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"Wow… I had no idea there were other hidden places like my village…" It sure was a nice and new place, for Negi. After all, it was like the complete opposite of his birthplace. He had always lived in an English town where lots of people used magic. In that town, clearly oriental-styled, there were lots of ninjas, instead.

The nine year old had received his assignment. To head to Japan and be a teacher in the Mahora Academy. But on the way, he had to stop in that village because he needed to recharge his magic power for the other half of the trip… Or better, the other jump. To make the travel easier, they had given Negi a special artefact that, powered by his magic power, would let him cover the distance in a few minutes… Well, of course, Negi still hadn't enough magic power for that. He had to stop three times to rest. Fortunately, that was the last stop. Once he recharged his magical power again, he would be able to reach Japan, finally. Just an hours left…

But we've seen many times that a couple hours can make the difference. Especially if a certain other person was following Negi's movements, planning to meet with him when it was safe. After all, a talking ermine is pretty strange even in a ninja village.


"Hmmm… Now, what to do…"

Naruto, surprisingly, found himself with nothing to do. There was still a day to go before they final meeting with Iruka-sensei at the academy, where they would tell him and the other graduates other things about being a genin and stuff like that. But now, he was bored. He didn't want to train that day because at least the following day he didn't want to arrive late. And that left just one obvious option… That made Naruto turn his face into a mischievous grin.

"It's… Prank-time." He grinned while rubbing his hands. It had been a while since he had done that, after all… Three days. Now, to find the perfect victim… He looked around. He noticed an unusual looking person. A glasses-wearing brat with a staff on his back, wearing a large coat… Now, that was suspicious. Why would a kid be wearing a coat? Unless… Naruto remember about a time when he heard Iruka sensei talk with angry mother about coat-wearing perverts who did something to children… Maybe this was a henged coat wearing pervert! Time for an anti-pervert prank, then! He suddenly turned into an alley.

"Hmmm… I think it's better if I do a little preparation… Yes. I'll lure him with an excuse and then, PAM! I will hit! Henge!" And with a handseal and a puff of smoke, in place of Naruto appeared a clothed version of his Oiroke no Jutsu. Time to put the plan into action.


Chamo was an ermine. A descendant of the supreme Caith Sith with no bonds, free like the air… Except for the debt of gratitude he held towards one child. The child was named Negi Springfield. He had heard of his important mission, and he couldn't help but be worried. After all, a ten years old going to a school in Japan to be a teacher… That was going to be a pretty difficult task even for his aniki. That's why he had decided to follow him, and he finally had managed to catch up to him, even if he had been forced to use a lot of his ermine dollars to buy spells to reach him in Konoha. In the end, he was about to wait for him to walk somewhere where a talking ermine could come out and greet a human… So, a dark alley was the ideal. But, he clearly hadn't expected Negi to be approached by a hot blonde girl. Maybe… There was time for a pactio, before meeting aniki. He could use some more ermine dollars. And he just knew the method. He had seen that movie, after all… 101 Dalmatians or something…


Negi had been a bit surprised when a girl had suddenly jumped out of an alley asking him to help her with something. It turned out the girl asked him to retrieve something from a tree. It looked like one of those things many ninjas around there carried on their foreheads. Little did he know that, while he was climbing the tree, said 'girl' was preparing to punch the light out of him the moment he came back to the ground. And when Negi fell out of the tree, quite clumsily, 'she' pulled back his punch, ready to punch him on the head, even if he was still on the ground.

"Ahiahiahi… Nee-chan, that hurt… Uh?" Negi raised his head… And was scared to see the girl clearly prepared to punch him. But what would happen next would scare him even more.

The hidden ermine had decided to use that occasion to put in motion his plan. He came out running from his hiding place and ran around the 'girl's' legs a couple times, holding a rope in his mouth.

"Eh?" Naruto was clearly surprised by this, since he was falling to the ground towards Negi… And unfortunately, if Negi had stayed on the ground nothing would have happened, since the henge dispelling made him a lot shorter, of course. But the English mage, clearly frightened, had decided to get up… And so…



What would have happened with Sasuke the next day happened instead with Negi that day… With the difference of a ermine saying Pactio and summoning a circle of light and wind around the two… Just to faint vomiting once he witnessed what he had just done. And a card appearing in Negi's hands.



The two children stayed like that for like… Ten seconds. Then, they let out two enormous screams that frightened the shit out of everyone in a ten kilometres radius. And in the meanwhile, Sasuke Uchiha shivered.

"What… This… This feeling…" It's like… A million of Yaoi fangirls suddenly awakened from their slumber… But why do I feel safer?


First hour: The kiss of doom

Now, what's the first thing you would do if by accident you would kiss a tenish year old kid? Naruto, still screaming along with the kid, ran to his apartment, making a very awkward sight for the street-walkers. Once there, he had started washing his teeth, using as much toothpaste as he could. While doing that, he poured the other half of the toothpaste container in the child's mouth.

