The Test

'Lord, if this is a test, I fear I may fail'. Dunno why I keep coming over all religious like but in this instance I really am praying for help!

Bad enough that we're stuck in here in the first place. Hot, sticky, unbearable – and that's just me. 'Ow the ell did I get in this mess? I must 'ave been really bad in a previous life cos I don't deserve this.

'Something wrong Gene?' says she all innocent like. Innocent – hah! I bet the last time she was innocent was the time she popped out of 'er mothers womb. Now she's stripped down to her bloody bra – and a bloody red bra at that. My favourite colour.

'Do you 'ave to' I mutter, more to myself than anyone else.

She smiled back at me, such a lovely smile as well. When she smiles at me like that I could almost forgive her anything – almost.

'You could always join me' she said. 'Its so hot in here you really should take something off'

'Listen Bolly, you may be used to getting your kit off while on duty but one of us 'as to be professional.'

Her face dropped. Bugger, I didn't mean it to come out like that but it's the only way I know how to deal with this – whatever 'this' is.

I admit I've fancied her since day one – how could you not. First time I clapped eyes on her she was all hair, legs and attitude and she hasn't changed much really. Oh, and bra straps – did I mention bra straps? I must have a word with her about that – one day. Soon. Maybe next week – or the week after.

'Thanks Gene but if I want advice on being professional I'll ask someone with experience. Oh, I don't know, someone like Ray perhaps' she sniped.

As soon as she said that I could feel the blood rush to my head – well, makes a change from other places. I turned, grabbed her wrists and pinned her against the wall and got right in her face.

'Listen to me very carefully DI Drake, cos I wont be repeating meself'. I think I had her attention now. 'Any time you want to go head to head with me that's fine by me but just remember one thing'

'What' she spat out defiantly. Good girl, I like a bit of spirit.

'I always end up on top'.

She was shaking slightly now so I eased up on her a bit. Big mistake. Luckily I saw the slap comin' before it connected this time and grabbed her wrist again. Christ, her lips are so close to mine and so bloody tempting.

'Guv? Guv? You in there?' I never thought I'd be so glad to hear Ray's voice that's for sure. We sprang apart like scalded cats as Ray forced his way in. The look on 'is face was priceless - Bolly stripped down to her bra and me hot and sweaty.

'Don't even think about commenting Ray, she spat into his face as she flounced out. She does a good 'flounce' I av to admit.

'Alright Guv?' Ray leered.

'Nothing a cold shower won't cure Raimondo' I said.

But I have a feeling fate and Bolly 'avnt finished with me yet!