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Of Curses and Cures

Chapter Twenty- Seven-A

January 1st, 2009


The door rocks and rattles from the assault it's taking on the other side. Edward's jaw is clenched, his eyes closed in concentration. Sweat draws tracks of moisture down the length of his face.

"Get out of the tub." He grounds out, his body jolting from the continuous, loud pounding and growling coming from the other side of the door. There are loud, screeching sounds followed by the splintering of wood as nails claw at the barred door.

Bella jumps into action.

Edward hears her jump from the tub. He can hear every drop of water that hits the floor. The lines of moisture that glide along her skin sing like the chords of a violin. She doesn't even bother to dry off before she grabs some dirty clothes from the hamper and pulls them on. She grabs him a shirt that he quickly pulls over his head.

She looks at him, the look in her eyes screaming with utter terror. She opens her mouth to speak, but he quickly silences it with his hand. He presses his palm firmly against the curve of her lips.

He's never been more terrified than he is in this moment.

And he's never loved her more. With all the desperation of a man about to die, he pulls her against his chest—no care for how fragile she is or how strong he is. There is only the soft curve of her against his chest, her warm lips that fall open under his assault, and the frenzied moan released from her lips. He kisses her like he may never kiss her again. And then he does it again. And again. Until he's certain she absolutely has to breathe, now.

He releases her, his eyes dark with longing and fear, and tells her.

"Climb out the window. I'll hold them off."