"WASH IT! WASH LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT!" And not much surprisingly, the child complied, using Naruto's spare toothbrush.

After a good half an hour of tooth, tongue and everything the mouth is made off, to the point that they had consumed their lips, it was time for talk… Or self-loathing.

"I kissed a ten year old brat… And it was my first kiss too… NOOOOOOO! IT HAD TO BE SAKURA-CHAAAAAAAAN!" Naruto was crying his soul out, in a comical way. Surprisingly, Negi, compared to him, seemed much more mature. He wasn't acting like Naruto in any way.

"Ehm… Come on, it's not like… It's the end of the world…" Tried to say the soon to be teacher. But Naruto just screamed back.

"IT'S WORSE! IT'S THE END OF MY LOVE LIFE! AAAAAARGH! I JUST HOPE NOBODY SAW US!!!" Naruto shifted like a woman subject to her monthly things from sad to angry to desperate. Then… He turned to curious. "And by the way… Who the hell are you?"

"Ehm…" Negi rubbed the back of his head. He didn't expect that question… At least so soon.

"I mean, you're not henged, but that staff, that cloak… And the shoes and pants too. You clearly aren't from Konoha…" Naruto scratched his head in thought, then he just let out an exasperated sigh. "Well, whatever. If you disappear as soon as possible I can deny everything, in case someone asks…"

"Ehm… Probably… Uh?" Suddenly, Negi noticed something sticking out of his pocket. He picked it out. It was a card. A really strange card. On the card the most evident detail was the image of… The boy standing in front of him. He was standing in a flashy pose, facing away from him, but slightly turned, so that the right side of his face and his right arm were clearly showing. His face was morphed into a fierce smile, and you could see his left hand giving the thumb ups. But what really was particular was the… Weapon? The thing attached to his right arm. It looked like there were two triangular shaped blades, one black, one white, each one as big as his forearm attached one to the end of the other, forming a rhomboidal like shape parallel to the shape of his arm. One could probably wonder how the things were attached to his arms… It probably had to do with the multicoloured rope-like thing that was wrapped around almost the whole length of his right arm.

Then, he began to observe the rest of the card. Behind the image of the boy, there was the clear shape of a magic circle. In the right upper corner, there was the word 'Nigror' above the word 'Tonus' and over a light circle of said colour. In the upper left corner of the card was a 'I', the Latin way of writing the number 1. Above the picture, in the middle, were the words 'Charta Minister'.

In the lower half of the card… The most evident thing was what he guessed was the name of the boy. It was written 'Uzumaci Naruto', the surname above the name. Under it, written in smaller characters, there was a strange writing… 'Heros Inrequietus'. In the lower left corner of the card was the world 'Astralitas' and lower, almost on the edge of the card, the world 'Sol', and between them, the symbol of said planet, a large circle with a single dot in the middle. And in the lower right corner of the card, again the number 'I'.

Finally, between the last two things, there were four more words, one above the other. The first word, from up to down, was the word 'Virtus'. Under it, in bigger characters, the word 'Iudicium'. Under it, in the same characters as 'Virtus', the word 'Directio'. Under it, in the same characters as 'Iudicium', the word 'Auster'.

"…" Now that I think about it… I was caught by surprise at the moment, but rethinking about it… I clearly felt magic power being summoned.

"Hmm? What is that?" Naruto had leaned in to observe the card Negi was holding. Not able to observe it completely, he walked behind Negi, and he managed to take in the card in all his might. "Woooooow! It's cool! Damn, I look cool in this thing… But what is it?"

"Ehm… I don't really know… And that's what troubles me…" Negi said, starting to worry a little. Naruto blinked, and Negi almost wanted to cry. He had already got in trouble. He didn't know what had happened, before. The only thing he knew was that a spell had been cast… And the card had something to do with it. The only thing that gave him some tips were the words 'Charta Minister'. They meant 'Contract' and 'Follower/Attendant'. Whatever happened… It had probably someway bounded the older boy to Negi. He had been discovered… Even before starting his assignment? "… Ehm… Uzumaki Naruto-san… That's your name, right?"

"Eh? Wow. How do you know? Are you a magician or what?" Asked Naruto, grinning like only he knew how to. Negi just turned around and said…

"Yes, I am."

"…" Naruto stopped grinning, and then blinked. Once more. Two more times. Then, he opened his mouth. "Say what?"

"My name is Negi Springfield. I'm a mage in training. I was heading to a foreign country called Japan to begin my first assignment, but I had to stop here to refresh my energy reserves for the trip. Earlier, I don't know why, a spell has been cast that somewhat tied yourself to me, but I don't know what it is or what it does do."

"…" Naruto's brain processed what the child, Negi, had said to him… And it automatically said to him to answer with a smart-ass remark. "Yes. And I'm a freaking immortal with five hearts and strange black rope things in the place of my bones, muscles, and inner organs."

"…" While somewhere far away a certain missing nin sneezed, Negi looked at the ground, and sniffled a bit. Then, he took out his training wand and said, pointing it towards a piece of paper near Naruto's feet… "Ardescat." The piece of paper immediately caught fire.

