Life Bond

Two weeks later...

After resting for two weeks Phoenix felt better thus they continued their 'vacation', now they were at Walt Disney Florida.

Zodiac grinned as he held Mischa in his arms, they sild down the water slid all the way to the bottom laughing and giggling. Phoenix and Grim soon followed behind laughing and screaming in joy. At the bottom Zodiac and Misha splashed water on Grim and Phoenix, they all were enjoying themselves and loving each other more.

After spending two hours playing at the water parks, Phoenix then decided that it was time for Zodiac and Misha to get some lessons about Dinosaurs!

"This will be fun! They finally got it finished, Walking With Dinosaurs! We will meet a bunch of dinos and learn more about them."

"I already know a lot about myself dear." Grim teased.

"True, but we want Z and M to know."

Zodiac and Misha walked beside their parents, never taking a step back they walked hand in hand. As soon as they arrived at the place, Phoenix and Grim carried them in for the crowd was thick. They took their seats in the third row near the front and the show soon began.

After spending an hour or so, the show finished and they left heading to their hotel room. Zodiac acts like a T-Rex playing with Mischa acting like a Triceratops. Grim grins and hugs Phoenix as they reached their room, Zodiac and Mischa run into the room and jump onto the bed playing.

Phoenix looks up at Grim and smiles, Grim nuzzles Phoenix.

"You know Grimy, we should show the kids our DinoBot forms so they can get use to it when we get back to the Autobots."

"We should, but we still don't know what Z and M transform into."

"One way to find out." Phoenix said sitting on the bed letting Zodiac and Misha to sit next to her. "Z, M, you remember Uni?"

"You're other half?" Asked Misha.

"In a way he is. He is the one keeping me alive."

"You got that right!" Uni said in that young voice of his.

"Hello Uni!" Shouted Z and M.

Grim didn't fully trust Uni, for he is Unicron the World Eater. Grim remembers the battle he and the other DinoBots went through just to stop him from destroying Cyberton. He growls at the memory and soon laughs at his line he said when he attacked Unicron.

"I kick butt!" Grimlock stomps on Unicron's butt.

Phoenix, Zodiac and Misha look at him laughing, he looks back and smiles at them.

"That's right grimface, enjoy that memory." Uni said.

"It was fun, I still kicked your butt." Grim said with a smile.

Phoenix giggles as does Zodiac and Mischa.

"Alright you two. Uni can you tell us what Z and M transform into?"

"Sure, Zodiac is a dinosaur that is different. They just found a skeleton of it a few months back, I forget the name of it but I've seen some pictures of it."

Phoenix is concerned.

"What do you mean you forgot the name?"

"I don't know what's wrong, it seems I'm getting weaker in the memory. Anyway Mischa can transform into three dinosaurs."

Grim's jaw drops and Phoenix is surprised.

"Three?! She's a multi?!" Grim screamed!

Phoenix could feel Uni place his hand on his head.

"Wait, there is a disturbance in the force. Zodiac and Mischa are both multi's, three different dino modes."

Grim faints, when he hit the floor the impact shook the room, Zodiac and Mischa look over the bed at their father sprawled out on the floor.

"Papa?" Mischa asked fanning him.

Phoenix couldn't believe it either, both of them had three different dino modes, Phoenix didn't mind, she had many different modes as well.

After waiting half an hour Grim finally woke up to hear what Zodiac and Mischa transformed into.

"I told you the one for Zodiac, the other two are T-Rex and Cryolophosaurus. Cryolophosaurus the Frozen-crested lizard."

Phoenix coos at that, Zodiac was all meat eater.

"Mischa is of course a Spinosaurus, Eoraptor and Segnosaurus."

"Perfect, we are just one giant meat eater family." Joked Phoenix.

"Roar!" Zodiac yelled with a faint T-Rex roar. Zodiac covers his mouth and he mumbles. "Wow."

Mischa giggles and plays dino with Zodiac, Grim hops onto the bed and plays with them. He never had a childhood but playing with Zodiac and Mischa he felt like a kid. Phoenix rubs her chest and talked to Uni.

"Uni, are the Decepticons going to strike soon?"

"I don't fully know. But I do know that there is something more dangerous than the Decepticons right now. Since Starscream and Megatron are gone my best guess is that Blackout is in charge unless the Constructicons are leading."

"If Blackout is the new Decepticons I'm sure I can persuade him to form a truce with the Autobots, you and I both know that someone out there will be coming to attack us, and my best guess is that they will attack both groups, much like you did."

Phoenix could feel Slash, she had her kids not to long ago. Ever since Phoenix and Slash became 'sisters' they developed a bond to each other, much like a spark bond. But this bond tells you how the other is feeling and Phoenix knows Slash is happy.

"Grimy, sister Slash and brother Swoop had their kids."

"They did?! That's great! You hear that kids, you have cousins."

"Yay!" Z and M shouted together.

"Uni, you didn't tell Grim that Z and M can transform into jets."

"I forgot about that. Since you divided Starsream's spark in two and giving them each half. I guess they would be able to transform into jet mode."

Days later... Mothers Day... Location: Hawaii, USA

Zodiac and Misha swam close to shore knowing that sharks lurk in the waters, Grimlock decieded to come to one part of the island where no one would come so he and his family would spend time with each other and so Zodiac and Mischa could give Phoenix her Mothers Day gift. Phoenix swam in the waters deep, her sail slowly came out of the water and Grim sees it thinking it was a shark.

"Z! M! Out of the water! Shark!"

Grim runs out of the water fast but Zodiac and Mischa knew it was their mother, Phoenix slowly pokes her head out of the water and smiles at Grim. Grim looks around to make sure no one else saw his as a brief concerned coward.

"Papa why did you run away? You're a big and strong T-Rex!" Mischa said with a giggle.

Phoenix ducks back under the water and reemerges with Zodiac and Mischa on her Spinosaurus head. Grim smiles and transform into his T-Rex mode. He growls and happily walks over to Phoenix, she nuzzles him and he her. Together they swim with Zodiac on Grim's head and Mischa on Phoenix's head.

"Mama, brother Z and I have a surprise for you!" Mischa said giggling.

Phoenix looks over at Grim, he smiles his T-Rex smile and they both walk back to shore. As they sat Z and M down they ran off into the forest.

"Wait there Mama!" Shouted Zodiac.

Phoenix looks at Grim again and nuzzles him.

"Today is Mother's Day, we should congratulate Slash."

"Energy mail?" Grim asked.

"Sure, why not."

Phoenix looks into the forest as two small roars could be heard, a tiny Eoraptor came running out and right between Phoenix's legs, she looks down and between the legs to see the tiny Eoraptor.

Phoenix felt something nuzzle the side of her head, she turns slightly to see a still growing Cryolophosaurus. His red and tarnish yellow scales with black circles with white centers all over his back and tail.

Phoenix makes a Spinosaurus purr noise and nuzzles the dino and the Eoraptor.

"Happy Mother's Day!" The two dinos shouted.