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So, without further delay...

This is it! I can't believe that I am FINALLY done with my university and ready to start my final trainings to become an Auror! I never thought that this day would come. It sees like forever ago that Harry had defeated Lord Voldemort in the Great Hall. Was that really only two years ago? I don't believe it. I refuse to believe it! Maybe it is because I finished my schooling a full year before either Ronald or even Harry himself.


Harry was the one who had done most of the work during the battles. He was the one who sought out the Horcruxes. Had it not been for him, the wizarding world would probably be under the reign of You-Know-Who. Ron and I were only there to keep Harry from jumping off the deep end and running, head first, into something that he wasn't fully able to understand yet. But when the time came, he gave himself up to save us all.. It was an interesting twist that, by allowing himself to be killed, he was able to come back and finish the job himself. He really put He Who Must Not Be Named in his place that day and, because of his acts, he was given full entry into Auror training as soon as he was willing to go. Thankfully, the same courtesy was extended to Ron and myself, but I think it was more of a show of respect towards Harry than it was a nod to the skills of Ron and I. Either way, I took the offer for extended education and ran with it. I mean, who was I to ever stop learning?

I can't believe that I am FINALLY going to start my training!!! I don't know what else to think! It was probably my bookish ways that paid off for me. I finally put myself first and stopped helping the boys with their homework. They aren't happy with me right now, but they will get over it. I just hope I don't end up their direct boss. That would really wind them up! Not only do I finish school before them, but I am to be trained by someone who, I was told, has an in depth and particularly immense knowledge of the Dark Arts and what the Death Eaters are capable of. I was also informed that my mentor knows all of the inner workings of what evil wizards and witches would do to cover their tracks and feign innocence. If I didn't know any better, I would swear that my instructor was to be Severus Snape, but that is not possible... He was killed by the Dark Lord himself during the final battle at Hogwarts!

Why is it I do all my thinking in elevators? It is fortunate for me that I arrived so early. These Ministry elevators are usually packed with witches, wizards and those silly paper airplanes that I can never help but chuckle at. Actually, if it hadn't been for Minister Shacklebolt, I probably wouldn't be here this early. He knew how badly I hate crowds these days. Everyone always asking me to recount the year leading up to the fall of Lord Voldemort...it really has started to wear on me! I am just happy that I have known the Minister for quite some time now. He was able to get me in when he arrived this morning. Well, at least I will have some time to think before my new tutor arrives.

I hate elevators. This one seems worse than any others I have ever been in if only for the simple fact that the voice which announces the floors doesn't seem to be awake yet. What floor is this, anyways??? Oh. I see now. Forth floor. Just two more to go and I will be where I need to be. I hope my new teacher doesn't expect me to be perfect on my first day out. What if she expects me to know everything already? I mean, I know what I have read in my books. I have studied so hard...much harder than I ever did at Hogwarts. How else would I have been able to finish a year early? But what if she expects me to be able to best the remaining Death Eaters today? OH for Merlin's sake!!! What if that page that Ron ripped from the appendix of my Guide to Concealment and Disguise book held the answers to whatever questions that she will pose to me today? OH RONALD!!! I really hate you sometimes...

Level two! At last! I am here! Now, was it the second hall on the left and then the third door on the right? Or was it the third hall on the right and the second door on the left??? Oh, why didn't I write it down!

"You look lost."

I know that voice. But it can't be possible! He isn't supposed to be here! What if they see him? Maybe that is why he is here so early...so that he can take what he wants from the place and be gone before the REAL Aurors arrive. I can't let him see that I am scared. No. I am not scared. I am NOT scared of HIM! It is almost 6am and the Auror who is to be training me should be arriving any moment. She will help me scare him off.

"I said, you look lost. Really, Miss Granger, if you don't know where you are going, perhaps you could kindly move out of the way so that those of us who aren't lost can get where we need to be? I am supposed to be meeting someone here shortly and I do so hate being late."

"You have no business here, Malfoy."