"!!!" Needless to say, Naruto jumped, and after a good ten seconds on looking alternatively at Negi and the piece of paper… He began to stomp out the fire. After it was taken care of, he stared at Negi wide eyed. Negi was glad that it took so little to persuade him. "Then… You were telling the truth?!"

"… Yes…" Then, Naruto got a little more startled when little tears started to form in his eyes. "I'm sorry! I don't… I don't know what happened, and what this card is! The only thing I know is that you're tied to me some way, now!"

"…" Naruto was starting to get really worried. "Ehm… So, there's something like… A curse on me, now?"

"I… I don't know…" Negi sniffled a bit, finally revealing a bit his true age. Naruto was sweating a lot. "… I think… I think it would be better if you came with me…"

"E-Eh?!" Naruto began to freak out. Follow him?! Follow him where?! "W-What… Why should I do that?!"

"I… I don't know what could happen to you if we got too far away from each other. Right now you're well, but there are some spells who are triggered by distance…" Now Negi was crying a bit more. "P-Please! I… If you come with me, I'll manage to discover something about what happened! If something happened to you… Not only you would get hurt or worse, but I would probably get turned into an ermine!"

"…" Now, Naruto's mind was elaborating various pieces of information, all of them at the same time. The child was a mage. The child had, by mistake, cast a spell on him. And he had said that something bad could happen to Naruto and that he would get turned… Into an ermine? Whatever. That was not the point. What mattered was… He was asking him to follow him somewhere he didn't know for kami knew how long… And the following morning he was finally going to become a ninja… He didn't want to leave. Not after he had finally managed to become one… But, there was the matter that his life could be at risk. No life, no ninja, and not Hokage… But, the stab at his heart were Negi's tears. So, in the end, Naruto asked himself, 'What would the Yondaime do?', already knowing the answer. And for that… He sighed deeply and a bit sadly. He would of course give priority to his life rather than his ninja-status… And to Negi's problems as well. "… When were you planning on departing?"

"Eh? Then, you…" Negi tried to say. Naruto replied sarcastically…

"What do you think? I don't think I'd like being dead. And I don't know about being an ermine, but it doesn't sound so great…"

"Ehm… Right… Well, I was planning on departing tomorrow morning, so that I would arrive immediately in Japan on my way to the school…" Negi rubbed the back of his head, a lot of embarrassment still there, even if he had stopped crying, somewhat. And suddenly, he felt a hand on his head.

"And by the way, stop crying! After all, you're the only one who I can depend on for solving this matter! You can't get all depressed, right?" Naruto gave Negi a big grin and a thumb up. Negi stared at the blonde for a few seconds… And the smiled.

"A-Alright!" While Negi's mood turned a bit for the better, Naruto, inside, was crushed… He was going to leave Konoha… And probably miss his only chance at being a ninja.


The following morning, after a good needed night of sleep… Well, as much sleep as Naruto managed to catch, the blonde and Negi had had breakfast, then washed. Then, while Negi dressed himself, Naruto was packaging his things… And Negi suddenly interrupted him.

"Naruto-san, I think it would be better if you got dressed in some of my clothes." Naruto raised an eyebrow at Negi, while he go out of his bag an outfit almost identical to his own, only that this one was in a strange tone of red… What was the name? B-Bor… Mah.

"Why the hell should I wear that? And, aren't your clothes a bit too small for me?"

"These should suit you fine. Anya-chan bought it for me, but it's too big. After all, if you have to pass as an acquaintance of mine, you should at least dress like me… And we should think of a new name too."

"…" Naruto scratched his head. It made sense… "Just give me the damn thing." So, he took the outfit, provided with tie and shoes and another cloak, this one white, and put it on as fast as he could, providing himself a few problems with the white shirt. Once he had finished packing and closed the curtains, it was time for… Departing.

"So… You're gonna cast one of your spells?"

"Y-Yes. Please, stay near me. We have to be transported together." Said that, Negi took a hold of the big staff he carried around. And suddenly, like the day before, a strong wind began to blow from a circle of light that appeared on the ground. Only that, this time, Negi was saying something in a language he had never heard of before. And suddenly, in the blink of an eye, they were there no more. Naruto Uzumaki and Negi Springfield left Konoha, leaving behind a vacant apartment, a vacant place in the team placement and a just recovered ermine.


"John Smith?"

"Naaa… It sounds lame…"

"John Wayne?"


"Harrison Ford?"

"Good god, can you at least think of a name that bears a little resemblance to mine?"

Usually, during a situation as tiring as trying to decide a new name and Negi picking out just dumb ones, Naruto would be screaming, but he was managing to whisper. Well, that because of two things. One, because it would be strange hearing two kids talking about fake names. Negi had explained to him that some mages, just by knowing your name, could discover many things about you… Even spy on you and read your mind. Second, Naruto was more interested in what was around him. He had been since they had arrived in Japan. Not that anyone could blame him. Everything was so different… Clothes, houses… And the thing that was carrying them now, what was the name? A train.

