The school year went on and it was driving Severus nuts that he had to go to bed at 10:00 every night and he couldn't eat sweets, because this was the time he liked eating sweets because this was the time when the students get rowdy because it's almost the Summer Holidays and they are sick of studying for the finals. Severus complained about his punishment to Harry one night and all he got was a 9:00 bedtime and another helping of vegetables

" You can't be serious, I'm not eating two helpings of vegetables and going to bed that early" Severus said

" If you don't do as I say, then you can be confined to your room right after classes" Harry said

Severus glared, " You can't do that, I have papers to grade, potions to make for Madame Pomfrey, I'm head of Slytherin house..." Severus listed more things

" You can grade your papers in your room, Professor Slughorn can make the potions just as easily as you can and he was your head of house, I'm sure he can be a substitute like he was last year" Harry said, " Or you can eat those vegetables and go to bed at 9:00 tonight and then everything can get back to normal"

Severus glared at Harry

" What would it be?" Harry asked

Severus sighed and started eating his vegetables

Harry grinned, " I thought so"

" I need sweets when it gets this close to finals" Severus whispered

" It's not yet finals week, I'll be lenient then" Harry said, " You can have sweets in two weeks from now... if you be good"

Severus sighed and resumed eating the disgusting vegetables and later that night went to bed at 9:00

Two weeks passed and Severus was finally able to eat sweets again, he was a candy-holic and bought out Honeydukes' toffee and chocolate and cleared the shelves of half of everything else, he only left the blood pops shelves full

" Wow Professor Snape, it's like you've been deprived of sweets" Flume who is the owner said

" I was... almost three months with no sweets" Severus said handing him the money, " Now it's finals week and I have to have sweets"

" Hmm, did Professor Snape just tell me what his weakness is?" Flume asked in a teasing manner

Severus glared, " I did no such thing and don't you dare tell a soul"

" Ok" Flume said with a grin as he shrunk the packages and gave them to Severus

When Harry entered Severus's quarters that night, he saw Severus eating the candy way too fast

" I wondered who bought all that candy at Honeydukes, I've never seen that place so empty" Harry said with a smirk then got serious, " You better slow down or put them away or you're going to get sick"

" I'm not going to get sick, I was little back then and this time I'm an adult" Severus said putting another toffee in his mouth to make a point

" Well how about you save some for later? Like during finals?" Harry asked

Severus grabbed a handful of Bertie Botts beans and put the rest of the candy away and started eating the beans

" There, happy? I put the rest away" Severus said

" You're still going to get a stomachache" Harry said

" Will not" Severus said

" Well did you at least eat dinner before you started stuffing yourself with candy?" Harry asked

Severus was quiet

Harry rolled his eyes and nodded and took his wand out and took the candy from Sev's cupboards

" HEY" Severus yelled trying to grab the candy

" You will have a candy allowance for a while" Harry said

" That's not fair, it's mine, I bought it, you can't do this" Severus said, " Potter I demand you give me my candy right now"

" Stop calling me Potter, Severus Snape" Harry warned, " I am doing this for your own good, and since you ate all that candy before you ate dinner, I think a week with no dessert will do the trick"

" But you said I can have sweets" Severus protested

" I'm talking about ice cream, treacle tart and things like that, I will still give you the candy allowance, but only if you are good" Harry said

Severus glared

" And now I think you should eat dinner... lets see, chicken with mashed potatoes, broccoli and pears" Harry said

" Harry I am an adult, I can take care of myself and eat what I want to eat" Severus said

" Fine then, but a healthy meal has a meat group, a vegetable, a fruit and sometimes even a bread group" Harry said

" You've been hanging around with Poppy for far too long" Severus said

" Two months" Harry said

" And you've been reading those parenting books far too long too last year" Severus said and he rolled his eyes and ordered his own meal of meatloaf, a bread roll, corn and pears, " There meat, bread, vegetable, fruit"

