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"Mr. Malfoy, what are you doing? You are scaring me and-"

"But that is the point," he says as he continues to walk towards me. "You have made a serious mistake in trusting me: the Death Eater."

Did he just call himself a Death Eater? I knew it! I KNEW that Lucius Malfoy would not repent. This has all been an act! And I have him cornered now. He is here in the Ministry and I can apprehend him! That would be a fabulous start to my career… Capturing a Death Eater is always a good way to garner support and this isn't just any Death Eater! Oh, but it is barely past six and no one else will be here for almost another hour. That's alright though. I can tie him up and have my way with him…Wait. No…tie him up and hold him here. Yes. That's it.


I watch with a satisfied grin on my face as the ropes fly from the end of my wand towards the advancing Death Eater. My happiness is short lived, though, as he wordlessly casts Protego and I quickly find myself bound and completely at his mercy.

"Tut tut, Miss Granger. I would have thought you were better than this. Surely you are aware of my skills with a wand. I would be hard pressed to think of an instance since we began working together where your eyes were not firmly attached to some part of my body. You must know how aptly I can handle myself. Now…Where were we?"

He is still walking towards me, but now there is no way for me to get away from him. In rebounding the spell onto me, I have lost my wand and am now laying rather uncomfortably on the cool marble floor of the Ministry of Magic. If Ron could see me now, he would probably die in a fit of laughter. But there is nothing funny about this situation. A very powerful and very angry Lucius Malfoy has me completely at his mercy! There is no telling what he is liable to do! I am scared beyond words, but I can't help the slight feeling of arousal at the mere thought of being held by him. There were stories about what the followers of Lord Voldemort did with the witches they captured, but I don't think… No. There is no way that Mr. Malfoy would attempt to rape me practically directly under the nose of the Minister himself. He has to know that I would tell Kingsley and that would land the smug Malfoy straight back in Azkaban for his troubles. So, what could he possibly be on about? I learn far too quickly.

"Ah yes. I remember now. Crucio."

The spell was barely more than a whisper, but it was cast nonetheless. The pain is almost unbearable, but even as it crashes over me and I scream out in agony, I can't help but feel that something is off. Before I can think on it any longer, the pain subsides and I am left panting at the feet of the arrogant aristocrat. He doesn't say anything; he simply looks down at me with an unreadable emotion playing behind those piercing gray eyes. I don't know what prompts me to do it, but I suddenly feel the urge to taunt him. Before I can filter out what is right from what is stupid, the words fall from my mouth.

"What's wrong, Malfoy? Having performance problems? Can't keep it up like you used to?" I laugh at him before continuing. "Your lovely sister-in-law was better at this than you are!"

His eyes widen as he reaches down with one hand and pulls me back to my feet. Even though the curse was not as intense as I remembered it being, it still hurt like hell and I am having problems maintaining my balance. It also doesn't help that I am still bound by my errant spell. He looks deep into my eyes and leans me up against a desk. Then he surprisingly reaches down to the floor by my feet and retrieves me wand for me. Pointing the thin piece of wood in my direction, he ends the spell and hands me back my wand. His gaze never leaves mine; his body is so close that if either of us were to move, we would be touching. The fire is still lit in his eyes and his features seem to be steeling themselves for whatever it is he is planning on doing. Somehow I don't believe that I am going to escape with one rather weak round of the Cruciatus Curse. Lucius Malfoy is not a man who does anything half heartedly and this can only be the beginning of a day of pain for me.

"Do not mock me, Miss Granger." His voice is low and controlled but not leaving any doubt to his anger at my previous statement. "I am fully aware of your lack of experience where matters like these are concerned, but you would do well to never insult my…performance again. Lest you live to regret it."

He stops his chastising long enough for a spark to ignite inside of him. I can see it in his face, his eyes and even his mouth as just the slightest curve of a smile is now visible in the right corner. He has changed his plan for me! Thank the heavens; there will be no more torture! I am sure he will probably Obliviate these past few moments from my mind, but that wouldn't be all bad, would it?

"Are you scared, Miss Granger?"

"Why should I be?" That was an odd question. "What reason do I have to be scared of you? You have freed me from my bonds AND given me back my wand. I am pretty confident that I could hold my own against you in a duel. Plus, I don't believe you are stupid enough to try anything more violent than what you have already done this morning. Besides all of that, you probably won't leave me with a memory of this anyways, will you?"

He throws his head back and laughs at me. Wait.. He is laughing at me? At ME?? What in the name of Merlin's wrinkled backside could possibly be so funny?

