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Bella felt nothing but dread when she heard the doorbell ring. Every so often she would send glares in Alice's direction however, none seemed to affect her as Bella hoped.

Renee had left minutes before so she and Phil could go to Port Angeles on their date. She had kissed Bella's cheek and wished her good luck, sending her a wink on the way out the door. Esme went to go greet Bella's unwanted guests.

"Welcome." Esme stood aside so Lauren and Jessica could enter. Lauren just simply stared at her with a dull expression. Jessica was a little better.

"Hello." Jessica smiled. "I still can't get over your house."

And I still can't get over your crap. Rosalie thought as a false smile curved her lips. She completely understood Bella's discomfort with Lauren and Jessica there. She glanced meaningfully in Alice's direction. Alice's only response to Rosalie's previous argument to not invite the bimbos went something like, "-the more people, the more gifts... and everyone likes more gifts."

Bella stood up nervously. "Hello."

"Bella?" Jessica looked dumbfounded. "Wow." She made her way to Bella and gave her an awkward hug.

Even Lauren looked impressed. Bella smiled at her, eyebrows raised and a hand on her hip. Lauren quickly composed her expression and that wicked smirk found its way back to her lips.

"You clean up well." She sounded reluctant to say something that may be taken as a compliment to Bella.

"So do you." Bella's comment had a double meaning and no one in the room but Esme missed it.

Alice giggled lightly and Rosalie smiled appreciatively at Bella. Angela and Jessica looked down, nervously.

"Hmm." Lauren glared.

"Well," Esme looked between the two girls uncertainly. "Let's get this party started."

The atmosphere remained awkward after that. Music played and conversation was made but Bella couldn't help but feel uncomfortable. Lauren would find ways to embarrass her with small comments and glare at her when she thought no one was watching.

Rosalie had enough of it and 'accidently' tripped Lauren when she decided to dance out on the floor. She screamed when her drink spilt over her dress. Jessica bent down behind her and tried to help her clean up.

"Oh my God!" Rosalie's false concern almost sent Bella in hysterics. "What happened? Are you ok?" She sent a quick wink in Bella's direction and then focused her attention back on a glaring Lauren. Her face is going to permanently stay like that.

"I'm fine." Lauren growled and stood up.

"I'll show you upstairs so that you can change." Alice stood up and helped the two women upstairs, making faces behind their backs the whole time. Bella bit her tongue to stop the laughs that were threatening to pour out.

"Wow." Esme sighed in amazement. She turned to Rosalie and frowned.

"What? She's being a–" Rosalie stopped at Esme's raised eyebrows.


"A very rude and unpleasant female to be around." Rosalie corrected herself.

"Right." Esme nodded.

Bella sighed. "She's being a donkey." She contributed into the conversation without even thinking.

Esme laughed and patted Bella's knee, looking down and shaking her head. Rosalie looked at her like she had a third eye. "A donkey? Really Bella? A donkey?"

Alice came down the stairs and sighed dramatically. "The drama queen has agreed to wear one of my dresses and insisted on trying on some Jimmy Choos."

"Who's he?" Bella asked with true confusion.

Alice looked at her like she was going to have a heart attack.

"What?!" Bella didn't like that within two minutes she had gotten two vampires to look at her almost repulsively.

"I can't believe–" She stopped and her eyes closed. "She wouldn't" Before any of them could ask what was wrong, Alice hurried upstairs.

Rosalie heard footsteps move upstairs torwards the back of the house. Alice's room was on the other side of the house and Rosalie and Emmet's room was on the second floor which meant...

"Why on Earth are those girl's in Edward's room?" Esme whispered. Unfortunately, not low enough.

Bella's head snapped up. "What?" The Hell?

A minute later, Jessica and Lauren came down the stairs, Alice right behind them. "They got lost."

"Looking for the bathroom." Jessica finished lamely, hoping to redeem themselves. She really hadn't wanted to enter Edward's room for fear of getting caught but Lauren kept pushing and the curiosity was quite overwhelming...

