Referee counts 1, 2, and not just a two count.) Jago starts to be on top with a series of punches and kicks and then Irish whips Dee Jay for a hiptoss. Jago takes off his blue headband and signals for his Tiger Claw finisher and to the loud cheers of the crowd. Meanwhile on the tron, the clock shows that is now on the five minute mark. Jago applies the Tiger Claw on Dee Jay, when the Jamaican was going for a clothesline. (I decided that the Tiger Claw would be parodied on the crossface.)

Dee Jay fights on the hold, and Jago applies more on his special for more pain. Dee Jay is still in the painful submission maneuver and struggles on crawling to the ropes. Then just when Dee Jay was going to give in, he finally grabs the ropes to break the Tiger Claw. Jago runs to the ropes for ground headbutt, and Dee Jay gets out of the way. Dee Jay and Jago are once again on their feet, and the monk tries a standing scissors take down; but the reggae kickboxer counters into a sit down powerbomb. (Referee starts the count 1, 2, and two count only.) Time is now on 7 minutes, and still there is no victor.

Dee Jay and Jago use their best fighting styles to outdo the other, but they seem so tied that nothing can stop them. Jago uses a combo with a European uppercut that knocks out Dee Jay. Jago goes for a top rope headbutt, but just at the last moment Dee Jay gets out of the way.

The Jamaican now breakdances on the ring, and he seems to prepare his finisher to end this match. Dee Jay kicks Jago in the midsection and lifts him up in the air, and he has connected the Good Bye from Kingston Buster (hanging brainbuster). The referee makes the count 1, 2 and 3. Timer shows 9:05 on the titantronReferee lifts Dee Jay as signal for his victory.

Hawk: Here is your winner, Dee Jay.

Zangief: Dee Jay has his first victory in FGWE. That's impressive.

Rugal: For now, Dee Jay has the time to beat. However, in this case the two best times will matter at the end of the show.

Sindel: For now let's go to a commercial break.


Zangief: We're back with more FGWE action from San Francisco, California.

Rugal: We have seen by now a diva battle royal and the 1st of beat the clock matches.

Sindel: Right now let's go to the backstage.

(At the backstage)

Liu Kang: Last week we had a tough match against these street fighters, but we were better right Kung Lao?

Kung Lao: We sure did Liu. Anyways I was thinking that could we win the tag team championship on FGWE.

Liu Kang: Well we can do it as I was champion in the first Mortal Kombat tournament.

Kung Lao: Yeah I forgot about that.

(Then they are attacked from behind, and the attackers are Yun and Yang)

Kung Lao: Hey, you two what do you want now with us?

Yun: My twin brother and I want a rematch.

Yang: You two just got lucky Shaolin chumps.

Liu Kang: Shut up you street rats. You want a rematch here's our acceptance to your challenge. (Liu Kang kicks Yun in the Jaw. Kung Lao attacks Yang with a Samoan Drop.)

Kung Lao: That'll teach them.

(Back to the ring)

(Final Fight level 1 theme plays)

Axel Hawk: The following contest is the Beat the Clock match scheduled for one fall. Introducing first coming from Metro City, USA, he is Cody Travers. (Crowd cheers)

Zangief: Cody looks in good shape and he is balanced in strength and speed, so he can win this.

(London Marching theme)

Axel Hawk: his opponent from London, Great Britain weighing in 200 pounds, he is Billy Kane. (Crowd cheers/boos)

Rugal: Billy Kane seems to be a smart choice to fight Cody.

Sindel: Meanwhile referee Tarma (he is from Metal Slug games) is now giving indications to both fighters the fight and gives the signal. (Bell rings)

The match starts right now with Billy with a headlock takedown and then a sleeper hold on Cody. Cody gets up and hits an elbow on Billy's stomach to then hit a jawbreaker on the Brit fighter. Cody then goes with a knee smash on Billy Kane's leg, and he is now applying a half crab on Billy's leg; Cody still applies the half crab, and Billy crawls his way to the ropes and finally grabs them; so Cody must release the hold.