" Don't forget a glass of milk" Harry said with a smirk

Severus rolled his eyes and got a glass of milk, " You are driving me nuts and I think I just want to tell my conscience to shut the hell up"

Harry was confused by that last part

Severus just noticed what he said and his eyes went wide, " Never mind"

" No, what does your conscience keep saying?" Harry asked

" Nothing, just... just drop it" Severus said and he took his food and went and ate in his bedroom and locked the door where Harry couldn't get in even magically

" Sev" Harry started

" Just go away Harry" Severus said

Harry sighed and he did as he was told since it was obvious he wanted to be alone

Later that night Severus woke up with a very bad stomachache

" Why did he have to be right" Severus asked himself while going towards the bathroom and in the potions cabinet looking for a pain relieving potion which he downed in one swallow and looked in the mirror " Who am I kidding? He'll never agree to it"

The next day Severus changed the password to his quarters and stayed away from Harry as much as possible, he didn't even care that Harry had all of his candy, he just went and bought some more

A week later though Harry stayed after Potions class

" Severus what's gotten into you?" Harry asked

" Mr. Potter, you're going to be late for your next class, kindly leave" Severus said not looking up from his grading

" Why did you change the password to your quarters?" Harry asked

" Because I'm a grown man and I need my privacy, and I cannot get that when you keep barging in my quarters like that" Severus said with a glare, " Now kindly leave"

Harry looked taken aback, " Ok fine"

Harry left the classroom

Finals came and went and it now was the end of term feast along with the 7th years graduation

" It's fine, this will probably be the last time I have to see Potter and everything will get back to normal" Severus thought to himself

" You don't mean that Severus" Severus's conscience said

" Of course I do, he won't annoy me like he's been doing since his first year, I'll finally be free from him" Severus thought

" Is that what you really want?" Severus's conscience asked

" Yes... no... OH I DON'T KNOW" Severus thought

" Put it this way... would you like to start all over?" Severus's conscience asked

" Yes" Severus thought, " But he wouldn't want..."

" How do you even know that? You never asked him, you know how he's been treating you" Severus's conscience said

" Yah and it's been driving me nuts" Severus thought

" Because he's treating you like a kid" Severus's conscience said, " And you're not"

" No I'm not" Severus thought

" But you want to go back don't you?" Severus's conscience asked

" Of course" Severus thought

" Then you should go ask him" Severus's conscience said

" There's no time" Severus thought

" Of course there is" Severus's conscience said

" When?" Severus thought

" You know when, I'm just your conscience... I'm apart of you... you're thinking to yourself" Severus's conscience said

" I just hope I'm not talking to myself" Severus thought

After the feast everybody started heading towards the train

" This is my last chance" Severus thought and he got up and started heading towards the train where Harry would be at

Severus caught up with Harry and Ron and Hermione before they stepped on the train

" HARRY, HARRY WAIT UP" Severus yelled

There were students who were looking at Severus funny

Harry and the other two turned around confused

" Yes Professor?" Harry asked once Severus got close enough

" Stop calling me that" Severus said catching his breath

" Ok... well is there something you need?" Harry asked confused

" Um" Severus said he didn't really know what to say but he knew he had to say something, " Yes actually... but can we talk about this... somewhere else?"

" Talk about what?" Harry asked

" I'll tell you in a bit... Hermione, Ron you come along too... now where's Draco" Severus asked looking around trying to find his godson

He didn't have to look for long because Draco came up to them

" Hi Uncle Sev, what's up?" Draco asked

" You four come with me" Severus said

" Did we do something wrong?" Ron asked, " Do we get detention?"