"Oh Hermione…" Did he just call me Hermione? "You think that I mean to Obliviate you? That I would take away a memory of you lying at my feet after I have tortured you? Oh no, dear child. I feel that that memory would serve you well when paired with what I am about to do to you. You see, I may be a former Death Eater, but I am also a wizard. My skills with a wand are second only to my skills as a man. I admit that the curse was a bit lax, but I assure you that was because anything more powerful would have been considered actual torture and couldn't be construed as educational. However, if there is a fault to the security measures taken by the Ministry, it would be that they only take into account magical torture and not physical. They don't seem to feel that Muggle brutality is really all that bad. Pity really…"

His voice may have trailed off, but his hands are doing a different kind of trailing. In one swift motion, both of our wands are thrown across the room and land perfectly on top of Lucius' outer robes. His now empty hands are beginning to feel their way up my arms and onto the bare skin of my neck. Weaving his fingers into my hair, he pulls my face up towards his and whispers into my ear.

"You do not think that I have forgotten your thoughts, do you? I am also very aware of your dream from the other night about me taking you in my own bed. That is awfully presumptuous of you to assume that even in the dream realm I would allow a Mudblood into my bed. But don't get me wrong, Hermione. Your thoughts have stirred something in me that I haven't felt for quite some time."

What have I done? What is he going to do? Is he really going to act on physical desires? I can feel the beginnings of what is promising to be a glorious erection waking up and pressing into my stomach from beneath his trousers. Could he really want me?

"Stop thinking so much, pet. You are giving me a headache."

And with that, his fingers dig into my scalp and he presses his lips firmly against mine in the most searing kiss I have ever experienced. I feel as if I have been Stunned and I would believe as much had I not born witness to our wands being thrown across the room. Lucius' tongue caresses my lips and as soon as I part them, he nips at my lower lip with his teeth. He delights in my whimpering and continues his seemingly endless assault on my mouth. The wonderfully warm hands that had been firmly ensconced in my hair are now working their way back down along my neck and over my shoulders. They continue to move down my body and I whimper again as he passes right by my breasts without so much as a touch. He chuckles into my mouth a bit while his hands find the bottom of my blouse. Gripping the material firmly, he pulls his arms apart and sends buttons flying haphazardly about the room.

Stepping back from me, Lucius appraises my choice in undergarments. He shakes his head, mumbles something about needing to see the entire picture and quickly wrenches the remaining material of my shirt from my body, sending it to pool on the floor not far from us. A smile fully appears on his face and I delight in how his features change by a simple curvature of lips. This is a face I could get used to seeing and I know that it is my body that is evoking that happiness in him. I know it is happiness because just as soon as the blouse hit's the floor, he is back on the offensive and setting about lavishing attention to my person. His hands are everywhere on me all at once and I am getting dizzy from the pleasure building in my core. Just as I move my hands up to tangle in his hair, however, he spins me around and pushes me harshly against the desk.

"I told you I would show you what happens to witches who are captured by Death Eaters. You didn't honestly believe that it was only magical torture, did you? But I hardly think this would be torture for you, knowing your thoughts as well as I do. Just know that I will not be gentle with you simply because you desire me. Most witches would love to be in your position, Hermione, but you aren't most witches." He leans down and his lips bush my ear as he continues to taunt me. "You are nothing but a little Mudblood whore."

I feel his hands, so soft against my thighs, reach under my skirt and rip off my knickers. Before I have a chance to adjust to the shock of the sudden de-clothing, his manhood is pressed swiftly inside of my sex. That bastard didn't even check to see if I was ready! Thank Merlin that the man arouses me, because otherwise that could have seriously hurt me! His pace is fast and relentless as he pounds into me from behind. Fingers are digging into my hips with every thrust from him and I know that there will be bruises. I just can't seem to care at the moment. As his cock buries itself deep within me, the friction caused by his sac hitting my clitoris is bringing me to a fast climax. If he doesn't cease soon, it may well mark a record for the fastest it has taken for me to orgasm ever! The tension is building; I can feel myself begin to convulse around him but just before the release can truly come, he pulls out of me.

"What… Why? Please, Lucius…"

His hand, still encased in leather gloves, comes down hard on my backside. "How dare you waste your pleas on me? Don't you know who you are dealing with by now, witch? You will get no sympathy from me. I fully intend on taking what I want from you and you will find release only after I have. Am I understood?"

Before I can answer him, he whispers a lubrication spell and thrusts back inside of me. But this is different, more painful. He pillages my backside with his raging erection and the pain quickly subsides to be replaced by mounting pleasure. As he thrusts into my no-longer-virgin anus, his fingers reach around and mimic the motion in my increasingly sensitive vagina. The effect is good, but he is only using one finger to play with me. There isn't even any attention being paid to my clit. It would appear that he is teasing me and will truly only let me come once he has! What a selfish… "Oooh. That feels so good…"

"You like this, do you witch? Perhaps I am being too nice to you? Maybe I shouldn't have lubricated you before pushing myself….deep….inside….your….ass." He punctuated every word with a deep, hard thrust. "Damn you, Hermione… You are so tight. Gonna make me come too soon." And he pulls out again.