Rugal: Billy Kane is one of the few Geese Howard's loyals, and is such a pain to everyone competitor.

Zangief: Still Billy is not going to win.

Cody starts a combo of jabs and hooks to finish it up with a roundhouse kick to knock out Billy Kane. Meanwhile the timer shows 1:25 on the titantron Cody then goes for a forearm smash on Billy Kane's chest and then covers the Brit for the pin. (1, 2, and just a two count only.) Cody drags Billy to the center, and then Cody goes to the turnbuckle for a flying move. Billy gets up and intercepts Cody's flying attack with a dropkick to the face. Cody gets backed up and Billy Kane hits him with a Double Arm DDT to further some damage. Billy Kane is now being pumped up for the moment and starts beating Cody with a series of consecutive clotheslines; the Britain fighter sets Cody backward for a surfboard hold. Mean while the time in the titantron shows now that we are in the 5 minute mark.

Billy Irish whips Cody to the upper left corner, and Billy starts mounting punches on Cody's face to the rhythm of the crowd with one, two, three, four, five, sex, seven, eight, nine, and ten. After the ten punches, Billy smirks for the crowd and they boo a bit since they don't like him being involved with Geese Howard. Billy goes now for an Indian deathlock on Cody and fans go nuts for this. The crowd chants "This is awesome, this is awesome." Billy is still holding on his submission hold, and Cody is starting to pass out on the deathlock. The referee now checks out Cody and lifts up his arm; one nothing happens, two nothing happens, and at the third Cody finally responds and frees himself from Billy and starts a comeback with a series of short arm clotheslines and followed by an Irish whip in which he finishes with a flapjack. Cody goes for the count 1, 2, and nothing yet. Time in the titantron shows now 8:55 has passed. Cody is now a karate stance and stomping his boots to signalize his finisher the Knockout Kick. Cody hits the Knockout Kick on Billy Kane. Referee counts 1, 2, and miraculously out of sheer will Billy Kane lifts at the second.

Then Yamazaki from SNK comes running from the ramp and intervenes in the match by distracting the referee. Cody gets fed up by this and starts telling Yamazaki to back off, while Billy goes searching underneath the ring for a weapon and it happens to be his trusted cane. Billy Kane returns to the ring with his cane; he hits Cody while the referee is still distracted. Billy Kane his a frontal Russian leg sweep with the cane for additional damage. Meanwhile Yamazaki returns backstage, and the referee finally turns around sees Billy covering Cody; the referee makes the count.

(1, 2, and 3) London Marching hits the entire arena as Billy Kane finally wins a hard fought match. Referee reluctantly raises Kane's hand in signal of his victory.

Axel Hawk: Your winner is Billy Kane.

The match went to 10:31. This was a competitive match as heck.

Rugal: That was a great finish and Billy Kane has earned a fine victory over that Cody.Zangief: What are you saying comrade? That was what Americans would say a cheap shot.

Sindel: Well whatever this was a nice match. We have more action after the commercial break.


(Italian music plays)

Axel Hawk: The next match is a Beat the Clock match contested for one fall. Introducing first from Southtown, USA and residing in his summer house in Italy; he is Andy Bogard. (Crowd cheers)

Rugal: So Andy is going to fight next. He may have a chance to make a name for himself, think so.

(Killing Intent theme plays)

Alex Hawk: And his opponent from unknown parts he is Akuma (Crowd boos).

Zangief: I couldn't agree with that choice. Akuma is perhaps competitor that more than a human he is a machine.

Rugal: Whatever he doesn't look that powerful.

Sindel: I'll have to watch to believe that.

(Bell rings)

The match starts with Andy Bogard having a decisive lead on Akuma using his Koppoken elbow smash to the chest to inflict damage on his opponent, then a belly to belly suplex; Andy hits a leg drop. The younger Bogard lifts Akuma to Irish whip him for a body drop, but Akuma jumps out of the way and returns from the ropes for a dropkick that knocks Andy to the mat. Akuma lifts Andy for a body slam and afterwards he connects a springboard splash. Akuma covers Andy for a pin. (1, 2, and nothing happens just a two count.) Akuma once again go on the offensive with a fierce punch to Andy and then starts a combo of punches and kicks and finishes with a shoulder breaker. Andy is on the mat again, and Akuma then goes for a sleeper. Meanwhile in the titantronthe timer shows that its past 3 minutes since the bell rang. Eventually Andy gets out of the sleeper hold and starts a counterattack on Akuma.

