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Harry and his friends were in Charms when Dumbledore interrupted

" Sorry for the intteruption Filus, but can I speak to Mr. Potter please?" Dumbledore asked

" Yes Headmaster you may" Flitwick said

Dumbledore's eyes twinkled and looked at Harry, " You should bring your things my boy"

" Yes sir" Harry said and began packing up all of his things and then followed the Headmaster out of the room

" Professor where are we going? This isn't the way to your office" Harry said and was quiet for a few more minutes and saw where they were headed, " Why are we going to the Hospital Wing?"

Dumbledore sighed, " You'll see Harry"

Nothing else was said until they got to the Hospital Wing. McGonagall was in the Hospital Wing with Pomfrey

" Well it's about time Albus, he's been very fussy, not wanting a bottle or letting Poppy check him over" McGonagall said

Poppy came over to the group, " He won't let me check his nappy"

" So I believe that he has his memories, is that correct?" Dumbledore asked

" Aparently but he really needs his nappy changed and he won't let me change it" Pomfrey said

" My dear you do realize he's only a three month old baby" Dumbledore reminded Pomfrey

Pomfrey glared at the Headmater, " Tell that to him and tell him to cooperate"

This talk didn't make any sense to Harry and he was really confused, " What are you talking about?"

McGonagall finally looked at Harry, " Oh Potter I forgot you were here... there was an accident in the Potions classroom that involved a messed up first year potion and the victim of that potion was Professor Snape" McGonagall said

Harry still looked very confused, he didn't understand what any of this had to do with him, in fact Harry didn't want anything to do with the Greasy Git, after all that Harry was put through last year, but he was still curious why he was taken out of Charms, " What does this have to do with me?"

" A lot" McGonagall said

" Harry come with me" Dumbledore said

They went to a bed with a closed curtain, when they opened the curtain it wasn't a regular bed, but a crib and in the crib was a glaring three month old baby with black hair

" Harry we need you to be Severus's guardian" Dumbledore said