Severus rolled his eyes, " No Ron, you don't get detention, just... come on"

The graduated students followed Severus and gasped when they stepped up to a portrait of a seeker

" Password?" The portrait asked

Severus smirked, " Snitch"

The Portrait smiled and let them in

" Ok now why are we in your old rooms?" Ron asked

" Because I thought it would be appropriate here" Severus said looking around the old rooms

" Appropriate for what?" Harry asked

" Harry what are your plans since now you graduated?" Severus asked

" Um... becoming the D.A.D.A. teacher here, why?" Harry asked

" What... what about... family plans?" Severus asked awkwardly

" I don't know... I haven't really thought about having a family... I'm only seventeen" Harry said

" Lots of people have kids when they're teenagers right?" Severus asked

" I guess so... why?" Harry asked

Severus took a couple deep breaths, " Harry I know I've been a bastard to you for... well since you started school here... and... I know I was a troublemaker last year when I was deaged... but... Merlin this is hard... last year... and some of this year was the only time I felt... loved... like I actually had a father... My life was terrible until I was deaged, I was beat up when I was a kid, in school I was teased by Potter, Black, Lupin and Wormtail... mostly by Potter and Black and then my adult life I was a death eater... not some pretty happy times... the reason why I brought you here today... is to ask you a life changing question"

Severus paused

" Yes?" Harry asked

" Harry... I know you're going to be a great father when the time comes... how would you like the time to be well... as early as... now?" Severus asked

" What do you mean?" Harry asked

From the looks of it it looked like Hermione knew the answer and it showed on her face

" I mean... I don't want to remember my life... I want to start new... have... have a real second chance... but this time, not remember anything and not age rapidly but at normal pace" Severus said

Harry gasped, " You mean... you want me to be your father... for real?"

Severus nodded

" That would be... wow... that would be great... but... how are we supposed to deage you and erase your memories?" Harry asked

" With our help" Dumbledore said coming in

Everybody turned and saw Dumbledore, and the rest of the staff

" What is everybody doing here?" Severus asked

" We've come to say goodbye Severus" Dumbledore said with a twinkle in his eye

Severus looked confused

" Severus we want to help you deage, we know you have had a bad life and we want you to have a second chance" McGonagall said

" The deaging a year ago was a test to see if Harry was the right father for you" Pomfrey said

Severus and the graduates gasped

" You mean, you planned for Sev to be deaged?" Harry asked

" No, that was an accident, but it was perfect, we always wanted to give Severus a second chance after Voldemort was destroyed, we knew he certainly deserved one... we just didn't know how we could do it... but after some tests, we found the perfect permanent potion" Dumbledore said and he held out the vial with the blue liquid in it

" This will deage you to a one year old Severus, you will have no memories of this life" Pomfrey said

" But when you're older and if Harry so chooses and explains things to you, we can give back your memories of some of the happier moments or the bad moments... if you wish" Dumbledore said

" And they will not make everything confusing with your new memories" McGonagall said

" Well Severus? What do you want to do?" Dumbledore asked

Severus looked at his coworkers and his boss and some who were even his teachers and then he looked at his former students and mostly at Harry who was going to become his dad

" Are you sure you want to do this Harry?" Severus asked

Harry smiled, " You mean daddy?"

Severus smiled, " I take that as a yes then?"

Harry nodded

" So who's going to be my godfather?" Draco asked

" Draco, you're not going to have Sev as a godfather anymore... you're going to be his godfather" Harry said with a smile

" Uncle Draco? Now that's something to get used to" Severus said with a smirk and ruffled his godson's hair

Hermione was in tears at this point, it was so bittersweet

" We're going to miss you Professor" Hermione said

" I doubt that... but thanks all the same" Severus said

Everybody gave Severus a hug, much to Sev's complaining and after Dumbledore conjured a set of baby clothes and nappies Severus rolled his eyes, said goodbye, took a deep breath and took the potion

In the place of the Potions professor everybody loved to hate, except for three Gryffindors and a Slytherin and the teachers, there sat a little baby one year old boy

" Gee, he looks familiar" Harry said with a smile and he picked up his son, " Hello Severus Tobias Potter"

" Dada" Severus said with a smile

Well... this is the end... and I'm crying because it was so fun to write... but there is a sequel.