"That is Mr. Malfoy, if you don"t mind. I was kind enough to address you as Miss Granger and not any other name. The least you could do is afford me the same respect."

"Fine, MISTER Malfoy." That'll show him. But why is he here? What business could he have? He can't be meeting with the Minister. His office is on the First Floor. UGH! This man is driving me mad! And why do all these hallways have to look the same? Why can't they put up signs directing people where to go? It must have been the third hall on the right... Oh well. I can go back. But what if I run in to HIM again? I don't want to see him any more than I want to see the women's healers at St. Mungo's. They may be called healers, but they aren't any better than the Muggle OB/Gyn's that my mother tried to take me to when she learned I was seeing Ron.

I am lost. I NEED to remember to ask Kingsley, I mean MINISTER Shacklebolt, that he really needs to make the place easier to navigate.

"Still lost, I see. Where, exactly, are you trying to go, Miss Granger?"

Is that a sneer on his face? Yes, it is... He is so much like his son, it isn't funny. Well, actually I suppose it would be Draco who is so much like his father, now wouldn't it? Either way, I don't like either one of them. Why is he here, anyways? He can't possibly-

"MISS GRANGER! This is the second time in just a few minutes that you have outright ignored me. I have killed for less, you know."

"I'm sorry, Mr. Malfoy." Why am I apologizing to him? Oh the hell with it. If I can find out where I am going, then maybe I can finally be rid of the man. "I am trying to get to the Auror's office."

"Really? Well, what a coincidence. That is where I just came from. Apparently, the new student I was to meet with is late. Or maybe she was just...lost?"

Why is he looking at me like that? I learned long ago that Mr. Malfoy always has himself in mind, first and foremost. That twinkle in his eyes can not be anything good. Wait. Did he just say that he was expecting a student?

"I...I don't understand. New student? YOU?"

"No, no, Miss Granger." Why does he have to say my name like that? It is almost hypnotic! "I am no student. I daresay that I finished MY education long before you were even an erotic evening between those Muggle parents of yours."

"Don't you DARE talk-"

"Come now, Miss Granger." There's my name again! Why isn't he calling me Mudblood like he usually does? "I only mean that I am here to instruct you and that you would be wise to listen closely to me. I merely wanted to illustrate to you that I have knowledge way beyond your years and, if you truly are the eager learner that Draco always said you were, it would prove most beneficial for you to hear my words. Shall I show you to our...classroom?"

This can't be happening. I thought I was to have a FEMALE teacher??? Certainly there must be a mistake. Mr. Malfoy is a Death Eater! He isn't an Auror! I need a piece of parchment. I can send one of those airplanes up to Kingsley, I mean the Minister, and get this straightened out. I don't want to be left alone with that MAN! That Death Eater! That...that... Has he always had that nice of an ass? OH stop it, Hermione! He is evil! This has to be a trap! It has to be!

"Miss Granger, did you get enough sleep last night?"

"Y-yes... Why do you ask?" Oh goodness... I hope he didn.t see me staring at his posterior...

"It is just that you seem to be having problems concentrating. I would really like to get to our lessons. I have much to teach you and there are only so many hours in the day for you to learn from me. Now, if you would just follow me, we can get started. You really wouldn't want to keep the Minister himself waiting, now would you?"

"The Minister? He is here? You mean this isn't a trap? You are really here to teach me???" Gee, Hermione, don't sound so shocked. You know that there are things that only someone like Lucius Malfoy could teach you. Things that he has seen. Things that he has done. Things that he could do... Is it getting warm in here?

"Just come along, then. I will take you to our training facility and you can speak to the Minister since it is painfully obvious that you don't believe my intentions to be anything less than malicious."

Did he just smile at me? I have to be imagining it... Well, I guess I have no choice but to follow him. Things will be figured out once we see the Minister. And it was the third hall on the LEFT!!! I knew it.

