NiuNiu Note:

NiuNiu Note:

Finally, a new chapter! I have been way too busy and out of this fic to continue it lately, but I spend last night watching Devil May Cry parodies from Youtube. There where few parts that totally cracked me up and forced me to return to this fic! In one scene Dante yelled to Lady "You wanna have sex right now, you wanna have sex right now with me?!" and she just answered (taken straight from the game) "I´ll think about it." and then she continued "What happened next?" Image of Dante´s office, camera rolling slowly before the bathroom´s door and a loud female voice repeating "YES! YES! YES!"

And in another scene Dante smashes his jukebox but instead of the normal hard rocks the machine starts to play Madonna´s song: "Like a virgin, whoo! Touched for the very first time..."

Do I need anymore hints or encouragement to continue?

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If you´re interested in viewing those Devil May parodies I enjoyed like mad, look for "Devil May Cry Stupid Files" from Youtube. There should be 5 Stupid Parodies available – lets hope the author of the Stupid Files makes them more! ... Though The Madonna part is in different video ;D

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We´re not done yet with the adult situations!

Lady still tried to catch her breath, lungs heaving with deep gasps. The male before her leaned further and captured Lady´s swollen lips into a sweet kiss that deepened soon into a hungry of love. Though Lady loved being kissed like that by Dante, she squirmed underneath him trying to find her way away from the liplock.

Dante noticed the squirming Lady, but he still kept kissing her. The way she tasted was way too fascinating to be ignored by such body movement. No way, actually Lady was – without knowing it – only pulling Dante further into his lustful yearning of her. The feminine protest only made Dante feel more manly, more male and for a moment he thought he should just take Lady without any notes. Like a male, like a demon. Suddenly Dante felt something sharp and stinging on his lower lip and with a small winched yelp he let Lady´s lips go. She had bit him.

Lady held Dante´s wide form above her, hands on his collarbones, keeping distance which Dante tried to close despite the fact he has just been bitten by Lady.

"This is the second time you´re going to suffocate me" Lady gasped appareantly out of breath. Dante still pushed himself closer and grasped at her lips, cheeks, neck – any place on her beautiful face he was able to reach with his own lips. He wanted to taste her, taste more and more.

"It´s not my fault you´re too hot for your own good" the half-demon murmured back to Lady finally managing to capture her again into a liplock. This time Lady kissed him back mumblin softly, driving Dante mentally crazy. He pressed his form tighter againts Lady´s almost naked body, hands roaming all over her soft, porceline skin. Dante was so in his own fantasy he didn´t notice anything until he felt – yet again – sharp feeling, but now on his tongue. He becked out a bit, surprised look in his pale eyes. Lady had never seen Dante so surprised from such a small nip and the complete situation, when she now though about it, made her laugh.

"I admire your eagerness" Lady said softly padding Dante on his nose with her fingertip. "But if you´re going to fuck me like it seems, do it somewhere else. This desk is killing me." she continued and tapped the cold, hard wooden surface of the desk under her. "Or then you´ll be doing all demon killing just by yourself for the next two weeks while I roll around with the wheel chair."

The unexpected small joke with the hint of warm smile made Dante snicker. He liked the way Lady was opening and warming for him with faster pace than he had expected. He took it only as a gesture of trust and it warmed his heart.

"Fine" he answered slowly getting up from her and helding a hand to help Lady up. "But no biting on the tongue anymore, OK?"

"I though you liked biting" Lady pouted playfully with such a glee in her eyes Dante nearly pissed his pants. Without bothering to answer anything pecific he hurled Lady over on his shoulder. That caused Lady to shriek in shock. She felt Dante´s strong arm around her bare tighs. The man started to make his way away from the desk, footsteps echoing from the silent walls.

"What are you doing?" Lady asked and couldn´t help the tiny giggle,though she was sure Dante didn´t hear it.

"You see it soon, babe" was the aswer and like soothing her curiosity Dante padded Lady on her naked butt that peeked from under of her skirt´s hem. It made Lady shriek again and for the counter attack she spanked Dante on his butt. She was able to hear him purr with deep growl from his troath.

"You gonna pay for that."

"Sounded like you liked it."

"My noble ass likes attention, but you need to be gentle with it"

His sentence made Lady laugh out loud. Where on earth Dante got those words and formed them into lines like that? Her laughing just crew stronger when she imagined Dante having underwear where read "Noble Ass – Be Gentle".