These girls have nerve. Esme thought, observing Lauren's sly smirk and Jessica's guilty expression. And the night keeps getting stranger and stranger.

Bella was pissed. She observed Lauren's new outfit and tried to think of ways to strangle her with it. She couldn't believe Lauren had the nerve to come into her home and snoop around her fiance's room. During her bachelorette party.

Alice could literally feel the anger rolling off Bella. And rightfully so that her sister should be angry. She smiled. Just as she was about to scold Bella on her lack of fashion sense, she had a vision of her opening gifts. It wasn't of Jessica and Lauren as the rest of the family thought it was. No, she had heard the them sneaking around upstairs and decided to stop their fun before they actually found something worth gossiping about. Anytime now Alice's vision would become reality.

She giggled and clapped her hands, giddy. "Present time!"


Bella sat on the couch with presents surrounding her. Not a lot to become overwhelming but enough to make her worried and anxious. She picked up a black bag by her feet and pulled out the card.

"May this gift provide you and your soon-to-be husband a pleasurable and fulfilling experience." Bella's cheeks were flaming red. "Rosalie."

Bella threw her wary look before opening the bag. After finding her way around the pink tissue paper, she pulled out a set of black lingerie. A black corset, black-laced underwear, and black stockings. Angela and Jessica oohed and ahhhed.

Not so bad. Bella smiled at Rosalie.

"Keep looking."

Bella frowned slightly, her smile still in place and continued looking in the bag. Her smile slowly fell as she pulled out black, fuzzy handcuffs. There was a note tied to them. 'Short tempers need to be tamed'

Bella's eyes widened and Alice giggled.

"Keep looking." Rosalie smiled at Bella's face. The pureness of such a creature was fascinating.

Bella gasped as she pulled out a white whip with another note tied to it. 'Naughtiness has its perks.'

So much for it being not so bad. "Thank you, Rosalie." Bella croaked.

She decided to play the next one safe and held up a wrapped box. 'Esme' it read. Bella tore off the paper and opened the lid. A card was placed on top of white tissue paper. Bella opened it and automatically teared up as she read it aloud.

'Bella, I already consider you my daughter and am so grateful my son has found such a charming and beautiful young woman to marry. I know you will forever make him happy as well as this family. Esme.'

Words that had been spoken already yet, even as Bella heard them again, she felt even more loved and accepted.

"Thank you, Esme."

Lauren rolled her eyes and coughed.

Bella ignored her and removed the tissue paper from the box. Underneath was a book. 'My Pleasure.' Bella blushed again and showed off the book, passing it around. Once it was Angela's hands, she flipped through the pages greedily muttering something about needing to teach Ben a lesson. Everyone's eyebrows rose in her direction.

Bella laughed quietly. "Thank you again, Esme. At least someone's getting some use out of the book."

Angela blushed but continued flipping the pages.

"Do mine next, Bella." Jessica shoved a pink bag in Bella's hands, smiling. "Unfortunately, mine doesn't come with a card."

"That's ok." Bella looked warily into the bag, pulling out a package.

'Penis Blowers.'

Bella stared blankly at the item in her hand and repeated the name in her head. 'Penis Blowers.'

"Huh. That's- wow. That's nice, Jessica."

Alice burst into a fit of giggles.

"I thought it was too." Jessica smiled, oblivious to her confused audience. "Whenever you're feeling adventurous, just blow."

Alice doubled over and grasped for Rosalie who was also laughing. Esme was trying to contain her laughter, the result: her body shaking lightly. Lauren looked at her friend with wide eyes and Angela's mouth dropped open in amusement.

"Huh." Bella replied. "Just blow? That the answer to everything?"

Jessica smiled and gestured to the bag. "There's something else."

God help us. Bella pulled out another package. Please.

'One-on-One Underwear.'

Oh good Lord.

"It's so you and Edward can fit into one pair of underwear. That's what it's designed for. Just something to have fun with." Jessica announced.