He really is tall, isn't he? Almost statuesque...Almost. I don't think I have ever met someone as poised as Malfoy before... And look at that ass! NO! Don't look! What is WRONG with you, Hermione? He is a killer! He is a criminal! He is the best looking man in the entire wizarding world! And he is RICH!!! UGH! His Galleons don't matter!! He is vicious! He is heartless! He is looking at me! Did I say something out loud? Why is he smiling again!?!

"See something you like, Miss Granger?"

"I - uh - what?"

"I saw you looking at me. I must remind you that I am now your superior..." He is smiling again... "not that I haven't always been superior to you. But now, let us put the past behind us. It will do neither of us any good to discuss blood status here. Not when we must work so...closely...for the coming months and the foreseeable future. Just go have a seat and try not to stare so obviously in front of the Minister, now will you? He and I have some things to discuss before he turns you over to me."

You really are stupid, Hermione. Maybe I didn't get enough sleep last night... Why else would I be looking at Lucius Malfoy like that? I have Ron! I don't need to be looking at a Malfoy like that! Especially not THAT Malfoy! He is arrogant! He is cruel! He is so sexy! Those midnight blue robes really do bring out his eyes...

Those eyes...

I can't stop looking at him! I wonder what his eyes look like just before he climaxes? Does he scream when he reaches his peak or is he more of a moaner? I can't imagine Lucius Malfoy making any noise at all, actually. He probably does his thing, gets off and is done with you. He doesn't seem the type to care about anyone but himself out in the world. Why should he be any different in bed?

Was he just looking at me? I really should pay more attention rather than getting lost in these thoughts... But I really do have to wonder? Everyone knows of the Malfoy fortunes, Malfoy Manor, and even everything else associated with the name Malfoy. Everything is bigger than big. It is the best! Could he be trying to make up for his...short comings in other places??? I mean, his wife left him. Maybe he isn't as well endowed as all those snobbish Pure-Blooded witches let on... And how would they know? I mean, I suppose there is a decent sized bulge in the front of his robes, but it is hard to tell from this angle... If only he would turn slightly to the right... There you go... That's what I want-

Was he just looking at me again???

"Hermione..." I always did like Kingsley's voice. "I heard that you didn't take to kindly to my appointment of Mr. Malfoy as your instructor. Well, I can assure you that Lucius will train you better than anyone else I have on staff. After everything you, Ron and Harry have done, I didn't think it would have been fair to team you up with just any Auror. You know more than most of them anyway. Lucius can, and will, show you things that will help you ascend to the highest ranks possible in the shortest time allowed. Just trust him and know that he means you no harm. Isn't that right, Lucius?"

"Yes, Minister. Now, if you will excuse us, I have a few things that I would like to discuss with Miss Granger before the morning slips much further away from us."

So, it is true! Lucius Malfoy works for the Ministry now! Who would have ever believed it? He is looking at me again. I see his mouth moving, so I know he must be saying something. Maybe if I just sit here and nod a little every now and again, he won't notice that I am not paying attention.

Those eyes... They are like pools of molten silver. I feel like I could get lost in them forever. I wonder what he looks like with his hair messed up? Would he mind if I just reached up and stuck my fingers in his hair? I bet he is a good kisser... That mouth of his looks like it could please for ages! Those supple lips... If he kisses anything like he insults then any woman lucky enough to enter his bed would probably never know any greater oral pleasures. His tongue alone could probably bring me to completion more efficiently than Ron's cock could.

"...so you will need to be sure that you always are ready with a hex or two. Do you understand me, Miss Granger?"

"Yes I do, sir."

