Bella's POV.

I walked in to meet my love. Edward Cullen. Way too god-like for me. But still mine. As I approached the Cullen's house an uncertain Alice walked out and looked me right in the eyes. 'There's a bit of a change Bella' she said as I approached her. My eyebrows pulled together in confusion.

'Tanya and her coven are here.' She was still staring at me trying to decipher my emotions. I nodded.

'I've never met them before.' I replied feeling like I was missing something.

'Here's the thing, Tanya always had a thing for Edward and they had a thing for a day, but Edward came to his senses and then we moved.' She was still looking at me. My face fell, I knew what was coming. 'See now Tanya has come back, Edward is finding it very hard.'

I pushed in front of her into the open house. I then saw Edward playing my melody to Tanya who was sitting on the top of the piano marvelling at him. She had strawberry blonde silk hair, and her eyes were a deep shade of purple, her face was perfectly rounded and as for her figure, she's a model. I looked at his expression to make sure, he was staring at her the way he stared at me when he played my melody. I stopped dead in my tracks and turned around, not quite taking notice of the table in front of me. I knocked the vase off the table and turned around to see Edward staring at me in horror. Tanya was scowling. 'Bella-'He cried out as I ran out of the house.

'Bella wait-'Alice shouted as I drove furiously down the drive. I walked into my house when I reached the drive. Charlie could sense the anger building up in me.

'Charlie I'm leaving. I won't explain why I just am.' I said simply.

'But Bella-. 'He stumbled up and stared at me. I marched up the stairs and started packing my things. He came after me. 'Bella is this Edward again?' He obviously wasn't going to stop. I switched.

'YES IT IS AND I'M LEAVING! NO QUESTIONS ASKED!' I was nearing tears, so I ran out of the house into my truck. I turned the ignition a bit too fast and it stalled.

All at the time that a silver Volvo swerved round the corner, it stopped and out rolled Edward and he started running towards me, as he was in the presence of a bewildered Charlie, standing on the doorstep.

'LEAVE ME ALONE.' I screamed at him. How could he do this to me? I didn't even want to know the reason behind it.

'Bella, she wanted to hear your melody. She heard you coming. She did it to get you to leave.' He whined, he was pleading. I rolled down my window to look into the eyes of my once-faithful lover. The only thing searching my head was the thing that would hurt most.

'Did you kiss her?'

'Yes.' He replied.

At that very moment I slammed my foot onto the ignition and drove, tears spilling over yet I couldn't help it. Where would I go?

One thing rung in my head. I would provoke the Volturi. The Volturi would kill him if he wanted. They would kill me if they wanted. I will go to Italy.