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I lay looking up at the sky, watching the raindrops, still falling; my fascination with them was quite extraordinary. Such a simple substance, and yet we see it in so many different forms. As is with Edward, I see him as my mate, soul mate. Alice and Rosalie see him as a brother. Emmett and Jasper see him as a friend. Esme and Carlisle look at him as their son. Felix looks at him as a thief. Aro looks at him with jealousy.

Yet the ways all those people see him, never seem to be the way that feels most right. I, as Carlisle said earlier this morning, made Edwards very dead heart start beating again. And this was the way my Edward was. He wasn't the real Edward, unless he was the way he acted with me.

I furrowed my eyebrows in brief confusion, why would there be reason to act differently? Although, now I mentioned it to myself mentally, when Edward came into my life, it was as if the world started spinning the other way. As if there was a massive epiphany, like before. He turned my world upside-down in the manor of changing things, whereas in the manor of myself and the way I was before. He turned it right side up.

I smiled inwardly to myself.

'Why are you smiling?' Edward asked, I turned to see my angel, lying on his side staring at me. Apparently the smiling wasn't inward.

'I just had an epiphany.' I chuckled, appreciating my private joke.

'Do you get those often?'

'Increasingly.' I smiled again.

'Do you know your sort of… beautiful?' Now I was mirroring his body, lying on my side, leaning on my hand. MY eyebrows raised and my eyes widened.

'Edward, lets not get too caught up in the epiphany. I know it was a time of thought and everything, but…Gosh! Do you get carried away? I mean, Wow.' I could tell I was babbling, because I was jittery at the sudden turn of the conversation. He only chuckled and moved closer to me so that our faces were inches apart.


'Un-seriously.' Was that even a word? He stared at me, pressing his lips into a hard line to stop him from laughing. Obviously wasn't a word then. I smiled at him sheepishly.

'Bella, that's not a word. Stop denying your beauty, Rosalie wouldn't.'

'And you're comparing me to Rosalie?' Rosalie was beautiful beyond description, why was he using that against me.

'No, Bella. Rosalie wouldn't deny her beauty.'

'That's because she's beautiful.' I informed him, as if he had forgotten.

'No she's not.'

'Wait there Mr. Big Stuff. What did you just say?' He chuckled at my new name for him. Where did I get that from? It must be the shock settling in. He rolled over so he was on top of me, I could feel his weight on my stomach and his hand held my cheeks.

He kissed the tip of my nose, and then moved his hand down to my neck, stroking it with a finger now. I was possibly going to faint, despite the fact I was a vampire. His finger then traced my collar bone through my shirt and it slid down the side of my arm, causing my hairs to stand up on end. Then he took his finger off my arm completely and moved it down to my waist, fitting into the shape with his hand. His hand crept up my hip then down my arm again.

I looked at his face and I saw he was waiting for my reaction, I just looked at him. His hands very slowly moved onwards to my leg, grazing the top of it. As he found the ridge of my leg, where my knee was, he lifted my knee up. So now my leg was cradling him.

Once more he looked at my expression, obviously waiting for a reaction that would stop him.

And when he took my head again in his hand, he rolled us both over. So now I was on top of him.

'Do you still think you're not beautiful?' His topaz eyes melted me, and I swear I might as well have been a drooling dog. I just looked at him, staring. Unfathomable towards his passed hands, feigning my body. Even though the moment had passed with time, it was as if his hands had left and imprint on my body.

'I'm…not…though.' I said stuttering, still trying the debate.

He kissed me softly, grazing his tongue around the insides of my bottom and top lip.

'Ugly.' I said, if this would keep me in his arms forever I didn't care what I had to say. This time his hand held the small of my back against him, with pressure.

'Not… as beautiful… as Rosalie.'

Edward, taking a different road, kissed me lightly then bit very lightly on my bottom lip. He kissed me softly, then harder and harder until our lips were forced against each others, as if they were welded together. When he broke free, we were both gasping.

'Bella.' He whispered, as we tried to catch our unnecessary breath.

'I want to stay like this forever.' I whispered back.

That wouldn't last long of course and we both knew it. I still wanted to stay as long as I possibly could. So when I opened my eyes again, it was no shock that it was turning towards sunset.

The sky was a strange shade of pink and orange, and as I saw it, I noticed that the clouds were also a strange shade of violet. It was the most beautiful sunset I had ever seen, and even in Italy, there wasn't anything like this at all.

My eyes got wide as I just looked to the side, through the bits in the trees.

Both mine and Edward' rainbows were fading and as we both watched the sun set completely, he hummed his melody to me.

At first it bothered me, because of the whole Tanya escapade, but then the memories this one lullaby bought back to me were astounding. And, even though I didn't realise it at first, I actually did mean this was how I wanted to stay forever. Not in the meadow, but in the way Edward and I were. With all the lovely littlest things that make me happy.

Looking around at the meadow, I thought to myself How was there anyway of me not remembering this?

And it dawned on me, the way the meadow overwhelms me, it was as fascinating as it was beautifying. I couldn't put my finger on it, but the magic of this place only exists with Edward.

So in order for me to not think about Edward in Italy, I would have to forget the magic he held. Constantly forgetting the feel of our meadow. Subconsciously I always knew why it was so familiar. Consciously, I didn't ever take in the fact that all it was was a meadow.

Because I wasn't the only thing Edward affected.

The End..