Dante smiled widely while listening Lady´s laugh. He didn´t remember when Lady had laughed so freely last time, or had she ever laughed like that before. With firm steps Dante adjusted himself on the stairs, taking his direction forward the upstairs. The place that would be most suitable for any lady would act the role of their carnal union. The Master Bedroom.

Suddenly Lady felt Dante hasting his pace, almost jogging now and before she noticed anything else, Dante threw her on the old bed. The bed cried sadly when Lady hit it´s surface, bouncing for a moment up and down on it by the power of Dante´s hurl. For some reason it made her giggle again (it had to me part of the mood swing, had to be). She took the look on Dante, who stood near the end of the bed, looking all tall, strong and handsome by such sexappeal way Lady felt her body warming up again. The look in his eyes was piercing and with the wide chest, board soulder, strong arms and thight abs he truly looked like a mixture of a humand and god more than a half-demon. She let her eyes wander lower to take a look of his long, firm legs that still hit behind his leather pants. Lady couldn´t help the rush of blood spreading all over her face when her two coloured orbs caught the sight of the manly bulge. She quickly turned her gaze away wondering why she suddenly felt so shy and girlish. It´s not like she wouldn´t have seen Dante already in all his glory.

With one giant bounce Dante landed on Lady making her yelp out loud.


The man on her adjusted himself into a better position, grinning archly. Rough hands soon found Lady´s delicated skin sending jolts to her core, travelling without destination on her body. Lady found herself completely pinned under Dante, his narrow hips resting on her womanly ones, long legs firmly positioned between her slim ones. His groins pressed againts Lady´s as Dante pushed himself further up to kiss Lady, keeping their bodies completely connected, skin on skin. His breath was husky, promising Lady nothing could stop him now. Dante would lead her into a world of dreams, where ecstasy was the lullaby and their bodies the soft wield to play. He drank the sweetness of petite woman, shoving his tongue deep into her soft mouth, teasing and exploring her like never before. Dante felt how Lady brought her arms around his shoulders, caressing his shoulder plates. Oh,how he yearned her touch, how he had yearned it for so long. Just laying there letting Lady travel her hands on him from anywhere to anywhere. Warming the heat up in his veins, letting her aura crawl under his skin, making him harder than ever. Hips moved upward slowly, rocking Lady trough the muggy leather. Lady´s fingernails tuck into Dante´s board shoulderplates when the arching throbbing between her tighs met Dante´s groin, his still hidden dick caressing her wetness. She set her slim legs around his tighs, pulling his head into a hungry kiss. She had never felt this kind of urging hungry before ad for a moment Lady though she was loosing herself. Loosing herself for a half-demon, the most gorgeous creature that wandered on earth. She had no doubts why Dante´s mother had once fell in love with The Legendary Sparda.

Lady tongue tickled Dante´s mouth, his cheecks having a hint of red on them. He broke himself free from that tantalazing woman´s lip hold. For Dante´s surprise Lady attacked immitiately on his sensitive neck with her theet. A gasped sharp cry fled into the air.

"Oh wow..." Dante snickered enjoying of Lady´s theet and lips. A pleased sight broke it´s way away from him before his words "Eager, aren´t we?"

Lady was too much in her own world, poisoned by the scent of Dante to answer. She gnawed, licked, bit and nibbled his neck, the taste of his sweaty hotness fulfilling her inner thirst. Dante cocked his head, eyes closed, enjoying himself. The reason why he loved to enjoy of Lady´s delicated neck was only the fact the neck was his sensitive spot. Every movement and whirl of Lady´s moisture tongue only made the throbbing feeling in his pants grew harder. Soon Dante noticed Lady´s arms on his sides, caressing the masculine frame with strong movement, finding her way on his chest. A quick loud gasp welcomed Lady when she – grinning againts Dante´s neck – gave a small sqeez for his nipple. For a moment his body tensed – being a male he had never tough such attention would turn a man on, but damn, it worked! At least when Lady did it. Dante leaded his own hand down to Lady´s stomach, taking balance with his elbow. He pleased hearing Lady moan when his long fingers found her valley, rubbing her slowly. After istening her sweet voice Dante gulped loudly between his hollow breaths.

"May I?" he asked almost whispering, voice shaking, keeping his fingers busy.