Andy body slams Akuma, and then hits a lionsault on Akuma's body; Andy is now connecting ground punches to the face of Akuma. The Shiranui ninja is getting an advantage right now, and goes to execute a cradle pin. There goes the cover 1, 2, and nothing Akuma has just lifted his arm in time. Akuma is then Irish whipped to one of the corners, and Andy goes for a stinger splash; but Akuma moves out of the way. Akuma then smacks Andy with an Undertaker classic (the Old School). Andy is now down, and Akuma starts applying an arm bar hold on his opponent; Andy fights to not submit to it and crawls his way to finally get to the ropes. Akuma goes for a piledriver, but Andy back body drops Akuma. In the Titantron, timer shows it is past 6:45, and there is still no winner.Andy then continues with a top rope elbow, but he fails and ends injuring his arm a bit more. Finally, Akuma applies a Killing Choke (Triangle Choke) hold to both his arm and head. Andy eventually taps out. The match finishes at 7:35.

Zangief: Incredible Akuma has beaten his opponent and set up a new record.

Rugal: Andy is perhaps not ready to be a world champion.

Sindel: He seems to be more of a jabroni. No offense.

Axel Hawk: Your winner by submission is Akuma.

The time to beat now appears on the titantron screen with 7:35 by Akuma

Akuma then grabs the mic and says something to the crowd.

Akuma: This was just a fraction of my strength and abilities. Wait until I become FGWE World champion. I'll use my full power when I have real opponents. (He gives the mic back to the announcer.)

Akuma then drags Andy out of the ring and takes out the protection matof the ringside and makes a piledriver on the hard floor. Akuma then returns to the ramp.

Zangief: Akuma has beaten Andy into a pulp.

Rugal: Wow that was impressive. I wonder if that Akuma can do something more.

Sindel: Let's go for a commercial break.

(Commercial break)

(Techno music plays)

Axel Hawk: This is a Beat the Clock match scheduled for one fall and introducing from the Lin Kuei clan he is Sektor.

Sindel: Finally someone from Mortal Kombat to represent.

Rugal: Will he be that good?

(Art of Fighting theme)

Axel Hawk: His opponent coming from Japan he is Ryo Sakazaki.

Rugal: Ryo has some fame over the years in SNK Company.

Zangief: That is a cheap copy of Capcom's Ryu.

(Bell rings)

The match starts with both fighting as hard as they can and all hell breaks loose when Ryo tosses Sektor outside the ring and then hits a suicide flying tackle to Sektor. Sektor elbows hard to Ryo's face and then goes for a running neckbreaker; while both are still outside the referee starts the count. Sektor and Ryo are still outside battling it outside the ring and the referee is on the 5. Sektor then attacks Ryo with a suplex on the entrance ramp, and the red warrior starts with few stomps on his chest. It seems that both competitors are ignoring the count out. The referee now is on the ten counts and still goes on. Ryo chops to the chest, and then strikes a single arm DDT. 12, 13, 14 and Ryo is now going for a standing ankle lock on Sektor, but the cyber ninja counters and sends Ryo to the steel post.

The match has been going for five minutes, while the referee is on the 16th count. Sektor goes for the chair to flatten out Ryo, but Ryo dropkicks his face with the chair on it. The referee counts 18, 19, and finally Ryo tries to return to the ring, but it is late since the referee counts the 20th count. The referee calls for the bell. Since both couldn't return to ring in time before the 20 counts, it is a double countout and a no contest.

Axel Hawk: By the result of a double countout, this match is a no contest.

Sindel: A double countout heh. First time it happens.

Rugal: Since it is a double countout. We will have to wait a last Beat the Clock match.

Zangief: Right after these messages.