"Hmmm… Something with the same first letters?" Negi began to think about it… And then slightly punched his right open palm. "I got it! What about Neil?! Neil Summergale."

"Mmmm…" Naruto thought about it for a while. Well, it had a good sound… "Hmmm… Alright. I'll use this name… By the way, it sure is lucky that they talk my same language, here. I don't know a word of... What was the name? English…" It was just so hard for Naruto to talk that language. No syllables or anything… Everything a flow, in that language. "I mean, they even go like… Woah!"

A harsh movement of the train sent some girls flying into Naruto and Negi, causing a faint blush to appear on their faces, cause their heads were bosom-height.

"Damn, this place is crowded…" Naruto and Negi slowly walked away from the girls, still blushing. And he couldn't help but notice some older girls looking at them and giggling… Then, they suddenly grinned at them, scaring them both. And Naruto could swear to have seen that same grin on Ino and Sakura when they were around Sasuke, sometimes.

"Hey, kid. Your little brother should have dropped off at the previous stop, you know."

"The only stops left are middle and high schools."

"My little… Ah." Naruto stopped in mid sentence. They took us for brothers? But we don't look anything like each other…



Suddenly, an enormous gust of wind lifted Naruto's coat… And all the girls' skirts, causing Naruto to blush as red as a tomato. What the… Then, he turned to Negi, who went 'Ah'.

"…" He suddenly grabbed Negi by the scarf and began to shake him like a rag doll. "THEN, I WAS RIGHT ABOUT SOMETHING, THE FIRST TIME I MET YOU! YOU ERO-YOUJI!(1)"


While Negi was about to lose his breakfast, and the girls still tried to find out what was that wind, a voice coming from a speaker broke the semi-silence.

[UNext stop: Mahora Academy Central[/U

"N-Naruto-san… It's our stoooooop…"

"Uh? Really?" Saved by the speaker. Naruto put Negi again on the ground just in time for him to recover before the doors opened and lots of people rushed out, Negi and Naruto included… And they suddenly found themselves in hell. People running at high speed everywhere, some of them even running on rails and roofs. Naruto had never seen anything like that.

"What the hell?! All these guys are going to school?! They're all students?!" Naruto believed to find himself in the middle of a battle.

"Seems like so… It's so chaotic, school in japan… Ah! But we have to hurry too! I have my first lesson, this morning!"

"Lesson?! You're here to study?!"

"No! I'm here to be a teacher!"


And, so, Negi and Naruto run trough the crowd of people, headed towards their destination, Mahora Academy.


Naruto knew Negi from like… One day. And he had already discovered a few things about the child. One of those was that whenever he sneezed, it meant trouble of the perverted kind. And that girl violent like Sakura-chan existed. In the arc of… Half an hour, the boy had made one girl angry and then stripped her to her underwear (bear underwear, by the way…). And right now, they were in the principal's office with the girl and a friend of her. The principal was a strange man… At first impression, it gave off the same aura as the Sandaime, in his eyes, but by his actions, he looked completely different. Like, trying to hook up his grand-daughter with a 10… No, nine year old… Well, it was a joke, after all…

"And by the way, Negi-kun… Who's the blonde boy with you?"

"Uh?" Naruto awakened from his thoughts, realizing everyone's attention was focused on him. Negi immediately reacted.

"Ehm… This is a friend of mine. He likes to travel a lot, and so, he asked me if he could come with me in Japan. He's very curious about the Japanese scholastic system, so he politely asked me if he could be my guardian. Right, Neil-kun?"

"Ehm… Yes. My name is Neil Summergale. It's a pleasure. I'll help Negi in every way possible." Naruto grinned and gave everyone a thumbs up.

"Hmmm… Understood. Well, I suppose there's no problem. It's his first assignment… Well, let's start right now. Let me introduce you to our staff guidance officer, Shizuna sensei. Shizuna-kun!"

Negi turned around in a flash at the sound of an opening door… And for the second time that day, he found himself between a pair of mountains of flesh called breasts.

"…" Maybe it really isn't his fault… It's like his destiny to find himself in these kind of situations.

"If there's anything you don't understand, you should ask her. Oh, and one more thing." The old principal turned towards the two girls. "Konoka, Asuna-chan. Can Negi-kun stay in your room for a while? We haven't decided where he's going to stay yet."

Hell broke loose again. Naruto plugged his ears with his fingers till the jii-san silenced them… Then, something occurred to him.

"Ehm, ano-sa, Jii-san. What about me?" Even the two girls returned their attention to Naruto. The taller girl was afraid of having another brat in her home. The other girl, named Konoka, didn't say anything and just smiled. "I mean… I don't have a place to stay either… I mean, if you have a spare one it's okay, otherwise I'll arrange myself somewhere…" Well, I slept out even for a week, after all… I loved that tree branch.