Lady hummed softly, though she knew what he was asking. For some reason she felt herself too shy to say anything. Even the small "yes" was too long and difficult word for her. Perhaps she was afraid that if she said something, this fantasy bubble would disappear, taking Dante with it, leaving her alone yearning his warm and strongness. Or then his fingers, those dirty killer fingers had stole her tongue away. Lady shut her eyes and set her head back to the pillow, listening the sounds around her: Dante´s heated panting and her own breath that started to shake when the sound of a zipper reached her ears. Lady wished Dante wouldn´t notice how nervous she suddenly felt herself, waiting for the penetration like some execution that would end her torment. Lady reasoned Dante wouldn´t mind if she asked him to be gentle - to be honest she had been in this situation only once before – but then again such request would make her look weak...


She shot her eyes open and met Dante´s look.

" I promise, you have never met a demon this gentle before and you never will".

Lady smiled weakly, trying to look as brave as possible. She had no idea how experienced Dante was in bedding ladies like this, but she wasn´t good at all in something like this. The shy tomboy reached the grap of her again and Lady did her best to shook it away. She closed her eyelids again and inhaled the musk that hang over them.

"Don´t mind about that", she was finally able to say. "I have been handled worse than this by demons".

Dante heard the hidden insecurity behind Lady´s words, though nothing on her calm face implied it. To ease the tension Dante leaned over Lady his trademark smirk on.

"Well then..." he grinned impishly "That almost sounded like I should take you by force". He saw a quick flash in Lady´s eyes, her cheeks reddening. He snickered mentally and duck his head down to lick Lady´s jawline.

"Though I´m a bit worried you wouldn´t manage to survive in this demon´s handling," Dante murmured giving Lady little bites between kisses and long licks. "It´s totally different than with any human male... Me thrusting in with demonic heat, pinning you down and making you feel yourself completely helpless..." He sensed Lady tensing and still mentally grinning he moved lower to kiss the croock of Lady´s neck. "And the pace! Man!" He rocked his hips upward earning a inhaled groan from her. "This tango takes more than two people – it takes your breath away".

Lady´s hands jumped around Dante´s neck on their own when he hit again that sweet spot with his groins. A weak mixture of sigh and moan filled the air around them.

"Just shut up and do me already", Lady hissed, just the right words Dante had wished to hear for. He snickered impishly into Lady´s ear.

"Whatever you wish, sexy".

But for Lady´s amazement she didn´t feel Dante jumping on her. No, instead the man backed up and rested himself on his knees. The dazed Lady took a look on him, her eyes yelling for the answer.

"Turn around."

Hastily Lady did what was asked for and rolled on her stomach. Dante´s palms reached her waist.

"Come here..." he purred with rough tone pulling Lady´s now bare ass nearer him, forcing her on fours. The embarrasment hit Lady and the sense of the situation tickled her stomach. She was barely able to held back the trembling, though she had no idea why was she trembling.

"I swear your gonna love this, babe. After this you want to spread your legs for no other than me, ever..." Dante growled the last words deeply into Lady´s ear, before setting his dick between Lady´s parted pedals.

Lady felt Dante taking a firm hold on her hips and then pushing strongly inside her, arching his sweaty, masculine body over Lady´s feminine body. Lady yelped out for the sensation. It ached, it burnt, it caressed and it made her almost weep with joy. Dante positioned his right arm on the bed´s surface for support, keeping the left arm still on Lady´s hip when he started move in her. Slowly at first, letting Lady to adjust herself with the feeling, but keeping the pace determined all the time. To let their bodies get to used to each others. Lady let out a pleased groan. Dante on her back made Lady feel herself more a female than a woman. Her groans just got louder with deep gasps with every single movement her lover made.

She was able to sense Dante panting almost next to her ear with hot breath.

"Do you like me like this?" he gasped out huskily teasing Lady with a rhythmic hump. "Grawled on your back and taking you from behind like a dog?" His small dirty talking heated Lady up and the only answer she was able to give Dante was a weak whimper. The plead sound of his mate under him was the sweetest music for his ear. An Evil, satisfied grin spread all over his parted lips. With one movement Dante thrusted himself forcefully deeper in her making Lady yell out loud. He kept himself fully in, bending forward to breath into her ear. "Ahh, Lady" he began "if you like me like this, I love the loud Lady, who makes clear for the whole hood to whom she belongs to". Another weak whine escaped from Lady´s dry lips. She arched her body like a cat bucking her hips upwards.

"I´m all yours..." she whimpered girly. Dante´s heart skipt a beat and couple for Lady´s answer, getting finally a permission to have her fully, to please both of them with such dirty ways Lady would wake the half of the city up with her screams. He rose back up onto his knees, taking again the strong but gentle hold on Lady´s hips. Oh, the way her ass opened before him was too sinful to let just be. The pace of his own hips returned, muscles tightening with every thrust. Dante earned a long whining moan from Lady. Soon her voice shattered into a gasps and groans, the most womanly ones ever in Dante´s life. Her wet valley sucked his lenght in, the odour of mating reaching Dante´s nostrils. He arched his head back with animalictic groan.

