Bonjour. Il y a ma histoire! Je espére t'aime! (I hope I got that right… lool)

Translation: Hello. Here is my story. I hope you like it!

Survival of the Smartest

Chapter One: Winners


My alarm blared at 6 am, waking me out of a dream about Edward Cullen. I would never admit this to anyone, but despite being against him in all things life, his green eyes were the ones I dreamed about at night. It was his bronze hair that haunted me behind my eyes. It was… STOP! I needed to stop thinking about his soft hair, perfect lips, no! Stop!

I closed my eyes again, trying to savor the dream a bit longer. My head swam like I was flipped upside down. Damn vertigo.

Rolling over, I tried to distract myself by going over some problems from last night's homework in my head. Knowing my luck today would be the day for a pop quiz.

I got dressed in a plain black t-shirt and jeans. It was still early fall so I could wear lighter clothing. Forks was one of those places, though, that jeans were always necessary. I had lived with my mother in Phoenix until I was twelve and I still missed tank tops and shorts.

"Bells? You awake?" my dad called from downstairs. He was leaving for the police station but always made sure I was awake before he was gone.

"Yeah, I'm up!" I yelled back. This was usually the most we spoke until around seven. Charlie, my dad, wasn't very talkative, and I never had much to say. I'd learned early that keeping school and home separate was a good thing. Especially when school had the gorgeous Edward Cullen. No! Stop! I mental reprimanded myself. It was better if I didn't think about him.

I brushed my teeth and hair, making sure I didn't have any fluffy things from my pillow. It was old and known to attack me with fuzzies during my sleep. The one time I hadn't checked, my head had been covered in white things. I'd always checked since.

As I was walking down the stairs, I heard the phone ringing. Running, I managed not to trip before getting it. "Hello?" Of course, I tripped then, sliding across the wooden floors.


"Hey, mom. What's up?" My mom, Renee, had left with me when I was only a year old. She couldn't take the rain. Of course, once she found out how easier it was to get into a good college if you were from a small town in the middle of a nowhere state, she shipped me right back to the rainiest place on earth.

"I'm just calling to congratulate you on winning the Washington Science Bee last week. That is fantastic! I went to the website and you've also qualified to the American Academic Competition! You'll be working with the winner of the Washington History Bee. That's fantastic!"

My mom was known for talking on and on for hours. Usually I tuned it out, but that last part caught my attention. "What?"

"And the grand prize for that is a ten thousand dollar scholarship! Bella! Ten thousand dollars!" She kept talking.

"Mom! What was that you said about the history bee?" Edward had won the history bee.

"Oh, you'll be working with the winner of that on the Academic Competition. Bella! Aren't you excited?"

I didn't hear any more of her squeals and bursts of happiness, though, because I had already hung up.

I, Isabella Marie Swan, top of the Science Wing at Forks High, was going to have to work together with Edward Anthony Cullen, top of the History Wing, on a project. It was like my worst nightmare and greatest dream all mixed up in one.

The phone rang again, but I ignored it. My mom was the only person who knew about my super secret crush on Edward. She of all people should understand the extreme monumental importance of this news.

Looking down at my outfit, I thought, I am so not dressed for something like this!

Rushing upstairs, I completely forgot about the bad things. I needed to impress on my first day. I may supposedly hate Edward, but I could still look good doing it!


I had checked the website of the Washington History Bee last night. They had told all winners of the Bee's to check up often. Usually there was nothing more than the usually messages: Preschool Spelling Bee next week, Middle School Reading Olympics winners: the Vampire G-Nomes, etc. But tonight, there was something I actually cared about.

Pulling up the webpage, I first noticed a link reading: Bee Winners- Click here. So I did.

It directed me to a new page: Washington Academic Bee. It brought together the smartest from Washington and pitted them against one another. Scrolling down the list, I looked for my name and who I was working with. About three quarters of the way down, I saw: History Bee Winner- Edward Cullen with Science Bee Winner- Isabella Swan.

Oh crap. I was working with Bella, little miss perfect, Swan. Could my life get any worse? She was the most annoying person to ever walk the halls of Forks.

Yet, I couldn't stop thinking about her eyes. They were very pretty…

Snap out of it, Cullen! You've got to concentrate! I tried my best, but my dreams were filled with her face, like always.

I woke up at my normal time and was dressed and eating breakfast before I remembered Bella and the competition.

I still couldn't believe my luck. Bella and I had been put against one another in any thing academic for as long as I could remember. She had moved here in 7th grade – clumsy, dorky, smart, but still unbelievably pretty.

We had been compared time and time again in school, sports, looks, popularity; it was only natural we had gotten caught up in it. I was almost certain she despised my guts.


There were times, though, that she would catch my eye and blush. Her deep brown eyes seemed to be trying to tell me something. I never knew what she wanted to say. It could have been, "I'm cheating off of you," or "You've got something in your teeth," or, my favorite, "I'm in love with you." That was the one I thought it would be. If she hated me, why bother telling me the first two?

Hey, a guy can dream. Right?

This was one dream I never wanted to end, but always wanted more out of. Maybe this competition would be a blessing in disguise.

I can only hope, I thought. Throwing on a sweatshirt, I ran out to my car.

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