Bella looked at her incredulously. "Fun." She repeated.

"All while being covered. Well, at least down there."

Bella swallowed and picked up another bag. "Thanks, Jessica."

She smiled, pleased with her gift choices.

"Next is... Lauren."

Lauren's eyes flashed as she grinned. "Hope you like it."

Bella pulled out a box. She frowned at it before opening the lid. Inside was a water pump and two breast bags.

"It's to enhance what you have or, in your case, supply what you don't."

Rosalie was about ready to let Lauren have it but Alice held her back. Esme and Angela gasped in surprise at her rudeness, Jessica looked away, embarrassed.

Bella blinked back tears and met Lauren's stony gaze. She refused to back down and continued looking in the bag. There were three boxes of Kleenex. Did Lauren think I would needed them for when I started crying my eyes out? Bella scoffed in her head.

"If something were to happen to those," Lauren gestured to the open box. "I didn't want you to worry. I bought you tissue to stuff in your bra instead. Somewhat the same effect and at least then your husband could entertain himself with the idea that he might have something to look at."

"Lauren!" Jessica hissed.

Bella felt her mouth dry and again, her eyesight became slightly blurred. She knew she would never match to the Cullen's beauty and the reason Edward picked her to live his life with still astonished her. But she had finally accepted herself and now Lauren was out to ruin the new self confidence.

"You're a bitch." Bella heard a voice speak.

"Excuse me?" Lauren looked at her.

Oh crap. "You're a bitch." Bella was surprised to hear the words leave her mouth again.

Lauren stood up an towered over Bella. Bella rose too and matched Lauren's stance. Everyone else watched, waiting. Alice smiled at Rosalie and Esme in assurance that Bella would be fine. They settled back in relief. Rosalie didn't care much for the dramatic 'whatchya-gonna-do-'bout-it' posture Lauren had but at least she knew that Bella would be able to protect herself now.

"I have done nothing wrong to you and yet you find me as a threat–"

Lauren scoffed. "A threat my a–"

"Shut up. I'm not done. Yes, a threat. How else would you justify your behavior torwards me? I know you hate me but I don't know why."

"You are the most-" Lauren started but Bella cut her off again.

"And I don't want to know why. What I do know is that I am getting married in a couple days to a wonderful man and I will make damn sure that you do nothing to destroy my day. Your words hurt and your actions just as cruel but you are pathetic." Bella took another step closer to Lauren. "I want you out of this house now."

Lauren seethed. Bella spoke to her like a child and she hated being undermined. "You are not worthy of Edward. Never was, never will be. You are weak, hideous, and one of the most–"

Tears blurred Bella's vision for the last time as she snapped. Her arm went flying and her fist came into contact with something. She was pleased to hear Lauren scream 'ow.'... It must've meant she'd actually thrown a punch right; Bella couldn't tell trough her tears. She wiped her eyes and was surprised to see Lauren sitting on the ground, holding her jaw.

"I can't believe you just did that!" She screamed as Jessica helped her up.

Alice, was once again, stopping the occasional giggles that were escaping her lips. Esme and Angela looked shocked but they both held a look of pride in their eyes. Rosalie just sat back and inspected her nails. She, too, was proud of Bella but as she mentioned before, she was never one for a 'dramatic leave.' When someone asks, or, in this case, tells you to leave, you leave. Simple as that. And yet, Lauren found some way to have the attention go to her. Rosalie sighed and shook her head.

"Just because you're the Chief's daughter, you think you can go around throwing punches! I will be talking to my father about this, Bella. I swear to God, I will." Lauren huffed as Jessica tried to lead her torwards the door. "I don't know who you think you are! I don't care if your goddamn wedding's coming up you fuc–"

"Alright, let's go." Jessica's voice rose nervously and she opened the door. "Bye Bella." She gave her an apologetic smile.

"Slut!" The door slammed behind them.