"You make me so horny..." he growled, rocking his hips, humping Lady with the instictive rhythm every man possessed. Lady borrowed his words with a loud gasp when Dante thrusted in again. She was too out or breath to say anything. Her small body was filled with the demon and Lady reasoned for a moment it all had to be dream, a real fantasia. This really wasn´t happening, she really wasn´t fucked by a half-demon. But then on the other hand she would cry if this was only a dream. The way Dante sounded reminded Lady of the feast she had had of him only a moment ago. He sounded so horny and beautiful at the same time.

Suddenly Dante´s pace quickened. It caused Lady to gasp out loud, again and again and again. It was like spell that made her almost not to groan but yelp with lust every time Dante dug his dick deep inside her sacred sanctuary. She bend herself down, letting her head fall on the pillow, red cheeck seeking some cooling from it´s surface. Without Lady´s permission her hips swayed backwards nearer Dante, finding his pace. Tired tighs spread wider to grant him better access. With an arched back, like cat in a heat, Lady looked more than inviting to Dante. He whined moaning and kept the quickened pace, looking down to Lady with half-closed eyes, sweat glittering on his body.

The old bed cried with them. Lady nearly sobbed, her soft eyes moisturing from all this. She sensed the same primal feeling raising, fluttering in her stomach and heating her breath up. The way the demon moved inside her encouraged Lady to let go. Dante´s narrow hips med Lady again and again, deep murmuring making obvious the demon behind her was in a half way to heaven. Lady gasped for air with her dried mouth, listening how their connected body sang with every unison movement. It was the best song ever, accompanied with the lyrics of their mating. A loud muffled cry escaped from Lady. The freedom, the freedom. It was already so near...!

Dante´s manly moans grew wilder and louder, the hold on Lady got stronger. Their shallow breaths became nothing but desperate gasps for air when the final part of this wicked play started to take it´s form. The form they longed for but at the same time would like to avoid as long as possible, making this carnal unison of a human and a demon last forever. Lady did her best to fight the urge to jump down to the valley of unknow that pulled her. Her lips spoke for her.


In that instant moment Dante quickened his pace, atleast once doing as he was asked for. After a short time of the new rythm Lady was able to feel it. The trembling orgasm hit her right behind the corner, like lightning making her stun totally, noticing only the whirlwind of lust. She was sure to be able see to heaven, to another universum. Lady´s loud cry of release urged Dante to jump too, to follow her into the heaven. With few quick thrust he was done with the fighting, giving up for the stronger feeling than he ever was. The only thing that made his knees shake was this ancient art of love, the final climax of it. Arching his head back, silver hair framing the sweated face Dante yelled out, making clear to every living being he was the one who had had this female. She was his now, he had marked her with his seed.

After a small, loud eternity the room went silent, air gasping being the only sound, troaths gulping for moisturing liquid. Dante retreated himself from Lady´s hold and slumped on his back next to her. Lady let her own body sank on the bed, feeling both alive and tired at the same time. She saw the face of the demon, looking the same as she was feeling right now. With a small smile Lady reached to touch Dante´s hair, storing the wet locks away from his closed eyes.

"Thank you", she whispered, making Dante to open his eyes.

"No need to thank me, I know I´m the best fuck ever", he replied with a smirk.

"It´s not that", Lady sighed and rolled her eyes for his attitude, with a smile.

"Don´t tell me I didn´t rock your world! It sounded like you would be at rock consert", he huffed.

Lady shrugged her shoulders.

"This was just the one time", she began stroking Dante´s hair. "How do I know you´re such a stallion with a unspeakable boner every single time?" Lady smirked and before Dante was able to say something back she shut him pressing her fingers on his lips. "Guess we should do this again someday to find it out, hhmm?"

It lightened the glee back into Dante´s eyes and with a evil smirk he reached to sqeez Lady´s tigh.

"Round two for this Lady, put it on me".


NiuNiu´s Note

There! Now it´s done! If I ever feel any urge to add more chapters to this I´ll do it, but for this time this fic ends here. Thank you for readng and please, no tears, loves. I´m making another DantexLady fic, M-rated of course. Keep your eyes open. There´s never too much hot situations between these two!

THANK YOU FOR READING (my first M-rated, long fanfic)!