"Ohohoh. Don't worry, I already thought about that as well. You'll get a notice after the end of the lessons. Now, you should hurry. Classes are about to start."


In a hurry, Negi, Naruto, Konoka and Asuna were out of the room, bringing with them Shizuna, leaving the principal alone… Who couldn't help but wonder why the two youngsters had told him a lie, about the blonde one's identity.

It doesn't look dangerous at all… But it still itches this old man's curiosity. Hohoho…




"… Konoka-san, what's with your friend?"

"Asuna is very easy to tick off… And she can be a little resentful, but deep down, she's kind…"

"Veeeeeeeeery deep down, I could say…" She is like Sakura-chan… Just less pretty and less intelligent and less kind… She only has her brute strength and temper…

"By the way, Neil-san… From what you said, you travel around the world… I mean, at your age you should be in junior high…" Konoka changed the subject, a bit because it would be useless to talk about Asuna because she was just like that, and a bit because she really was curious about the twelve years old blonde.

"Ehm… Right, but… What can I say, I love travelling. Ahahah…" Let's just hope that she doesn't ask about the places I visited, because I have never even been outside Konoha…

"But, don't your parents say anything about it?" Konoka asked. Ah, the innocence… Naruto just grinned at her.

"Don't have any."

"E-Eh?" Konoka got a bit startled by Naruto's sudden answer, to the point that she almost tripped.

"I'm an orphan. Never had any parents or any other relatives. Been alone since I was a newborn, so no one is gonna complain, don't… Uh?" Naruto interrupted himself and then blinked because… And then sweatdropped because… Because Konoka was on the verge of tears, with eyes completely filled with water.

"Uhhhh… THAT'S SO SAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!" And then the girl really broke out crying.

"… Ehm, come on… I mean, if I don't cry, why should you? It's alright." Naruto patted Konoka's back, in comfort. Then, he noticed that he had a tissue sticking out of his right pocket. It came with the outfit, probably… He handed it to Konoka. "Here."


"Ehm… It's a gift." No way I'm putting it back in my pocket, now…

"I refuse to live together with someone like you! Go camp outside with a sleeping bag or something! I'm going ahead! See you later, sensei!"

"A-Asuna, that was mean… Excuse me, Neil-san. See you in the classroom…" Said Konoka, before hurrying after Asuna. Naruto scratched his head and approached Negi.

"What's with her?" It was Negi's turn to ask. Shizuna-sensei just smiled. Naruto just crossed his arms.

"Uhuhuh… That girl's always rowdy, but she's really a nice person." The woman handed Negi something. It looked like a little book… Like one of those Iruka-sensei had. What was the name? "Here, take the class roll." Yep. That. "Will you be ok as a teacher, Negi-kun?"

"T-Thanks… I'm… I'm a little nervous." And frankly, Naruto was too. Mainly because we would have to keep up a masquerade for god knows how long. And there was that card that had become the symbol of a time bomb… Yes, he wasn't going to be so easy… And when he looked inside the classroom, and noticed that the class was full of girls, he got nervous again. Oh, man… I don't know why, but the girls always have the irresistible urge to hit me, whenever I'm around… Well, those who actually notice that I exist… And Negi's gonna be their teacher? Wow… Naruto walked behind Negi, and started breathing deeply and slowly. Ok. Gonna act like a guardian… So, first thing, shield Negi from the 200 sure blackboard duster trap. I always did that whenever a new teacher came…

So, when Negi opened the door, Naruto put a hand in front of him and didn't let him walk forward. The blackboard duster hit the ground, under the stares of a good part of the class.

"Please, Negi, don't come in till I say you so." Naruto walked in before Negi and Shizuna, who just peeked inside the room, observing Naruto's actions. The blonde walked inside the classroom, and began to look around, under the stares of the whole class. He picked up the duster and held it in his hand while thinking. "Hmmm…" A good choice in the duster, a perfect synchronism between the fall and the opening of the door… I'm looking at the work of a professional prankster, here… But, unfortunately for them, I'm the king. At this level… "There are three more traps, right?"



A lot of people went eyes wide open at this. Especially two mischievous twins. Naruto went on his knees.

"I made this same trap when I was like… 7. After the duster, the rope on the ground that…" He pulled the rope, and a bucket full of water fell from nowhere and two arrows were shot in oblique to the point where the falling man should have been. "Release the bucket and the arrows. A little masterpiece… If I wasn't the new teacher's guardian I would actually praise you…" And that's when the proof of the fact that Naruto can't act cool for more than two seconds when he was not caught into something became a truth. He pointed to the two girls he had seen boiling in rage when he disabled the traps, laughing at them. "Ah! As if! You'll need years of practice to get to my level!"

"Ehm… N-Neil-san, is it safe?"

"Of course. Come in, Negi. Shizuna-neechan." Negi and the older woman walked in, and suddenly, a girl with long blond hair raised her hand.

"Ehm… Shizuna-sensei, are you going to be our new…"

"No, Yukihiro-san. He is going to be your new sensei." She then turned to Negi. "Negi-kun, introduce yourself."