Sir? Why do I have to resort to calling him sir? It is only by an unfortunate coincidence that he is training me. I am sure that my addressing him as such is only increasing his sense of self worth. The lowly Mudblood finally learning her place in society. I would like to put him in HIS place. I could do it now, you know. He would never see it coming! All I would have to do is just grab my wand and stun him! I am decent with my nonverbal spells. He wouldn't know what hit him! Then I could fully investigate what he is hiding beneath those robes. Yes. I would first pull that ridiculous ribbon from his hair and allow those luscious locks to flow freely around his shoulders. Then I would remove...no RIP those robes from his body and allow myself to caress every bit of his chest. I bet he works out. I can't seem to see any ripples of fat on him through those robes. And they appear to be tight robes! My hands would traverse from his hair down to his chest where I would suck on his nipples. Ron doesn't let me do that enough. He says it tickles him. I don't believe it. I just think he doesn't like foreplay at all. Doesn't he realize that I need more than just a few minutes of contact?

Why am I thinking about Ron when I have Lucius Malfoy standing in front of me? Oh those eyes!!! How I would LOVE to look into those eyes as he pressed himself against me. Better yet, I would LOVE to see those eyes peering up at me from between my legs. With a mouth like his, I am sure he is a VERY cunning linguist. And those HANDS! I have seen the way he handles that cane and his skill dueling with his wand. He KNOWS how to use those hands of his... Imagine THAT mouth and THOSE fingers!!! It is getting hot in here again... But, oh Gods! Why am I thinking about him like this? I REALLY must not have slept well last night! Or maybe it is because Ron barely looks at me anymore. He doesn't know how to please a woman. I bet Lucius does... He is older and has a child, so it is obvious that he has successfully performed the act at least once. And I can't imagine him being married for so long and only copulating once... I bet he is FABULOUS between the sheets!

"Now, Knockturn Alley is a place where a lot of the lower class witches and wizards like to congregate. I will be taking you down there later this afternoon, so be ready. I will show you some of the more...popular...haunts and show you how to enter into their good graces so that you don't get yourself killed."

"That is always helpful."

Ugh! That VOICE! How I would LOVE to hear that voice saying my name over and over as he climaxed inside of me. I bet I could seduce him. I am not ugly! I actually think I have rather a nice body! Lucius would be a fool to turn down the chance of a shag with me! Even if I am just a Mudblood to him. I am still young and attractive!

I would start it, of course. I am not the type to just sit back and let things happen. I could approach him right now! Just walk up to him, wrap my fingers in his beautiful blond hair and pull his head to mine. Then I would initiate the kiss and let him take over. I would imagine that Lucius Malfoy would want to take things from there. He, also, doesn't seem the type to just sit back and let someone else control things. It would be quite the experience! Each of us fighting the other for dominance... He could throw me down on that desk in the corner. It is empty and I am wearing a skirt today... How easy would it be for him to just slid his hand up my thigh and pull my knickers off? Then he would have full access to my womanhood.

I wouldn't give it up without a fight though. I would want to feel those hands on me before I allowed him to just fuck me like some Knockturn Alley whore. I am above that! I am above them! I am a force to be reckoned with between the sheets and not one to just roll over and be done with. I could kiss his chest while he fondled mine. I could use my hands to guide him down to my sex and allow him to devour me, using his fingers in ANY way he desired. Before he got me to climax, though, I would stop him and throw him down for my OWN enjoyment! I would suck him so well, he wouldn't even remember his own name. Starting at the tip and working my way down... I would take ALL of him in my mouth, cupping his testicles and using my hands to drive him to the brink of insanity, allowing him to spill his seed down into my waiting and willing throat. Then, before he could fully recover, I would climb over him and impale myself on his still throbbing erection. He would probably try and pull me off of him so that he could control the sex, but I wouldn't let him. At least not at first. He would need to know that he is NOT the alpha in this sexual encounter. I would ride him until I felt like I was about to explode and then, and ONLY then, roll him on top of me to finish me off... I would wrap my legs around his hips, bringing my own hips up to meet his with every thrust... Rubbing my hands over his perfectly toned back... Scratching my nails over his back and arms... Feeling his manhood throb inside of me as my own muscles convulsed around him... And is he smiling at me again???

"But perhaps, Miss Granger, before we begin any of those lessons, maybe we should brush you up on your Occlumency skills???"

Oh shit... It really is hot in here now!