It was quiet and the fact that there were crickets chirping outside only made the scene more ironic. Bella breathed in a deep breath. "Wow."

Alice started laughing. "I'm sorry. I can't help it." Soon, everyone else was laughing too except Rosalie.

She continued looking at her nails. "Ahahaha." She mocked and rolled her eyes.

Bella couldn't believe how crazy her party had been. She laughed and cried all over again. This is what Alice must've seen. She sent an appreciative glance her way.

Alice suddenly jumped up and set a bag in Bella's lap. "Do mine next!"

Bella, suddenly much happier now that certain people had left, looked through the bag greedily. A large spinner took up most the bag and she pulled it out. 'The sex Game.' Bella frowned at Alice. "Name's original."

"You and your partner take turns. Whichever one it spins on is the one you must perform. Read the choices." Alice's smirk was not comforting.

Bella automatically blushed when she started reading. The words, "lick" and "suck" came up a bit. She bit her lip, frustrated with herself when some of the ideas actually seemed appealing to her. Clearing her throat, Bella continued looking in the bag.

She frowned when she held up an object in her hand. 'Rabbit.' "Gah!" She threw it back in the bag and looked at Esme fearfully.

Esme was laughing along with Alice and Rosalie. Angela looked just as mortified as Bella.

"Thanks, Alice." Bella hissed, her face flaming in embarrassment. This only set the Cullen's in more hysterics.

"Bella." Angela whispered once they had all settled down. She handed her a flat box, wrapped neatly in gold paper. "One more."

Bella sighed, trying to calm herself as she opened the card lying on top.

"Bella, you are an amazing person and friend and I am very grateful to have met you. I wish you and Edward the best of luck in life."

She smiled at her friend and carefully unwrapped her gift. Underneath the paper was a beautiful, black wired frame. On the corners were cream colored, ivory flowers. Inside the frame was a painted picture of Edward and her. He was holding her and they were both laughing. Bella traced his face and smiled as a tear fell down her cheek.

"This is beautiful, Angela. Did you paint this?"

Her friend blushed. "I tried. I took the picture of you two when we were still in school and have been working on it ever since. Even before I heard you were going to get married, I was still going to give it to you as a present. You two look so happy." She smiled at Bella and reached into her purse. "This is the picture I took."

Bella reached for it and was amazed at how precise Angela had made the painting match of her and Edward. She had just painted Edward and Bella and had left out the trees and part of the school building that was in the original picture. The painting almost looked alive and the colors were vibrant.

She got up and hugged Angela tightly. "Thank you so much." She stood up. "All of you."

"Aww." Alice stood up too. "I declare group hug!"

"Alice." Rosalie moaned but she stood up too.

They all embraced for a few seconds.

"This is corny." Rosalie muttered.

"And you're squishing me." Bella complained.

"Fine!" Alice pouted and let go.

Bella smiled and hugged her. "This is the best party I've had yet so far. Thank you."

Alice grinned back at her and kissed her cheek. "Anything for my little sister. Now..." She smiled at everyone else. "Let's party!" She grabbed Bella's hand and led her out to the dance floor. The lights had dimmed and music started pouring from the speakers.

"Alice! No!" But Bella's protests were pointless against Alice's ignoring ears.

Alice was trying to make Bella shake her hips, forcing her own hands on Bella's hips and moving them for her. They all tried teaching Bella to dance. Angela came up with a funny robot dance, Esme taught her the hustle. Rosalie grabbed Bella and swung her around, teaching her Ballroom dancing. Bella screamed and laughed, the music flowing around the room. She had fallen on her butt more than she could count but she was having fun. She was actually enjoying herself.

She enjoyed standing up for herself, punching Lauren, most of the gifts, and even the dancing.

Bella just hoped Edward was having a good time too.

I tried to keep down the drama because I wanted to stay somewhat in character..but it's a bachelorettes party. And through half of this chapter I was pissed off...and then something good happened to me so for the other half I was happy. No, I am not bi-polar. :) Edward's up next!!