"Ehm… Right." Naruto made way for the younger kid, who walked behind his desk and swallowed, before talking. "U-Um… I'm… I'm… My name is Negi Springfield. From today onwards, I'll be teaching mag-… Uh… English at this school. I'll only be here for three terms, but it's nice to meet you all."

"And I'm his guardian. The name's Neil Summergale!" Naruto pointed to himself with his right thumb, grinning like he usually did.


Silence. Complete silence. A complete silence while the girls stared at the two young boys… And then hell broke loose with an almost collective 'Kyaaaaaaaaaaa! He's so cute!'.

"!" Even if Naruto was supposed to defend Negi, he didn't dare to get in the way of the cuteness-crazed girls, who suddenly swarmed Negi, and suddenly began to pester him with hugs and questions. "… Well, it's not a life threatening situation, so… Ouch!"

It seemed that not all the girls joined the hug-fest. Some remained seated for a reason or another. Like, the two twins, who had just hit Naruto behind the head with a bag. Naruto turned towards them glaring… And the two twin girls just stuck out their tongues at him.

"… Why, you…"



Naruto was about to beat the shit out of the two brats, or at least try to do so, when Negi's voice called him back to his… Duty. The girl from before, Asuna… Had grabbed Negi by the scarf and was shaking him while asking for explanation about him taking the place of the beard-man from before and what had happened with her clothes.

"H-Hey! Let him go!"

"Eh? Mind your own business!" Asuna shot back. Naruto just got angrier and approached Asuna, trying to pull off her arms from Negi. But to no avail… It seemed like the girl was as strong as him. But a ninja was supposed to be stronger than a normal person…

"I'm his guardian, you know! This is my business!" What the hell is with her strength? Does she train strangling children everyday?

"L-Leave me alone! I want a clear explanation…" What the… He's younger than me, but I'm struggling to keep my hand on the brat? "And by the way, you're strange too! How can you be someone's guardian when you're just twelve?! You're supposed to go to junior high, at this age! Don't your parents tell you anything?!"



Everyone turned towards Konoka, who had broken down in tears again.

"S-Sniff… Asuna, Neil-san doesn't have any living relative… He's been alone from birth… PROOOOOOOOOOOOT!" Naruto sweatdropped again. He felt sorry for the poor tissue… Suddenly he felt in danger when lots of girls from the classroom, the same ones who had hugged Negi before, turned towards him with tears in their eyes. And even more suddenly, he was in the middle of another hug fest, with tears, this time.

"Noooo! Poor thing!"

"Is it true?! You never met your parents?!"

"Ehm… No…"

"And you lived alone since birth?!"

"Well, I spent the first five years in the orphanage… Then I moved out to live on my own…"

"Waaaah! That must have been so hard for youuu!"

B-Breath… I can't breath… There are too many…

"…" Well, it seems that we are welcome… But I don't know why, but I feel like we're both in danger, Naruto-san…

"Everyone, return to your seat. You're making trouble for sensei and his guardian."

In the meanwhile, one girl among the ones who had stayed in their seats, was observing the blonde with a more careful eye than most of the class… She knew that there was a couple things about this 'Neil' that she wouldn't be the only one to notice, but she was certain that she was the first one to do so.

His hands… This is no ordinary boy, de gozaru…


"Sigh… I guess I failed my first lesson…"

"All because of that Gorilla-girl… Seriously, what's with her? She acts like a brat…"

Naruto and Negi were sitting by a fountain in the middle of the school grounds. And Naruto couldn't help but feel the urge to get revenge.

"Alright! That girl is on the top of my hit-list, after those twins! I'll beat them to a…"

"T-That would be too much, Naruto-san… She's still my student…"

"Yep. A student that you gave horns in the class roll… By the way, where are you going to work on my situation? Eh?"

"Right…" Negi got out of his pocket the 'Naruto card', like they had begun to call it. "Well, I already got something out of the way. Whatever it happened, it wasn't a life threatening spell."

"Hm? How do you know?" Naruto blinked.

"Well, first, because to cast a curse you need to be full of ill-intention towards that person… And second, I don't have the ability yet to summon the magic power needed to cast a curse…"


"N-No! Even if it's not life threatening, it could… For example, it could a curse that morphs you into an ermine each time you get out of a certain range…"


"I'm Uzumaki Naruto! Mighty ermine-morphing power ran… Ehm, ninja! And I'm gonna kick your ass with the ermines' power!"

"Ehm… Yes. That would be bad… Uh?"

Naruto turned into a certain direction, and Negi followed his gaze. They saw a girl walking with an enormous pile of books in her hands.

"Isn't that a girl from your class?"

"Yep, she's… Miyazaki Nodoka-san… But isn't it dangerous to walk around with such an high… !!!" Negi couldn't finish his sentence because, like he thought, Nodoka tripped and began to fall to the ground from her raised position. "I knew it!"

"Darn! We've got to… Uh?"