His hands find my arms and he flips me over to face him; my back is now flat on the table I was just leaning over and clinging to for dear life. He steps away from me and walks across the room. Grabbing his wand, he casts a cleansing spell and returns to stand above me once again.

"Get on your knees, woman, and place your hands on my hips." I do as I am told, all too eager to complete the task I am so hoping he will assign me. "You will not remove your hands from my body. To do so would bring about a severe punishment. Am I understood? Good. Now, take me in your mouth and do not stop until I am finished."

A smile plays on my lips and I take his glorious erection into my mouth. Knowing that he said I was to keep my hands on him at all times, I slide them around and grasp the smooth skin of his phallus with my right hand and use my left to cup his sac. I take him between my lips, putting as much of him as possible into my mouth and using my hand to give him the friction I know he desires along the remainder of his cock. My Gods, he is so big! I can't believe he had that….that…THING inside of me! The female body really is an amazing thing!

I start to move faster against his penis. Removing my left hand from his balls, I reach around and cup his ass instead. And what a perfect ass it is! So firm… I would love to just take a bite from it! But not now, no, for I am too busy taking more than I can handle into my eager mouth. If he doesn't come soon, I may suffer lockjaw! That wouldn't be pretty. I could see it now… The med witch would ask what happened and I would have to tell her that my jaw seized as I was going down on my senior Auror while he was enlightening me of the dealings of the Death Eaters with their female captives. Yeah. That would go over REALLY well. If only… Yes… If I relax my throat a little more, I can get more friction against my lips… Maybe if I sucked a little harder?

Lucius sharply breathes in and grabs at my head. His fingers, I fear, are going to be stuck in my hair forever at this rate!

"Hermione." He sounds so unsure. This must be working. I take less of him into my mouth now and use my right hand more for the feel for him. I can tighten my hand around his cock to simulate what I am doing to the tip with my mouth.

"Hermione…Stop that." His hands leave my hair and he tries to push me away, but I am having nothing to do with that. He put me in this position and, damn it, I am GOING to take everything he is going to give me!

As I moan against his flesh, I hear him try to tell me that he is about to come and that I should stop. I shake my head and increase my movements to bring him to climax faster. Once he is done, I can only hope that he will return the favor and finish me off in a similar fashion. If he chooses not to, I can always ask for a break and go to the loo to take care of myself.

His body goes rigid and he fills my mouth with his warm and salty seed. I raise my eyes to lock with his and he watches in amazement as I not only take it all, but swallow it down as if it is the finest wine ever made. The now semi-limp appendage falls from my lips and I stand to face him, wiping the remnants of his release from my lips and licking my fingers clean of him.

"Well, that certainly was different. You mean to tell me that the Death Eaters force their slaves to perform oral sex on them and then make them stop when they get to the best part?" I smile up at him mischievously as he stares at me through hooded eyes.

"That was brilliant, witch. It truly is a shame that you are a Mudblood. With skills like that you would have made a good mistress. Then again, who is to say that I still couldn't claim you for such a task?"

"Mr. Malfoy, must -"


"What?" He is confusing me. My name isn't Lucius.

"Call me Lucius. After all, I did just have my dick in your mouth…among other places."

"Lucius," I say smiling, "must I remind you that I am with Mr. Weasley? I mean, Ron? And after what you have just left me with, I fear that I will need a few minutes to go and attend to this ache you have bestowed upon me."

"If you feel the need to finish yourself off, don't let me stop you. I daresay that I might actually enjoy watching the act! However, I feel that you may enjoy something else a little more."

He crosses to me once again, although he wasn't really that far from me in the first place. Once again I find myself flat on my back on the floor, but this time, he is there with me. I watch in awe as he positions his newly acquired erection at my opening and pushes inside of me once again.

"Oh God!"

"I believe I asked you to call me Lucius. Although 'God' will suffice." He smiles as he brings his mouth to mine and begins to kiss me while his hips thrust him in and out of me. With all that I have been through over the past… How long have we been at this? It doesn't take me long to reach completion. My orgasm rocks through me and my muscles clamp down hard on Lucius' still moving hard on. His pace quickens as my release slows and soon he is throbbing inside of me. He kisses me gently before hastily pulling out and catching his own release in his now ungloved hand.

It takes me a moment to gain my composure again, but once I do I begin to get up. Lucius is in front of me offering his hand in assistance and my wand. With a flick from both of us, we are once again clean and dressed and just in the nick of time. Just as Lucius finishes pushing a lock of hair back into his ponytail, the door bursts open.

"What in the bloody hell is going on in here?"