(Commercial break)

(Street Fighter 2 Balrog theme)

Axel Hawk: This is a Beat the clock match for one fall. Introducing first from Las Vegas, Nevada is Balrog. (Crowd boos)

Zangief: So Balrog is on the Beat the Clock match.

(Fatal Fury theme of King of Fighters 2002)

Axel Hawk: His opponent from Southtown. He is Terry Bogard. (Crowd cheers)

Rugal: Terry had an impressive victory last week. He is a great candidate to fight for the FGWE championship.

The referee gives the signal outside to ring the bell. (Bell rings) The match gets underway with Balrog getting a good start with dash punch to Terry Bogard and a Buffalo headbutt that knocks out Terry. Balrog now hits a running splash on Terry to flatten him a bit, and the crowd just hates it. Balrog now lifts Terry again and goes for a belly to belly suplex, but Terry has kicked Balrog in the stomach and DDTs him. Terry now starts warking on his right leg with a Spinning Toe Hold; Balrog feels pain with Terry's hold on the leg, but then reverses with a small package and grabs the trousers for leverage. The referee makes the count 1, 2, and only a two count. Meanwhile referee is now giving Balrog a warning or else he disqualifies him.

Balrog starts to beat again Terry with a series of clothelines, and then drop toe holds to start an ankle lock, eventually Terry counters and reverses into a victory roll. The referee makes the count (1, 2, and nothing yet just a two count.), and Terry was also close to win this match. The timer in the titantron is on the 3:15; since the match started. Balrog starts a frenzy attack on Terry and tries to hit him with an elbow smash, but Terry avoids and punches the boxer with a punch to the gut followed by a knee to the face, who now is mounting Balrog for some punches, while the crowd counts 1, 2 ,3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and, 10. Terry picks up Balrog from the mat and Irish whips him to the corner.

Rugal: This is our main event and remember just the two fastest times will earn the championship match opportunity.

Zangief: We have Akuma and the next could be one of those.

Sindel: I don't know who's going to win, but this match is getting better.

Terry has Irish whipped Balrog to the corner, and then he does a dropkick on Balrog who is now getting dizzied; Terry to a final touch bulldogs Balrog. Terry goes for the cover (1, 2, and still nothing), and Balrog still is on the game. The finish is when Balrog returns with a headbutt and power slams Terry to the mat. Balrog starts his stance and does a Buffalo takedown (the Gore or spear) on Terry which he hits it; and Balrog executes his Buffalo Bomb, but Terry frees himself from finisher and kicks Balrog in the midsection to do his Crackin Axe Kick. The timer is on the 7th minute. Terry hits the Axe Kick and covers for the pin. The referee makes the pin one, two, and three. (Bell rings)

Rugal: So Terry won, that was a close one.

Zangief: The match went to 7 minutes 15 seconds, so Terry has won his right on Never Surrender.

Sindel: He did a great a great job. So he deserves this victory.

(Fatal Fury theme plays)

Axel Hawk: The winner is Terry Bogard.

Terry Bogard continues his celebration and even throws his classic cap to the crowd as a souvenir. The crowd is delighted by having Bogard's classic cap. Then the Killing Intent theme plays. Akuma goes down the ramp and slides in the ring to meet the winner. The show ends with a stare face off between Akuma and Terry Bogard.

Rugal: These two will meet at Never Surrender PPV.

Zangief: Their match will be for the first FGWE championship crowning.

Sindel: Stay tuned next week.


Diva Battle Royal (Mai and Blue Mary tie)

Dee Jay defeats Jago (Beat the Clock at 9:05)

Billy Kane defeats Cody (Beat the clock at 10:31)

Akuma defeats Andy Bogard via submission (Beat the Clock at 7:35)

Ryo and Sektor double count out

Terry Bogard defeats Balrog (Beat the clock at 7:15)

Next week

Matches to be scheduled

Here in FGWE, the countouts will be until the count of 20 instead of 10. Anyways read and review FGWE. For the owners of CASZ, UCW, or whatever wrestling promotions be aware because you'll never know when my superstars will pay you a visit.