Negi acted before Naruto. He unleashed his staff and gained a burst of speed that let him catch Nodoka before she hit the ground, all in the few seconds before she hit the ground.

"… Wow… That was cool!" Naruto ran to Negi's side. "You can do stuff like that too?!"

"Well, yes. I… !!!"



Asuna would have beat the shit out of Naruto for sure, if her attention wasn't focused on what Negi had just done. So, she picked up the younger kid and his stuff and ran away.

"H-Hey! Where the hell are you taking Negi?!"

"S-Sensei? What…"


Naruto turned around. The girl was unhurt, it seemed.

"Are you alright? Can you stand?"

"I think so… Ahi!"

"Ahi… I think you sprained your ankle…"

"It's… It's nothing, I can walk on it…"

"…" Naruto looked at the girl and at direction where Negi had run to… The girl needed help, but Negi too… He turned around, so that he would be giving Nodoka a good vision of his back. He made a single hand-seal, and a bit far, inside a tree, a Kage Bunshin came to life. This should do it… Then, he offered Nodoka his hand to get back on her feet. And then, he picked up all her books. "Come on. Where were you supposed to bring all these things?"

"Ah… It's alright, I…"

"Nope. Not a chance I'm going to let you fall again. It was a good thing Negi and me were around. Just lead the way."

"…" Nodoka blushed a little, embarrassed that she probably shouldn't have been walking around with all those books, like Neil-san said. "A-Alright. The library is this way…"


"… Damn…"

Naruto had never been a book type of guy, but even he couldn't stay unimpressed. That library was huge and full of books of every kind.

"This place is amazing… I've never seen this many books in the same place…"

"Our academy has a long story. It has been founded by Europeans long ago. That's why we have this many books… But, on Library Island there are thousands of times more…"

"… Library Island? As in, an entire Island full of books?!" Naruto went wide eyed at that.

"Y-Yes. And it has many underground levels too… Some even unexplored. No one knows how many books there really are… That's what the Library Exploration Group tries to do. We want to map every level of the island."

"That sounds cool…" Naruto scratched the back of his head. "Eh. It's a shame I don't like books. I could have joined…"

"!" Nodoka looked a bit taken back by this. "You… You don't like books?"

"Naaah… I mean, I really don't see the sense in rea… Ding…" Naruto has been scared, as in really scared, just few times in his life… But he had never been scared like that. Nodoka had managed to become even more frightening than Sakura-chan on a bad day in two seconds, and all Naruto could see was the lower part of his face. … Memo… Never talk bad about books around her… And is this killing intent I sense?

"…" Nodoka walked to a shelf and climbed a little ladder. She picked a book and climbed back down. Then, she picked out a paper from a desk. She handed them both to Naruto. "Take them."

"Ehm… As I said, I…"

"TAKE. THEM." Naruto picked the two objects out of Nodoka's hands so fast that he would have put a certain green beast to shame. He observed them. The book was called 'Don Quixote'… And the paper was a form… A form to join the Library Exploration Club. "You will read. And you will join."

"Ehm… Thanks?"

"Good." Nodoka returned to her usual timid self. "Now, should we return to the classroom? They're waiting for you and Negi-sensei."

"Uh? Waiting for us?"


"Welcome, Negi-sensei! Welcome, Neil-san!"


If Naruto had been surprised when he had seen Negi walking alongside the Gorilla-girl without being strangled, he now was very, very surprised. They had thrown a welcome party for him and Negi. They practically dragged him in and put a party hat on his head and a drink in his right hand.

"Alright! An interview is due, Neil-san!" Suddenly, a girl dropped in front of him, holding in her hands a pen and a block notes. "I'm Asakura Kazumi! Number 3 of the class roll and number 4 in the breast rating!"

"Ehm…" Naruto blushed. "It's a pleasure, but… Was the info about your breast size really necessary?"

"Of course it was! Now, to the interview. How old are you?"


"Things you like and things you don't like?"

"RAMEN!" Immediately shouted Naruto, surprising even his interviewer. "And Sa…" Ehm… Maybe it's better if I don't tell anyone about my real past… Or bonds…

"Sa? Sa-what?"

"Ehm… Sashimi. And what I hate is the three minutes for the ramen to be ready…"

"Eheheh… Understood… Now, THE question. Do you have a girlfriend?" Kazumi grinned like a Cheshire cat, and Naruto blushed a lot.

"Ehm… No." I like Sakura-chan, but… I wonder when I'll see her again…

"Good! Now, what do you like in a girl?"

"Ehm… What kind of interview is this?"

"Sorry to interrupt you two, Kazumi-san… But I need to have a word with Neil-san."


Naruto turned around, and he saw… An enormous girl. From what Negi had told him, all the girls in his class were 14, but this girl was… Very tall, for a 14 years old. Very tall and… What was the word? Voluptuous. And why did she keep her eyes closed like that?

"I'm Nagase Kaede, de gozura. Can I talk with you for a moment?"

"Ehm… Sure?" Naruto got up from his seat, and when the girl began to walk away, he followed her.

"Hey! What about the interview?! … Oh, well. I suppose I can interview the baby teacher, for now… Negi-kun!"

Kaede kept on walking… And Naruto kept on following her. They went out of the classroom and into another vacant one. Only, this one was completely dark. Light came just when Kaede turned on the artificial one. The windows were all closed. Kaede let Naruto walk inside the classroom before her, and the she suddenly closed the door behind them.

"Neil-san… There was something I wanted to talk to you about, de gozaru…" Suddenly said the girl, walking past Naruto.

"…" Oh, god… If I remember right, Sasuke too was invited with a girl to a deserted classroom… He barely made it out of there alive! "W-W-W-What is it? I mean…"

"Well…" Kaede approached the metal closet near the far wall of the room, and she opened it... "It's about this." Revealing Naruto's Kage Bunshin tied up and gagged.

"!!! W-W-WHAT THE! MY KAGE… !" Naruto immediately covered his mouth. He was about to give his identity away.

"Hoihoihoi! I saw right, then! You're a ninja!" While saying that, Kaede kicked the Kage Bunshin hard, making it disappear. And Naruto felt royally screwed.

"N-Ninja? I don't know what you are talking about…" Naruto tried to cover for it, but Kaede just smiled in a weird way.

"No use in denying it, Neil-kun. I had a suspect when I saw your hands, but the Kage Bunshin I saw you make and I captured is a certain proof or your shinobi-tude, de gozaru."

"Eh? My hands?" Before Naruto could ask about his hands, he felt someone grabbing them from behind and showing them to himself. "!!!"

"There are a bit of small cuts, some that healed a lot of time ago. That means that you've been using sharp weapons for a long time."

"…" Naruto looked to the person to his right, the to the person to his left… There were two Kaede?! Then… "Kaede-neechan… You're a ninja too?"

"Glad you noticed…" Kaede's clone suddenly disappeared in thin air, and this made Naruto curious. Usually, they disappeared in puffs of smoke. "First, does Negi know you're a ninja?"

"No, he doesn't…" At least, I have to keep Negi out of this… What a mess! The first day here and someone already discovered I'm a ninja… Well, she's a ninja too. I couldn't expect something like that…

"I see. Then, second question." Kaede walked towards Naruto and got on her knees to be at his height. "What's your real name? And where do you come from?"

"That's two questions, nee-chan…"

"Ara, right. Then, your name. So? What is it? Hmm?" Kaede with each piece of sentence was approaching Naruto's face more and more. Naruto blushed and became uncomfortable.

"U-Uzumaki… Naruto…"

"Uzumaki… Never heard of a clan like that among the ones in Japan. And your Kage Bunshin was different from mine too… So, I take it you come from the Elemental Countries?"

"Uh? How do you know about them?" Negi told me that no one knows about magic or ninjas, much less about the elemental countries…

"Eheheh… It's a secret." Said Kaede, finally slyly opening one eye and bringing a finger to her lips.

"Well, no fair, then. I have to tell you everything and you don't tell me anything in return?!" Naruto, even if he had been discovered, wasn't the kind of guy to not complain. Kaede just chuckled.

"Right, right… Then, what about we make an agreement?"

"Uh? What kind of agreement?" Naruto blinked. This nee-chan was becoming more mysterious by the second.

"What about we tell each other everything? But not here. What about you come with me somewhere on Saturday morning?" Naruto scratched his nose. Kaede had gotten him, so… It's not like he was in the position to refuse. If he was exposed it could mean troubles for Negi too.

"Alright… Just, don't tell anyone! And keep on calling me Neil in front of the others!"

"Alright, alright. Neil-kun and Naru-bouzu, then. Now, let's go back to the classroom before they start believing I brought you here to do ecchi things."

"…" Naruto blushed. "Kaede-neechan! You're an ero-nin!"


After the class were over, and after lunch, it was time for returning back home. Negi and Naruto met up again, and they told each other everything that had happened that day.

"… Say it again."

"I got discovered too… By Asuna-san. But don't worry, she's a lot nicer than what she seems… OUCH!"

Naruto head-butted Negi with an autodestruction technique, almost knocking out the both of them. Their forehead were smoking even when they got back in a sitting position.

"We're both idiots…" Muttered Naruto. "This headache will be a reminder till it lasts…"

"Yes… Naruto-san, we should try to avoid using our powers/techniques… Or at least, to use them while going unnoticed by others, if not for an emergency…"

"I agree… So, I suppose she will let you stay in her apart… HEY!" Naruto forgot about his headache in a flash. "WHAT ABOUT ME?! WHERE AM I SUPPOSED TO STAY?!"

"Neil-san! We were looking for you!"


Perverted kid

De gozaru: archaic form of 'desu'

To be continued…

In the next chapter:

Naruto and Negi have to face lots of troubles in their first days at Mahora. Mostly because of girls. Lots of girls. Will they be able to make it trough? Stay tuned.